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  1. Today
  2. Mina

    Thank you~
  3. Cicatrix

    Thanks all. I'll try to get some elemental bows and prolly a compo too.
  4. Energizer

    i dont own any of these weps as theyre too expensive (me is poor) but i see them. i shield my self and survive. thats all i know. then i come back with vengeance. scadoosh!
  5. Hatred

    or you can collect the elemental bows like gust,frozen,burning and earth bow, and make captain planet save the world. 😂😎
  6. Energizer

    insta win
  7. Yesterday
  8. Energizer

    +10 compo comes handy with all elemental arrows at your disposal.
  9. Jaran

    Franziska's HP increase per refine is fine...until it hits +7, because when it hits +7 it gets double HP bonus (so instead of +2450 maxHP ws gets 4900maxHP). WS is in bad position in bg without resorting to cheese (getting slow graced, quagmired, agi downed, dispelled) and if the topic u posted earlier will go throu (dispell buffs upon entering bg) ws will be a dead meat in bg (hello champs with 26k+ instant asura on 59 demi reduct or chems spamming bombs like madman). HW will still be a good stop for ws because it removes cart boost. If it gets agi downed ws still needs to do 2x cart boost (1 to remove agi down and apply agi up, 2nd to apply cart boost). If HW doesn't run stun resist in bg - not ws fault ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If the topic remove buffs upon entering bg will go live - -1 to franz nerf, If not - leaning towards +1 to hp change but not huge change. As for throw tomahawk - the dmg is pathetic (its ~800-900 per throw on char with almost none demihuman res) + its forced delay doesn't allow to spam regardless of aspd. Funny that u're totally fine with even more OP weapon than franz. This weapon literally makes server lag the more target it hits to the point of 5+sec freeze with just 1gc (hello DS)
  10. Cicatrix

    @Hatred Yeah saw 'em already. thanks for that! let me try and farm a little more for the helm 😧 @Energizer Thanks for the equipment tip. how bout alternative for Bow? Since I really don't have any Prof to dual with. or having a prof is mandatory here?
  11. (stream title is - as always - not updated ~_~) Many thanks to the following guilds that participated today: An Experience (Win Castle win WoE) Tax Season One Percent Kawaii We had about ~55 competing people among 3 guilds today.
  12. Elesh Norn

    Weekend Music Mode! Just missin' the old days RO music, By the way guys, don't forget to join some of our forums events.
  13. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    The Soul Parasol actually DOES already autospell the user's learnt level of Esma(up to +7) on casting Estin/Estun, but only when the weapon itself is refined to +7. I have one and use it for an AGI+INT Esma build with good FLEE and 183 ASPD. But yes the description doesn't mention it. I'll forward the description error.
  14. y u gotta -1 my hercules bug report that i have to disguise as a suggestion to get attention on it diksword ]: -Reality
  15. Energizer

    my ultimate sniper set is 190 aspd with orc archer bow, fwm, shackles combo and dvest combo.
  16. -1 Keep current reductions in BG so it's faster paced. I literally see nothing wrong with the current reductions so can we not touch it. I was under the assumption BG had lower reductions anyways.
  17. Discord

    -1 I don't want a bunch of sonic blow backsliding sinx's running rampant in BG. Stalkers have chase walk/moving hide, not to mention linked chase walk movement buff. There's nothing wrong with sinx/stalker in BG. Stalker just got a buff that allows them to re-learn their plagiarized skill. With own team MBK enabled/hard delays removed, stalker is already viable af. I'd refrain from touching BG mechanics unless large number of complaints from the active bg community arises. Champs only dominate BG in low-population scenarios, the second both teams have a clown/dd chem, they become a lot less useful. Not to mention BG has been seeing a surge of Pallys recently which cuck Champs.
  18. Last week
  19. Reality

    Was also just told that all the weapons are now unbreakable but it doesn't look like the descriptions were updated and I can't confirm that's true personally. Haven't looked in-game in awhile at the descriptions and I don't have any of them. (Franziska doesn't need that in the description. Axes and also maces are always unbreakable.) Also Exotic Lute is a Whip still I think. yay -Reality
  20. Guu

    Franziska: Is only overpowered due to the current HP gain being double what it actually says on the weapon. Throw Tomahawk doesn't really do anything with its high inherent delay and the ATK nerf is warranted I guess. Soul Parasol: Does need something to give it that umph, agree with the Esma idea and lowering MATK on the weapon by some amount. Tactical Visor: Yeah. All of the above. Exotic Lute: While link on Minstrel is kinda busted, I would like it to incorporate the self affecting songs portion of Minstrel link. Since there are so many times in BG where your team doesn't benefit from you being there and you are only useful while having the ability to spam tarot, but once you die, you're also useless. The rest I personally have no input on. PS. Please fix the item description for the weapons, idk if the visor is still a whip, but Franziska is inherently Earth element and there is nowhere on the weapon saying that it is.
  21. Discussion topic for feedback with the current Revival weapons. They definitely need a bit of work now that they've been on the server for quite some time and we've seen them in action. I'll start with my suggestions... Ascension Staff: Needs a buff. Suggestion: Allow use of Clementia and Canto Candidus with a 30-60s hard cooldown on each. (These skills are wide Blessing/Increase AGI respectively. Would become very, very useful between GVGs in WoE, but not very useful in the middle of one if cooldowns are added. Would be a godsend in DS.) I would kill for this as a HP if this was done. Brave Sword: Needs a buff desperately. This sword is really underwhelming and I don't know why I'd pick it up over the Gladiator Blade with BG weapon enchantments available. It would need major testing, but I thought that it would benefit from Ice Pick's effect, since that would make this an incredibly interesting weapon for the class with unique applications. Likely would need an ATK and/or ASPD reduction if done, but it would be much more viable than the current effect. Tactical Visor: Needs a nerf. Please reduce Triple Action damage increase down to 80-90% increase from current 100% damage increase. Consider further increasing the damage increase of the other skills this item buffs, as there's no reason to use them over Triple Action. Franziska: Needs a nerf desperately. HP increase per refine is FAR too high. Reduce Throw Tomahawk damage increase to +25% per refine level. High Wizard used to be a hard stop to Mastersmith, but their ability to keep up good DPS thru Quagmire made that no longer the case. The massive damage increase on Throw Tomahawk can only score kills on High Wizard and no-VIT Snipers, and it just rubs it in that High Wizard is no longer a counter because they can't even keep their distance and stay alive anymore. Throw Tomahawk really should just exist for status spreading, not damage. The damage increase is super unnecessary. Lastly, consider reducing base attack of weapon by 25 or more. Soul Parasol: It's fine I guess. I would have liked to have seen this make Esma viable. (Perhaps autocast Esma at level known on use of Estin/Estun? MATK increase would need re-balancing if that happened, but this would make them a very usable DPS source in ET/EC/DS.) Exotic Lute: Needs a buff, and a Minstrel kinda needs two of these to spam songs if they want to use this, which is REALLY pricey, especially if going for refines. Minstrel is a class that doesn't even need the help in the bulk or support department. The only idea I have is to allow use of Scream level 1 if Frost Joker level 5 is known. (Anything higher than level 1 would be busted, especially if Soul Link isn't removed when joining BG.) Consider making it unbreakable? Hela's Whip: It's fine I guess but I don't really see it around much. It's the most optimal weapon on Gypsy by far. But if a change is made to the instrument, might want to consider pairing a similar and opposite change to the whip too. Would benefit from becoming unbreakable. Grand Cross of Darkness: I'm actually okay with it as it is now. But I haven't seen anyone abuse the ASPD increase for WoE yet. Any changes to any of these weapons would definitely need testing. What do you think? -Reality
  22. Hatred

    yup its available check on the cash shop, they modified it, 😎
  23. Reality

    Assassin Cross and Stalker aren't very good in BG. Can we give them Backsliding back in BG please? If Champion can get Snap re-allowed, I don't see why the Thief classes can't get access to Backsliding too (which is highkey just worse Snap). (For background, Snap is, by default, disabled in BG, just like Backsliding, which is why I'm making this comparison.) This is mostly for TDM. I'm sorta indifferent as to whether or not it's re-enabled for Conquest since I personally believe Conquest should match restrictions in WoE. But... meh I guess. -Reality
  24. I was browsing thru Hercules on master for info on something else and discovered that according to the default settings in map_zone_db.conf, the damage reduction in BG is actually different from in WoE. This should match WoE, especially when our BG 2.0 simulates WoE: SE with Conquest (and TDM doesn't simulate anything). No reason WoE and BG mods should be the same on an rAthena server but inexplicably different on a Hercules server. For reference, here are the default BG mapflags: mapflags: ( "noknockback", "weapon_damage_rate 70", "magic_damage_rate 70", "misc_damage_rate 70", "long_damage_rate 75", "short_damage_rate 75", ) ...and WoE: mapflags: ( "invincible_time_inc 5000", "noknockback", "weapon_damage_rate 60", "magic_damage_rate 60", "misc_damage_rate 60", "long_damage_rate 80", "short_damage_rate 80", "nocashshop", "gvg_noparty", ) I was unable to locate any documentation as to why this was changed on Hercules from rAthena, and have not found any evidence anywhere of reductions being different on official servers either (as any source I have found simply says it uses WoE's battle mechanics). Please validate that this is indeed the case on Ragnaclan, and if so, update the BG damage reductions to match WoE. This is more so a bug report than a suggestion, but it kinda feels like bug reports get cast aside with less public eye on the forums here... *cough* -Reality
  25. unholycrow

    Just finished this one today o=
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