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  1. Welcome back! You're just right on time ♥ If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me!
  2. Thank you Elesh ♥
  3. Greetings Clan Adventurers! It's official, I'm getting old. To celebrate my 25th birthday with the community tomorrow at 5PM servertime (22.05.2018, 17:00 servertime) I came up with the following: I will buy everyone a pizza! Just kidding, you all can buy me a pizza. Just kidding², we'll do a few events in-game, spawn some MvPs and give out some costume headgears! Make sure to gather up tomorrow in Prontera at 4:50PM latest! __________________________________________________ Headgears: Events: Grumpy Grrr Run for your life and don't get bitten by Grrr, the grumpy Bear. Rounds: 3x Winner Reward: 1x Costume box of choice Participation Reward: 1x Costume Bear Balloon Protect the GM Don't let the level 1/1 GM die on her way from Abyss Lakes 1 to Abyss Lakes 3. You can resurrect the GM a total amount of 3 times. Success Reward: DB Party! 1x Pori Pori 5x Bloody Branch 250x Dead Branch Participation Reward: 50 Gold Coins Eventually some more smaller events! __________________________________________________ I hope I'll see a few joining my birthday party in-game! P.s: Because it is a special day, I am allowed to accept items from players *nudgenudgewinkwink*
  4. This has been implemented. @Blitz http://forum.ragnaclan.com/index.php?/topic/1195-changelog-20180515/
  5. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Below our guild package information. Feel free to sign up if you meet the requirements! Guild Package System: Information: The Guild Packages are not intended to spoon feed new groups that join Ragnaclan. With that being said we would like to clarify from the very beginning that Equipment will not be given out through the Guild Package. For guilds that only wish to participate in War of Emperium, please visit [click here] for more information about our WoE Rental System. Knowing that majority of Guild Leaders have to level up their members themselves, we will be giving out some consumables to help ease the struggle. Requirements: Guild size of minimum 8 active players. Existing in-game character names of each active player that wants to claim the package. Guilds must apply within 14 days after starting to play on Ragnaclan. The Guild Package System on our server comes with a quite simply clause: No server hopping. If your guild wants to quit it is fine by us but all members will be banned from Ragnaclan. If a Guild leaves and some individual players would like to stay they can apply for their accounts not to be banned. We know this is rough and different but guild hopping kills servers. When guilds come, they only bring their guild members but when they leave - other players get scared and quit the server as well. Tl;dr: If you want a Guild Package you should show some loyalty in return. This clause lasts for 3 months, any guild disbanding/leaving after this time frame does not get affected. How to apply: Send a message to Daifuku via Forum or Discord to apply for the package. Guild Package Items: Items are non-tradeable, character bound and to be collected via @npc itemcollection. A maximum of 15 Member Packages can be claimed per guild. Guild Leader: (1x) Ultra Union of Tribe This will give your guild enough EXP to skill Emergency Call. (1000x) War Badge (4x) Battle Manual 150% (4x) Bubble Gum 50% (1x) HE Bubble Gum 150% (5x) Enriched Elunium (5x) Enriched Oridecon (10x) Gym Pass (10) Token Of Siegfried (250x) Giant Fly Wing (1x) Refined Fly Wing Guild Member: (750x) War Badge (2x) Battle Manual 150% (2x) Bubble Gum 50% (2x) Enriched Elunium (2x) Enriched Oridecon (10x) Gym Pass (10x) Token Of Siegfried (1x) Refined Fly Wing
  6. Are you running on windows 8 or 10?
  7. Vending in @go vend is currently disabled and we advice to not open a vending shop anywhere else. It appears the modifications we made to the @whosell comma display bugged out the vending system. It will be fixed in the morning as we need a little bit of sleep for today. Hope you understand and can enjoy the great updates we delivered today!
  8. GM still server close to me

    1. Daifuku




    2. Hatred


      its ok now tnx

  9. Changelog is now complete! (don't slap me if I forgot anything, maintenance today was huge!)
  10. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Our monthly Instant War of Emperium Event will be held on May 20th at 11AM servertime. Feel free to join and grab 50,000CP for the main server if you win the castle! Rewards: Winner Guild: 50,000 Cash Point (50$) reward on the Main Server. (Guild Leader only) Guild Cap: 26 Mode: WoE 2.0 Castle: Cyr 3 Portal
  11. Thanks for the review! Much love.
  12. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Ragnaclan has been up and running smoothly since 8 months. We provided frequent updates/maintenances next to real life and exhausting hours at our private jobs. We hope that everyone is enjoying what we deliver and that you guys have a lot of fun on the server! ♥ If you like our work, we would appreciate a review on ratemyserver.net We try to advertise on all social medias but ratemyserver is still one of the very few places where we're not that known! Your review make us well known and bring us more newcomers to Ragnaclan. How to review: Visit [Click here] You will have to either Sign In or create an Account. The registration is really simple and done within less than a minute! After creating your account you can review our server (might have to click on the link in step 1. again) Feel free to give your honest opinion about the server, 1 is the lowest rating 10 is the highest. Are there rewards? The answer to that question is a big no. Ratemyserver does not allow any kind of rewards for reviews and we would not want to bribe our players to leave good reviews for some rewards. You are free to review us as you see fit, even if it is a honest negative review. RateMyServer.Net Copyright © 2005-2017 All images and content on ratemyserver.net belong to their respective creators. Pictures screenshotted from ratemyserver.net website.
  13. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Monthly Raffle Event Starting May 15th we will do a Monthly Raffle Event connected to our Facebook Page. Read more about it in the spoiler! __________________________________________________ Rewards: #1 50,000CP #2 20,000CP #3 5,000CP __________________________________________________ Event Details / Terms and Conditions Participating in our "Raffle Event" is as simple as making microwave popcorn. All you have to do is follow the given instructions and wait until the event period ends! Winners will be drawn using a random raffle program on 31 May 2018 at 5PM servertime. Upon entering an entry you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions: > Only one entry per person is allowed and all entry instructions must match. Instructions: Visit our Promotional Teaser here: [Click here] LIKE and the post on your timeline or a gaming-oriented facebook group using the following tags: #ragnaclanlikeandshare #ragnaclan #ragnarokonline Write a small text or copy ours to your post and invite players to Ragnaclan: Reply to this event topic with a Screenshot of your shared post. Your Name has to be visible on the Screenshot. Your share has to be public so we can see it. Again, very Important: You need to include the #ragnaclanlikeandshare tag and share the post public! Failing on doing so will cause you to not be qualified for the event. How will winners be chosen: Every entry using #ragnaclanlikeandshare hashtag and following the instructions above will be written down. Winners are randomly chosen with an online raffle program
  14. Rates have been decided and can be found in the changelog, going to close this! Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Welcome! Age is just a number and doesn't matter at all. I hope you have a great time here