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Support & Development


  1. Bug Tracker

    If you find any bugs or exploits that are unusual, kindly report it here.
    Reported bugs will be approved and moved once they have been fixed by the team.

  2. Feedback Section

    Feel free to leave your feedback right here!
    You can feedback anything from single NPCs over Systems up to our Staff.

  3. Technical Support

    Can't connect to the server, getting errors or client not starting?
    Read through our technical archives or open a new topic and ask for help. 

  4. Player & Staff Reports

    We, at Ragnaclan take reports serious.
    If you have an issue with a player or even a staff member, don't hesitate to report it here.
    All reports are only visible by the administrators. We will take care of the report once you have submitted it. No notification from the Ragnaclan Team will follow about actions taken.

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