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  1. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Our wiki will be taken down today for a full revamp. We will abandon mediawiki as it is to hard to edit for most people and will therefore switch over to a more user-friendly and informative/widget based wordpress wiki. I will start with the changes now and will hopefully have it done within the next 48 hours. Wiki will most likely not be available during that time. Additionally I'd also like to announce that I'll give Ragnaclan a little makeover in terms of design and possibly the color scheme. Stay tuned!
  2. Guild Leaders please PM me your guild + 1 person you want to bring into the discussion on discord. I'll give you a new survey link to fill out.
  3. We are now recruiting more team member!! Available positions: 3x Support GM - BR, EU, PH. 1x Event GM - Asian Timezones. Must have good English. 1x Advertiser on FB. PH or BR language required! Please follow the guidelines above and apply if you are interested.
  4. Changelog for today's maintenace! Shourei will add voting previews on forum shortly. :) Please make sure to review us on RMS!
  5. Changelog has been updated a few hours ago and was set to 16 March 2018 at [UTC-4] 04:00~08:00 (between 4AM & 8APM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game.
  6. New suggested WoE Times from Discord discussion. Times suggested for both saturday and sunday, what do you think?
  7. Join discord channel and ask for permission to view instant-woe channel, discussions are already running! https://discordapp.com/invite/8B8TSr2
  8. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Below are our Instant War of Emperium Informations. Ragnaclan was first designed to balance between PVP and PVM scenes. But over time we have evolved to be more casual mid-rate server. So in order to bring in more competitive PVP game play in Ragnarok Online scene, we are bringing in Ragnaclan's Instant WoE server to promote our 6th month anniversary. We hope that by combining the new concept, we can stay true to our original goal in creating a server which welcome both PVP and PVM players. It will take place on 31.03 or 01.04 - if both times suggested below are fine we will do Instant WoE on both days. You're a guild leader and want to participate? Join our discord and ask for access to instant woe channel! click button below. _______________________________________________ Server Configurations Server Location: Canada Main Server / West Coast, LA proxy available. Server Time: Canada (UTC -4) Emulator: Hercules kRO Based. Third Party Programs: AHK/Autopot allowed. Dual Clienting: Disabled in WoE. Client Version: 2015. Special Addon: Fast Refresh Client. Protection: Gepard Shield (!) this can be discussed with attending guilds. Attack Protection: DDoS Protection & Mitigation. Main Town: Prontera ____________________ WoE Settings: Castle Rotation: Available WoE Rankings: Available Guild Cap: 24-26-30 has been suggested by guilds MBK/Provoke: Friendly mbk and provoke/bridge has been suggested by guilds Alliances: To be discussed with guilds Emperium: Plant Type, 400HP, Sanctuary won't heal 777 on Emperium. Emperium Investment: Max +100HP Restrictions: @die and @duel disabled inside castles, mvp + miniboss cards disabled*with some exceptions, no kvm equipment, yggdrasil disabled these restrictions can be discussed/changed to your likings Duration: 120 min has been suggested by guilds ____________________ WoE Times: ( OPEN FOR DISCUSSION ) This is what has been discussed so far in the discord channel: (Mär = March) Saturday + Sunday 11AM @servertime: ____________________ NPCs/Items: Items Available: Pretty much all cards, weapons and equips up to episode 13.3, no custom equips NPCs Available: (south, east, north, west and center of map) Job Changer: Healer (FCP, Buffs, Repair, Foods, Negative Status Removal etc.) Safe Refiner (+7 eq /+10 wp) Resetter Castle Warper Stylist 100+ Stat Headgears WoE Participation Shop with Costumes Cost: All items and NPCs are FREE OF CHARGE. ____________________ Useful @Commands: storage, glvl, petfriendly, storeall, dropall, homlvl, homfriendly, hold, spb, fastrefresh, restock, resist, show, duel, accept, reject, guildskill, partyinfo etc. _______________________________________________ Rewards: Winner Guild: 5x Steam Cards (5$ ea.) Some guilds do gaming nights and purchase random low-cost games on steam. Use these Steam Cards and have fun! 50,000 Cash Point (50$) reward for the Main Server. (gleader only) We are currently discussing consolation rewards within the team. _______________________________________________ Download Links & Registration: coming soon Important: If there is anything missing / anything unclear please let me know I will update the topic asap.
  9. Battleground Forge System: This system has 4 tier categories. Each category offers different items to be crafted. Each time you craft something you receive crafting points which you will need to unlock the next tier category. > For example, you will need to craft 5 low tier items in order to unlock the mid tier category. The fourth and last category also known as god category can only(!) be accessed by the top 5 crafting players on the server. Crafting items will require a mix of war badges (obtainable from battleground only), low zeny amounts and some misc items like oridecon/elunium. List of items that can be crafted can be found: [click here] Please discuss the required War Badges, Zeny amounts and possibly which items are missing or should be removed. Feel free to copy the sheet and send us the link.
  10. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 16 March 2018 at [UTC-4] 04:00~08:00 (between 4AM & 8APM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. Administrator Information: Hello everyone; it's me, Daifuku, I would like to apologize for not being around much lately. Even though I was busy with RL and other projects that I run, I have still been involved in discussing new systems and concepts for the server behind the scenes. Please be assured that I will be around on the forums, on our Discord and on our Facebook at all times if there are any questions or issues. I will also be In-Game a minimum of 10 hours a week. Additionally we will be hiring a few more GMs for Events and Support after this maintenance. I hope that you will enjoy the updates for our maintenance and that we will get more players with these exciting changes! __________________________________________________ 2018.03.16 UPDATES: Important Update Information: Ragnaclan will experience some major changes to improve the overall server situation and ensure a better mid-rate experience for all players. We have been working on new systems and improved our current ones as players requested. One major system that needed improvement was Battleground. After taking into consideration the feedback topics and personal feedback we received from single players we came up with the following: __________________________________________________ Battleground Forge System: Use @npc battleground ingame to jump to the NPC. This system has 4 tier categories. Each category offers different items to be crafted. We will release the first category with today's maintenance and adjust the other ones based on feedback to the first category. How it works: Each time you craft something you receive crafting points which you will need to unlock the next tier category. > For example, you will need to craft 5 low tier items in order to unlock the mid tier category. The fourth and last category also known as god category can only(!) be accessed by the top 5 crafting players on the server. Crafting items will require a mix of war badges (obtainable from battleground only), low zeny amounts and some misc items like oridecon/elunium. More information can be found here: [click here] __________________________________________________ Battleground Shop Overhaul: Use @npc battleground ingame to jump to the NPC. We listened to your feedback and revamped the current Battlegrounds shop! Current new items and prices are: Large Baphomet Horns Def: 14,000 > 8,500 I Love China: 11,000 > 5,500 Yellow Bandana: 5,500 > 3,500 Alice Doll: 7,500 > 4,000 Crown of Deceit: 5,500 > 3,000 Father’s White Mustache: 4,500 > 4,000 Gentlemen’s Pipe: 5,500 > 5,000 Blush of Groom: 5,500 > 5,000 Well Chewed Pencil: 5,500 > 5,000 Angel Spirit: 5,500 > 5,000 Holy Marching Hat: 7,500 > 4,500 Benevolent Guardian: 5,500 > 3,000 Flying Evil Wing: 9,500 > 6,000 Ramen Hat: 4,500 > 4,000 Jasper Crest: 7,500 > 4,500 Parade Hat: 7,500 > 5,000 Hockey Mask: 4,500 > 3,000 Purple Cowboy Hat: 5,500 > 3,500 Rainbow Scarf: 5,500 > 5,000 Skull Cap: 4,500 > 3,000 Cat Ear Beret: 4,500 > 3,000 Copper Dragon Helm: 9,000 > 6,500 __________________________________________________ Battleground Happy Hours: We avoided to implement happy hours since we feel it will kill off battlegrounds fully until happy hour starts. Instead of adding happy hour, we decided to increase our current round-bonuses in hopes that 10% bonus with 5v5 will encourage more players to join. If 5v5 = next round + 10% If 10v10 = next round +20% If 15v15 = next round +30% If 20v20 = next round +40% If 25v25 = next round +50% __________________________________________________ Battleground Mode Changes: Conquest: Players have been complaining that the Conquest mode is way longer than our other modes but the reward is the same. We decided to increase the base reward from 30 to 60. .@Reward = 30 + .Score; > @Reward = 60 + .Score; Rush: Has been added back to BG modes as requested. __________________________________________________ Permanent Rate Change: We would like to bring the focus to our custom features instead of forcing players to focus on leveling their characters until they are ready to explore. This will also bring us a step closer to being a "true mid-rate". We are therefore changing our rates to 75x75x25x ~ 90x90x30x permanently. Our new Server Settings are: Information Description Base EXP 75x ~ 90x Job EXP 75x ~ 90x Quest EXP 50x Normal Item/Card/Equipment Drop Rate 25x ~ 30x MvP/Mini-boss Item/Equipment Drop Rate 10x MvP/Mini-boss Card Drop Rate 1x Max Base-Level 99 Max Job-Level 70 Max Stats 99 Max ASPD 190 Stun Immunity (Vit) 97 Party-Share Range 20 With this rate change, additional adjustments to our Revival System might happen with future updates. __________________________________________________ Quest Board Overhaul: Use @npc mission ingame to jump to the NPC. This has been on our to-do list for a while and has now been finalized. We have added the following features to our current Quest Boards: Completition Bonus Rewards: Upon successful completion of the 91-99 bounty, there is a chance to obtain a random bonus item. 25% chance - bonus EXP 20% chance - 2x Red Envelope 15% chance - 1x Taming Gift Set 10% chance - 5x Red Envelope 10% chance - 1x Gold 10% chance - 4-5x Gift Box 5% chance - 2-4x Yggdrasil Berry 3% chance - 1x Gold Coin 2% chance - 1x Old Card Album Bounty Boards with Race Quests Emergency Response: Fight repetitiveness! Selecting this option basically selects any one of the available mission targets at random, even completed ones on cooldown, but awards additional EXP for doing so. If the mission is abandoned, the Emergency Response option cannot be selected again for the next 24 hours. This only works for 86-90 and 91-99 EXP quests. Daily Bonus: The first quest Mission Board quest completed on each day awards 2.5x exp. Similarly to how many games have a 'first win of the day', 'daily first match' etc bonus. Loyalty rewards: Bonuses after completing a certain number of quests from the 71-85, 86-90 and 91-99 Mission Boards, per character. After completing 20 quests, the reward tracker resets to 0 quests. Here is a list of bonuses available: 3 quests - 1x Old Purple Box 4 quests - 500,000 job EXP 5 quests - 1,000,000 job EXP, 1 Gold Coin 7 quests - 3x Gift Box 8 quests - 1,000,000 job EXP, 1 Gold Coin 10 quests - 5x Red Envelope, 1,500,000 base exp, 500,000 job EXP 12 quests - 1x Old Purple Box 14 quests - 2,500,000 base EXP and 1,000,000 job EXP 15 quests - 1x Taming Gift Set 18 quests - 1,000,000 job EXP, 1 Gold Coin 20 quests - 1 Gold Coin, 2,500,000 base exp and 1,000,000 job exp __________________________________________________ Knockout Tournament: Use @knockout to join the event when announced. Our knockout tournament is divided into successive rounds; each competitor plays against another competitior per round. The winner of that round moves up to the next round. As rounds progress, the number of competitors decreases until the overall champion is chosen. Times: 12:00, 18:00, 00:00, 06:00 @servertime Reward: 10 Gold Coins 1 Old Card Album Restrictions: A minimum level of 80 is required. A minimum of 8 participants is required. __________________________________________________ Headgear rotation for existing Systems: Battleground, Voting and Gold Amber will have their costumes rotated as requested. We will also rotate headgears from other systems in the future. Our Clan NPCs will receive more stat-giving headgears/armors that can be purchased via clan points. More information will be revealed in the future. Battleground Rotation: Use @npc battleground ingame to jump to the NPC. Gold Amber Rotation: Use @npc amber in game to jump to the NPC. Amber Jackpot: Voting Shop Addition: Welcome the Kafra Girls costume headgear to the Vote Shop! Use @npc voting in game to jump to the NPC. __________________________________________________ Instant War Of Emperium: After discussing this with our current guilds and old guilds that left the server we decided to create an Instant War Of Emperium Server for Ragnaclan. This will start off as an event to celebrate our first 6 months and from there we will decide if we want to host it permanently or not. The event itself will take place at the end of the month. Read more here [click here] __________________________________________________ Starter & Loyalty Item Packages: We will have new starter and loyalty rewards this month! Use @npc stylist and walk a few cells down until you see this NPC: Starter Pack: Bubble Gum 1x Gym Pass 1x Name Change Ticket 1x Job Manual 150% 1x Token of Siegfried 10x Battle Manual 50% 2x Loyalty Pack: 1 month: January Costume Box 1x Huskarl Crate 2x 2 months: 1 Month Loyalty Pack + December Costume Box 1x Huskarl Crate 2x 3 months: 1 Month & 2 Month Loyalty Pack + Fishing Starter Box 1x Huskarl Crate 2x __________________________________________________ Cash Shop Updates/Fixes: Added new costumes Cash Shop Bonus for every 35$ donation made starting today until 15th of April. PM Daifuku on Discord to claim yours! Config Updates/Fixes: Increased Max Party Capacity from 20 to 50. SG skill party member count bonus capped at 20 players. WoE Updates/Fixes: Emperium HP issue has been fixed. NPC Updates/Fixes: Removed Renewal Monster hunting Quests. Added duration option to guild buff npc. Reduced daily login timer from 60 minutes to 10 minutes Added Costume Moonlight Flower hat to PvP Shop Added Costume Valk Helm to PvP Shop Fixed conflict with Maze/Poring Catcher event Wiki Updates/Fixes: Instance Guides have been updated for all instances: [click here] Custom Modification list has been added: [click here] Next Maintenance: - Further improvement of existing features. -We have gotten a number of reports about the Grand Cross of Darkness and Gunslinger gears, and would like to inform everyone we are looking into and and doing our research. Please give your input on both of these to the GM team, the more data we have the better it is. But give us data, we cannot test opinions.
  11. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Below are the #10 winners of our monthly voting event. Thanks for supporting the server and giving us over 1663 votes in february! (those are just votes from the top 10 voters) Tikboy Gakgung Micosa Zenny Machika Skvirra Energizer Crunch Paralyzed Yori Our monthly voting for March will start today! We cleaned the voting list and everyone has the same chances to get under the top 10 next month. Rewards will be given out to the characters listed within the next 24 hours. Please use @npc itemcollection ingame and talk to the NPC a few times until you received all items.
  12. Welcome to the Forum! =) It's not as active as it used to be but I believe that is quite normal after having the forum open for a half year. I wish you a great time on the server, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
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  14. Important Information: WoEs will happen as scheduled. Unfortunately @restock will not be available during this time as we are still debugging the feature to make sure it won't cause an issue in the future.
  15. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Below the winners for our: Marry Me! THE Wedding Event of the Season! - Event Jassy Dryad Selene Please send a private message for the dates etc. when you'd like to get married.