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  2. B>7k cp or Usapoyn Cap!!!! Need 2 pcs! Leave demands and offer!
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  5. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Our wiki will be taken down today for a full revamp. We will abandon mediawiki as it is to hard to edit for most people and will therefore switch over to a more user-friendly and informative/widget based wordpress wiki. I will start with the changes now and will hopefully have it done within the next 48 hours. Wiki will most likely not be available during that time. Additionally I'd also like to announce that I'll give Ragnaclan a little makeover in terms of design and possibly the color scheme. Stay tuned!
  6. 50m each pm me ingame
  7. Guild Leaders please PM me your guild + 1 person you want to bring into the discussion on discord. I'll give you a new survey link to fill out.
  8. Aria01 here, I hope you guys come inside pvp more often. It gets lonely sometimes. :(
  9. This time is impossible for any brazilian guild. Lunch time (noon) is sacred here. 9pm server time was acceptable.
  10. We are now recruiting more team member!! Available positions: 3x Support GM - BR, EU, PH. 1x Event GM - Asian Timezones. Must have good English. 1x Advertiser on FB. PH or BR language required! Please follow the guidelines above and apply if you are interested.
  11. Changelog for today's maintenace! Shourei will add voting previews on forum shortly. :) Please make sure to review us on RMS!
  12. Im Buying Cashpoints. need 7k worth. also Warbadge 7,000 z/pc Need Many. 10,000 pcs of warbadge. Please leave an offer here or give me a private message for offers. I will buy once latest march patch be implemented.
  13. THANK YOU! appreciate the reply. was actually waiting for it earlier in ragnaclan site. since usually its being updated there once patch is already is available. :)
  14. Changelog has been updated a few hours ago and was set to 16 March 2018 at [UTC-4] 04:00~08:00 (between 4AM & 8APM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game.
  15. ermmm okay. Setting this topic aside, still no update for the changelogs?
  16. New suggested WoE Times from Discord discussion. Times suggested for both saturday and sunday, what do you think?
  17. Join discord channel and ask for permission to view instant-woe channel, discussions are already running!
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  19. I'm in ;)
  20. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Below are our Instant War of Emperium Informations. Ragnaclan was first designed to balance between PVP and PVM scenes. But over time we have evolved to be more casual mid-rate server. So in order to bring in more competitive PVP game play in Ragnarok Online scene, we are bringing in Ragnaclan's Instant WoE server to promote our 6th month anniversary. We hope that by combining the new concept, we can stay true to our original goal in creating a server which welcome both PVP and PVM players. It will take place on 31.03 or 01.04 - if both times suggested below are fine we will do Instant WoE on both days. You're a guild leader and want to participate? Join our discord and ask for access to instant woe channel! click button below. _______________________________________________ Server Configurations Server Location: Canada Main Server / West Coast, LA proxy available. Server Time: Canada (UTC -4) Emulator: Hercules kRO Based. Third Party Programs: AHK/Autopot allowed. Dual Clienting: Disabled in WoE. Client Version: 2015. Special Addon: Fast Refresh Client. Protection: Gepard Shield (!) this can be discussed with attending guilds. Attack Protection: DDoS Protection & Mitigation. Main Town: Prontera ____________________ WoE Settings: Castle Rotation: Available WoE Rankings: Available Guild Cap: 24-26-30 has been suggested by guilds MBK/Provoke: Friendly mbk and provoke/bridge has been suggested by guilds Alliances: To be discussed with guilds Emperium: Plant Type, 400HP, Sanctuary won't heal 777 on Emperium. Emperium Investment: Max +100HP Restrictions: @die and @duel disabled inside castles, mvp + miniboss cards disabled*with some exceptions, no kvm equipment, yggdrasil disabled these restrictions can be discussed/changed to your likings Duration: 120 min has been suggested by guilds ____________________ WoE Times: ( OPEN FOR DISCUSSION ) This is what has been discussed so far in the discord channel: (Mär = March) Saturday + Sunday 11AM @servertime: ____________________ NPCs/Items: Items Available: Pretty much all cards, weapons and equips up to episode 13.3, no custom equips NPCs Available: (south, east, north, west and center of map) Job Changer: Healer (FCP, Buffs, Repair, Foods, Negative Status Removal etc.) Safe Refiner (+7 eq /+10 wp) Resetter Castle Warper Stylist 100+ Stat Headgears WoE Participation Shop with Costumes Cost: All items and NPCs are FREE OF CHARGE. ____________________ Useful @Commands: storage, glvl, petfriendly, storeall, dropall, homlvl, homfriendly, hold, spb, fastrefresh, restock, resist, show, duel, accept, reject, guildskill, partyinfo etc. _______________________________________________ Rewards: Winner Guild: 5x Steam Cards (5$ ea.) Some guilds do gaming nights and purchase random low-cost games on steam. Use these Steam Cards and have fun! 50,000 Cash Point (50$) reward for the Main Server. (gleader only) We are currently discussing consolation rewards within the team. _______________________________________________ Download Links & Registration: coming soon Important: If there is anything missing / anything unclear please let me know I will update the topic asap.
  21. +1 to the thread starter! agree with all the idea. I'd like to add up and suggest an hourly rewarding system. not the daily attendance, because for one, the reward in the daily sucks. to be honest, in my opinion and most of the players, it's not even worth. some rewards render useless and can't be use. just another slot taker in the storage/inventory what I mean by hourly reward basis. happens per day the more you attend with your char without logging off the more reward you take. e.g. 30mins logged --- 10 gold coin 1hr logged --- reward 2hrs logged --- reward 4hrs logged --- reward 8hrs logged --- reward 16hrs logged --- reward 24hrs logged --- reward Of course this excludes vending characters. And yes I am aware that this can be exploited by multiple logged but hey tleast we got the numbers of logged players and account on basis. of course the whole idea will be claim basis so player don't have to miss the whole damn thing. ========================================================================= Based on the previous suggetion, I'd say make an timely basis event. Like that of the Drake NPC quest during holloween. that way the questor will have to stay logged and keep on tracking the npc. this way there won't be a increase in numbers in the costume headgears being made or obtain. (e.g. event mob balloon poring thingy dropping costume in high drop rate) Thus rendering the event costume of no value. and P.S. Please! don't make tedious quest for a freakin not worth costumes headgers. one great example for this is the cupid quest, the quest was hard and the reward was so discouraging.
  22. +1 to all of these. Please make a recoloring NPC for headgears. For a server that shoots costumes and kawaii out the butt, we definitely need more colors. Valk helm pls? Pretty sure very few people actually do V4P, but those who do it, do it pretty consistently, so reward them with some better headgears. Maybe more people will end up doing it. Could also add things like Token of Siegfried, OCA's, Abrasive, +10 Foods into the Voting system, that might encourage some PVP/BG/WoE players to actually do it. Also please add Rush into the BG Rotations. Or make Conquest appear only if the previous BG hit something like 7v7 or something. TDM and Conquest is unbearable during low population hours but there are people who actually want to BG during these times.
  23. I'm talking this based on my experience in other servers, not just based on my time playing in Ragnaclan. Ok, maybe Fishing System is a bit to specific for now. But changes in the Vote for Point System would really bring relevance on charts and new players :)
  24. Seems like a lot of changes for someone who just joined. I'm fairly new here too. I wouldn't mind some recolors and new costumes for V for points. But I think for now staff should continue to improve core game play and work on putting real content items instead of costumes for looks.
  25. Hey, there! I've been playing in this server for a few time and it have been one of the bests I've ever played. I know the server is still passing through many maintanences and improvements, but I've been thinking about a few things that would incentivate the old and the new players. So... Vote For Points So, let's agree with something: the costumes of Voting Shop are not that atractive. There's a lot of better costumes and headgears better that make players forget about these ones. I suggest that staff change these costumes to the previous event costumes (make it rotative!) or to "Voting cases" that have common, uncommon, rare and ultra rare hats. Of course, you guys would have to increase the amounts of voting coins for that, I think something between 30 ~ 60 would be fair (equivalent to half a month or one month playing, if you vote 12h/12h). This way the players would be more encouraged to vote for the server. Fishing System I think that the Ragnaclan Fishing System would be better with higher rates for basic fishes (blue and marlin) or with less pre-requisites to make the costumes. I am a very enthusiastic about fishing in the game, but in this server it has been a little boring because even using 200 lures you only get, like, 2 fishes. At least you could make every try worth 1 point of experience and this way with more points it would have higher chance of get a fish, I don't know. The way it is, it would take a very long time until you get nice equipment for fishing AND make the costumes you want. With higher rates for basic fishes (like 5% ~ 10%) it would have more people enjoying this system and a new market for fishing customs. Recolors!!! What about add a NPC to recolor official quest hats (or even custom hats)? Make gold, pink, red, purple, green, white and black feather berets (and other headgears too)! Just needing the original item and some dyestuffs/zeny Well, I thought about more things, but these were the most important to me. Thanks for the attention and I am sorry for any mispelled word/sentence.
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