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  1. Earlier
  2. Nevermind! I ran the patcher again and it fixed the problem. *feels silly* ^^;
  3. Hey guys! New player here excited to get started! I was able to log in fine and play around for a bit in the newbie zone, but as soon as I attempted to warp into town I started getting sprite errors that looked like this: After that, the game would crash. I saved the error log if that helps? Keep in mind, I downloaded the full client directly off this site and even tried the lite client (because it mentioned fixing certain sprite errors). Any idea what else I could try to fix this problem? Thanks a bunch in advance! ^^
  4. Mazzeous

    Lovely thanks for the help, off to testing it
  5. Daifuku

    Scratch that, he finally replied after another message just now. File is attached! AndRO235ragnaclan.apk
  6. Daifuku

    No news from the andro developer. I sent him a message today again.
  7. Mazzeous

    @Daifuku any updates on the Android client update?
  8. Mazzeous

    Can confirm it's the client, friend just informed me that he redownloaded an updated his version of the apk and the game works all good on his server. Awaiting on the new version.
  9. Mazzeous

    Thank you @Daifuku that's great, appreciate the prompt reply.
  10. Daifuku

    Hello, I have messaged the Andro developer today already. I'm not sure what's going on either unfortunately as we have no access to the files and only get the apk. I will update once I hear from the Andro developer.
  11. For no obvious reason the Android app force closes after the game loads by 10-15 seconds , no error shown just goes back to the launcher main screen. Amazingly a friend plays on a different server and he too is facing the same thing which makes me think that it's the Andro app but it's a crazy coincidence, same error on different servers.
  12. Mazzeous

    Didn't try the game on my PC yet but on Android the game starts for like 10-15 seconds and just force closes with no error shown, wonder if it's a server side thing.
  13. Cirno

    Yup same here, have bgm on login screen but soon i enter the world server it resets to 0 everytime or if you warp /go anywhere or switch map
  14. Mina

    Maybe because it's MVP map o.o but that's an MVP that's reaally difficult to catch sometimes. I don't see how allowing e-call in this map would be harming, why not? :3 +1
  15. ShadowCloud

    would be okay to enable marriage recall on mjolnir_04...? ........pretty please.............................? ;__________; i just used 2.5m to find out that it doesn't work ............................................. actually crying rnnnnnnnn
  16. Mina

    Laurant music~
  17. ShadowCloud

  18. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Linked Paladins farm very well with Shield Boomerang and Link, arguably better than Snipers in many cases because they roam faster. Gunslingers still use the Soldier Revolver from BG because of its 100% ASPD proc that beats any DPS you can get from a carded Western Outlaw. And if you're not camping DB/houses with Desperado+Bragi(which is quite limited to begin with because of MVPs using LP), your Gunslinger has little business being in PvE anyway. Fortune Sword and Wizardry/Soul Staves are all valid and accessible options for Soul Linker, but a Survivor's Rod gets the job done. Prior to getting my +7 Parasol I was using a Fortune Sword myself, while my friend sticks to a +10 Soul Staff for the cast boost that affects Kaizel.
  19. Cirno

  20. Cirno

    afaik you cant slot orc archers bow, giant axe is better because of ct damage boost that HF, crusader, havent played spear build, imo anything other than gc is crap,profs have higher aspd with books = less animation delay,and moonlight dagger what for? sp reg, if you play prof and have sp probs you definitly play the wrong class. Speedy recovery wand is always better than healing staff. On sin i would never use an katar with sidewinder card, crit cancels out double attack, also bleediing from spec jur sucks = np hp sp reg, and hp drops every tick. Stalkers for bow you can use oab too, alsosome other bows, thief bow or an rogue bow has an increased attack range .
  21. I m p u l s i v e

    well, good evening ppl i need somebody with knowleged using ahk before bcuz i cant figure it out how to used correctly basically looking for one that works playing 1v1 champions duel thank you in advance 😊
  22. unholycrow

    ugh my heart. dats pretty koot.
  23. Mina

    Red Bonnet please~ Pink, teal, blue indigo, purple, black, white, crimson red, yellow, light blue please x3
  24. Roth Skaldur

    Sniper = Orc's Bow [1], but even unslotted is 🎩 Whitesmith = Franziska, Hurricane Fury, remember that Cart Termination is free 💴 Creator = Elemental Sword because it makes you clever 👓 Lordknight = Death Guidance / Bloody Eater / Veteran Sword 🎳 (Swords) , Cardo (Spear), also Muramasa makes you faster 💨 Crusader = Spear of Darkness 🎯 High Wizard = Staff of Piercing 👌 Professors = Staff of Piercing / Moonlight Dagger 💙 Champ = Some sort of 🍳 High Priest = Ascension Staff / Staff of Recovery / Gentleman Staff 👞 Assassin Cross = Elemental katars / Infiltrator / Bloody Roar, sidewinder card is an interesting addition ⏫ Stalkers = No idea here 😥 Ninja = Ashura 💧 Gunslinger = Wasteland Outlaw ☣️ Taekwon Master = Um... Soul Linker: Soul Staff 🌀
  25. As title says :D name your price :) my IGNs are Delusion / Snoppe
  26. Cirno

    Sniper + xx Orc archer bow + endow, Falken Blitz High Wizard: Eraser/ + 10 piercing staff, survivors rod Creator: Ad crea = elemental sword with drops or cecil damon cards Spp crea = erde with drops cards Paladin: fortunes sword, haeddongum, bazerald for gc Builds Professor: freecast= eraser, principles of magic autocast: Death note, /principles of magic Whitesmith: Bloody Axe, Giant axe, Franziska, orcish axe[4] High Priest, Me: holy stick, Eraser Support /me = healing staff, Eraser , speedy recovery wand Champ: Lunakaligo, for Asura, Element fists for Combo, Erde for SB Tkm: Battleground strategy book, Ele Books slotted Assassin Cross, Dagger Ice pick, + scalpel, 2x scalpel Katar: Jur[3]. Holy Katar from al 3 dragons Lord Knight: Spiral pierce Build: Cardo /hunting Spear,
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