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  1. Daifuku

    Scratch that, he finally replied after another message just now. File is attached! AndRO235ragnaclan.apk
  2. Daifuku

    No news from the andro developer. I sent him a message today again.
  3. Daifuku

    Hello, I have messaged the Andro developer today already. I'm not sure what's going on either unfortunately as we have no access to the files and only get the apk. I will update once I hear from the Andro developer.
  4. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Who doesn't love summer? Sunshine and barbeques abound, and what better way to keep these memories with us forever than an engaging screenshot event? Show us your best summer themed screenshots! Winners will be chosen June 30 at 5PM server time. The GM Team will select winners based on following criteria: Creativity Originality Relevance Rewards: #1 Winner: 10.000 CP reward + 100 Gold Coins #2 Winner: 5.000 CP reward + 50 Gold Coins #3 Winner: 1.000 CP reward + 25 Gold Coins Participation: (also given to #1-3 winners) Costume Octopus Balloon Rules: Your character must wear at least 2 summer themed headgears and a Cool Summer Outfit Your character must be displayed in a summer themed location. You can submit multiple screenshots but you will only win the reward once per account. Screenshots cannot contain any profane language or inappropriate content. We reserve the right to hide any submissions that do not follow event or forum rules.
  5. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! Thanks for participating in our Summer Screenshot Event. Below are the winners: Please message Daifuku in-game or over the forum to claim your Rewards. All other rewards will be given out within the next 24 hours and can be claimed at @npc freebies ♥ #1 saprobes 10.000 CP reward + 100 Gold Coins #2 Elesh Norn 5.000 CP reward + 50 Gold Coins #3 Skvirra 1.000 CP reward + 25 Gold Coins Participation: (also given to #1-3 winners) Costume Octopus Balloon We'll have another summer-themed screenshot event soon!
  6. Daifuku

    Winners will be announced within the next few hours, we're still debating! You did a great job!
  7. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We are introducing a new permanent event called: Monthly Voting Rewards! There will be a test-run for 2 weeks after our maintenance. The top #10 accounts that voted the most until 2018.01.31 will get a reward on 2018.02.01. If everything goes as planned we will be giving out rewards to the top #10 every 1st of the month (you have 30 days to vote). How to Vote? Please follow the guide [click here] to vote correctly. It will also explain how to claim your points and what to do with them. What will be the reward? 10.000 Cash Points 250 Gold Coins 1x Huskarl Crate *Note: We can not make the ranking list public as it would reveal players account names. We will pick a random character from the accounts and list them here on this thread every month. Happy voting everyone!
  8. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! Below are the #10 winners of our monthly voting event. Thanks for supporting the server and giving us over 3745 votes in June! (those are just votes from the top 10 voters) Morowy Grajek Perereca de Piscina Yori Ojou-sama Zenny J v B Skvirra Iskiribapsiboop Sethy Energizer Our monthly voting for July will start today! We cleaned the voting list and everyone has the same chances to get under the top 10 next month. Rewards will be given out to the characters listed within the next 48 hours. Please use @npc freebies in-game and collect item prize a few times until you received all items.
  9. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Monthly Raffle Event Starting June 15th (today) we will do a Raffle Event connected to our Facebook Page. Read more about it below! __________________________________________________ Rewards: #1 50,000CP #2 20,000CP #3 5,000CP __________________________________________________ Event Details / Terms and Conditions Participating in our "Raffle Event" is as simple as making microwave popcorn. All you have to do is follow the given instructions and wait until the event period ends! Winners will be drawn using a random raffle program on 30 June 2018 at 5PM servertime. Upon entering an entry you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions: > Only one entry per person is allowed and all entry instructions must match. Instructions: Visit our Promotional Teaser here: [Click here] LIKE and the post on your timeline or a gaming-oriented facebook group using the following tags: #ragnaclanlikeandshare #ragnaclan #ragnarokonline Copy this text to your post: Reply to this event topic with a Screenshot of your shared post. Your Name has to be visible on the Screenshot. Your share has to be public so we can see it. Again, very Important: You need to include the #ragnaclanlikeandshare tag and share the post public! Failing on doing so will cause you to not be qualified for the event. How will winners be chosen: Every entry using #ragnaclanlikeandshare hashtag and following the instructions above will be written down. Winners are randomly chosen with an online raffle program
  10. Daifuku

    Dear adventurers, thanks for joining our monthly raffle event. Below is a list of our participants: jmsky yu Hatred AbsoluteWota Ajanar Kotaru Elesh Norn vandroiy All listed characters have been added to the raffle and the winners have been chosen by a Random Name Picker program! Congratulations to the following players!! Please PM me your in-game char name where you want to receive the CP on. Kotaru - 50.000CP (again???????? wish I'd have your luck in real life lottery holy**) AbsoluteWota - 20.000CP Hatred - 5.000CP Check the spoiler for the gif.
  11. Daifuku

    The changelog is NOT complete and will be filled with changes until maintenance takes places! Greetings Clan Adventurers! Today we will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance between 15 and 20 July 2018, 5PM server time. (depending on how fast we can get certain things done, will be announced prior) Server will be down for 15-60+ minutes. Please make sure to patch before entering the game. __________________________________________________ Administrator Information: For the upcoming maintenance we will focus on content related updates and bug fixes. __________________________________________________ Client Changes/Updates: Fixed SL timer icon. __________________________________________________ Cash Shop Changes/Updates: New costumes added: Pet sale has ended, values returned to normal. __________________________________________________ War of Emperium Changes/Updates: __________________________________________________ Battleground Changes/Updates: Added Battleground Missions: Kill a specific amount of players in a day / week / month Play a specific amount of matches in a day / week / month Open a specific amount of battleground cases in a day / week / month __________________________________________________ PvP Changes/Updates: __________________________________________________ Clan Changes/Updates: __________________________________________________ Instance Changes/Updates: __________________________________________________ Revival Changes/Updates: __________________________________________________ Fishing Changes/Updates: __________________________________________________ Mining Changes/Updates: __________________________________________________ Event Changes/Updates: Devil Square: Gold Amber: Gold Rush: Increased chance to obtain gold coin jackpots. Lottery: __________________________________________________ Item Changes/Updates: Abrasive now drop, vend and tradeable. Some items will now display their un-identified name upon dropping from a monster. __________________________________________________ Command Changes/Updates: @npc command update. __________________________________________________ Misc Changes/Updates: Removed official weapon dealers in prt_in,167,130 as this is our custom @go mall now. Fixed icon over on prontera npcs. (on main server currently disabled)
  12. @Reality I'll have to check into information on rathena using the official aegis damage reduction formula or do you have any access to aegis reduction formula to compare?
  13. Daifuku

    Thanks for the feedback. Noxious spawn time was reduced when we were on 10x card drop rates and the card was needed for battlegrounds. We'd rather not modify further item drops, especially not to make it easier for certain headgear quests.
  14. Daifuku

    Thanks for the feedback. I put it up on the agenda - since this is a QoL proposal it will take some time as we want to focus on content updates first.
  15. Daifuku

    Put up on the agenda, will see if that can be squished in for upcoming maintenance.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to pass this to @Shourei - put it up on his agenda.
  17. Daifuku

    Thanks for the feedback. The headgear will be implemented during Halloween season.
  18. Daifuku

    Thanks for the feedback, we'll use some of these ideas to make improvements as soon as possible.
  19. Daifuku

    Thanks for the feedback. I put it up on our to-do list, we will start implementing some of these with our next maintenance.
  20. Daifuku

    Any more feedback on this from other players?
  21. Daifuku

    Thanks for the topic, sadly I can already see this getting abused in multiple ways. I will see if I can come up with something else.
  22. Daifuku

    I put it up on the agenda. It's not our priority at this point but will be done in the future. Thanks for the feedback!
  23. Daifuku

    Thanks for the feedback. Revival weapons will get a few adjustments with upcoming maintenance.
  24. Daifuku

    Thanks for the feedback. Revival weapons will get a few adjustments with upcoming maintenance.
  25. Daifuku

    Thanks for the feedback, we'll start working on this step by step starting with upcoming maintenance.