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  1. Daifuku

    Note: Event will be active after maintenance tomorrow. Writing a letter to Santa is a super fun Christmas tradition. A well-written letter shows Santa you are polite, plus it makes it easier for him to get you the presents you want. After all, with millions of kids asking for presents, you could say he is a pretty busy guy. Start by thinking about what you want to ask for in advance. Then write a polite letter, decorate it, and give it to the Ragnaclan Team to send off to the North Pole! Reward: Santa will do his very best to fulfill one wish of each player which submits to this event. Your wish has to be reasonable, f.e. an existing costume, a headgear from our headgear quests, a battle manual, mysterious dyestuff, pet from cash shop etc. Requirements: List maximal 3 items. Letter template can be from Google or may be created by the player itself. The letter has to include a Christmas themed image of your character or with friends as shown in the sample. No NSFW or rude content. Follow the server rules. If Santa likes your letter, you will receive a message on 2018.12.24 throughout the day. Image example from last year
  2. Daifuku

    Happy New Year to everyone! 🎉 Let's make 2019 a great year for Ragnaclan, working towards our goals together click by click 🖱️ and achieve each and every goal we set as a community. I'd like to give our thanks to all the players that joined our server in 2018. You are very welcome to return in 2019 P.s: Next maintenance will be around next week.
  3. Daifuku

    Greetings! There will be a server maintenance on Monday, 24th of December at 7:00 AM server time. The downtime will be between 5-60 minutes at the maximum. Please make sure to patch your client before entering the game after maintenance officially finished. For a detailed list of changelogs which will be added please refer to this post: Next Update Information: The next update will be focused towards instances, mining, fishing and general improvements of existing systems. Stay tuned for more information!
  4. Daifuku

    Server is back up.
  5. Daifuku

    Server is now down for maintenance. Please check the changelog for all changes made.
  6. Daifuku

     Note: Event will be active after maintenance tomorrow.  Talk to Mr. Claus in Lutie (xmas,124,161,6) a little left over the Christmas tree at the spawn point. He looks a little dejected and so it's only logical to ask what is wrong .. right? It's Santa Claus! He will tell you how Mrs. Claus is still not quite the same after what happened on Halloween a few weeks ago. She can't remember a lot of the good memories she had with Mr. Claus. Help him dig out some Snow Flowers from the little garden next to him. He will offer you a Field Shovel for a low zeny cost. Once you have enough Flowers, please walk into the house next to him and talk to Mrs. Claus. Give her the flowers and the little note you got from Santa. This will help her remember some great moments. What will I get for doing so? You will receive Mrs. Claus Gift Box for 100 Snow Flowers. Per Gift Box, you get 1 random Scarf. Good luck! Costume: Red Green Scarf Costume: Red Yellow Scarf Costume: Black Scarf Costume: Purple Scarf Costume: Light Green Scarf Costume: Dark Blue Scarf Costume: Red Scarf
  7. Daifuku

    Note: Event will be active after maintenance tomorrow. You can find Giftson in Lutie (xmas,146,95,6). Ask him what happened and he will tell you how Santa's sleigh was damaged by the pursuing witches earlier this year. What items are needed? 30x Fine Trunk 20x Strong Vine 50x Steel pieces 10x Rough Winds 1x Arc Wand 10x Christmas Cheer which can be obtained from [click here] What will you receive? Christmas Event Box. You get one of the following items: Xmas Fire Cracker Box Costume: Rabbit Ear Plug Cookie Bag Costume: Pink Clover 5x Xmas Gift Box.
  8. Daifuku

    Hello! Server is up since around 15 months now. The population at the moment Is about 15-30 players depending on the time and day. Woe is active but I'll be honest and say that it's more of a pvp fest between the current players we have. Ragnaclan is about to revive soon so I expect to see a change in our player count latest next year. We added welcome and returnee packages with last maintenance and will improve our instances and other systems some more before we actively advertise to old and new players again. I hope I was able to answer your questions! Maybe we'll see each other ingame soon.
  9. Daifuku

    Amber Snail is the same as Gold Amber, correct. However, Jewelry Box cannot be obtained from it at the moment. Please make sure you check the correct monster. In this case, Bow Thimble is dropped by Gargoyle at a 0.50% chance. The 0.25% drop you're referring to is from our champion monsters.
  10. Hello folks, This is a statement to our 3rd Party Program "AndRO" developed by meyraw (someone who's not in the staff). I have seen that there's a new version of AndRO out and we're 2 updates behind. Ragnaclan cannot afford the update at the moment. It can be that the app suddenly stops in a few weeks if meyraw continues developing AndRO. For now, it does work though. If in the future the app doesn't work anymore I will try my best to pay the update costs myself but at the moment, I'd much rather like to use the reserves I have to pay the server cost. Additionally, I will be patching in the customized Prontera map today so you can actually see the NPCs on the sidewalk. Feel free to try out the AndRO app and play from anywhere you want ! Download below or via our website..
  11. Daifuku

    AndRO updated. You can download the latest APK here [click here] or over our website. Please note that AndRO does not support some of our recent implementations like: Custom 99 Aura Colored Character Name For more limitations please check [click here]
  12. Daifuku

    Hello! With our latest gepard update we also have to update our Andro APK. The AndRO developer has already been informed and we should have the new APK very soon.
  13. Daifuku

    For the previous changelog please [click here] Client: Full + Small Client updated. New patcher skin updated. Changed: Cash Shop Christmas costumes from last year added. Voting Shop headgears replaced. [click image to expand] Instances modified. Endless Cellar: Pori Pori now drops Elemental Armors [1] at 50% chance. Wish Maiden now drops Valkyrie drops. Completion rewards adjusted: 1 OCA, 1 Bloody Branch, 1 Jewelry Box, 1 Huskarl Crate, 50 Gold Coins Excorism Bible can now be slotted at Leablem, category B in Armor section. Battleground Healer will Soullink Super Novice class upon healing. Super Novice death count bonus changed. No more death counter but you need to be at least job level 99 to receive the bonus. The equipment listed below can now be worn by certain extended and non-transcended/baby classes. Dragon Vest #2399 - Every job except Novice Dragon Manteau #2553 - Every job except Novice Naga Scale Armour #2389 - Every job except Novice Shield of Naga #2134 - Every job except Novice Tidal Shoes #2424 - Every job except Novice Wool Scarf #2528 - Every job except Novice Life Tree Wooden Shoes #2450 - Every job Sprint Mail #2387 - Every job except Novice Sprint Ring #2744 - Every job except Novice Sprint Shoes #2440 - Every job except Novice Black Leather Boots[1] #2434 - Every job except Novice Black Leather Boots #2425 - Every job except Novice Crest of the Rider #2551 - Every job except Novice Platinum Shield #2122 - Every job except Novice Bradium Brooch #2790 - Every job except Novice Bradium Earring #2788 - Every job except Novice Bradium Ring #2789 - Every job except Novice Expert Ring #2703 - Every job Waterdrop Brooch #2787 - Every job except Novice Orlean's Uniform #2365 - Every job except Novice Staff of Piercing #1626 - Mage, Acolyte, Soul Linker Dea Staff #2005 - Acolyte Class Chronos #2004 - Mage, Soul Linker Eraser #1637 - Mage, Acolyte, Soul Linker Lich's Bone Wand #1645 - Mage, Acolyte, Soul Linker Thorn Staff of Darkness #1636 - Mage, Acolyte, Soul Linker Atlas Weapon #1175 - Swordsman Krasnaya #1189 - Swordsman Bardiche #1375 - Swordsman, Merchant Bradium Stone Hammer #1385 - Swordsman, Merchant Light Epsilon #1366 - Swordsman, Merchant Orlean's Gloves #2785 - Every job except Novice. Diablos Boots #2433 - Every job except Novice Diablos Manteau #2537 - Every job except Novice Waterdrop Brooch [1] added to Aqua Elemental monster. Automated Event "Disguise" modified. Modified to only count the correct-guessed rounds. Gives 3 gold coins per round now. Automated Event "Cluckers" modified. Will not kill the player anymore. Chance of getting effects lowered. Effects will only last 3 seconds instead of the previous 10 seconds. Reward adjusted to 25 Gold Coins and Old Card Album. @die disabled in prontera during cluckers event period. Automated Event "Find the Mushroom" modified. Negative status effects will only last 3 seconds instead of the previous 10 seconds. Negative status mushrooms will give 3 Gold Coins. Zeny mushrooms will give 3 Gold Coins plus 100,000 Zeny. Minimum amount of spawning mushrooms increased to 10. Automated Event "Poring Catcher" added. The reward is 25 Gold Coins. @hidepet command added. @packetfilter plugin updated. @alootidmanage added. Clan Medals and Revival Weapons excluded from WoE/KoE. Taming Gift Set updated. Fixed: Sell/Buy prices for certain items fixed. [click here] Clan Equipment ll level restriction fixed. Removed: Woe participation costumes removed. Instance costumes removed. Zeny costumes removed. Revival costumes removed. PvP costumes removed. Revival Weapons removed from the cash shop.
  14. Daifuku

    Client Update: Gepard 3.0 update Custom Aura system Colored Character Names Changed: Cash Shop: Main Tab prices have been adjusted. Cosmetic Tab discount of 20%! Rental Tab renamed to Equipment. Added Revival Weapons. Useable Tab prices have been adjusted. Enriched Elunium Box: 12,000 > 10,000 Enriched Oridecon Box: 12,000 > 10,000 Life Insurance: 250 > 100 Name Change Ticket: 1,000 > 2,000 Gym Pass Box: 5,000 > 3,500 Universal Taming Scroll: 200 > 50 Pet Tab 50% discount has been reverted. Clan System: Removed Clan Ladder Removed Clan Point System Made general adjustments to functions to match the official clan system. Revival System: Weapons have been adjusted. Weapons will not work in War of Emperium. Noviceground: Modified the noviceground map. Added NPC for easier leaving via mobile. Added option to claim welcome package to Shion. Strawberry added to tool dealer. Black Devil Mask inside Battleground Shop reduced to 8000 war badges. @npc command updated. Bounty Board renamed to Mission Board and completion bonuses adjusted. Aura NPC added to prontera,172,180. 500 war badges for aura part one. (152 different auras) 350 war badges for aura part two. (117 different auras) 150 war badges for aura part three. (35 different auras) Gold Rush items adjusted. Fixed: Champion Monster sprites in certain locations fixed. Super Novice EXP bug fixed. Ambernite visual bug and text typo fixed. Screenshot logo in-game fixed. Gold Rush issue where the player would get stuck fixed. Event announcements and portal locations fixed. (dice and maze portal will be in @go event now instead of mid prontera) Certain item descriptions fixed. Baby Job change fixed. Mission Board wrong monster count display and Race of the Day missions fixed. Removed: Trade restrictions for Christmas Cheer and Siege Potion Box removed. All in one ring box from cash shop removed. Battleground Forge removed. Mission Board requiring a clan badge to access missions removed.
  15. Daifuku

    Update: It seems that with the gepard 3.0 update functor forgot to enable AHK to be allowed. I already sent him a message. Will have it adjusted as fast as possible.
  16. Daifuku

    The server is back on. Please make sure to patch. You will see ".tmp" files popping up in your Ragnaclan folder. Please wait until all of these .tmp files disappeared. This might take a short while.
  17. Daifuku

    Greetings! There will be a server maintenance on Saturday, 8th of December at 7:00 AM server time. The downtime will be between 5-60 minutes at the maximum. Please make sure to patch your client before entering the game after maintenance officially finished. For a detailed list of changelogs which will be added please refer to this post: Next Update Information: The next update will contain a complete headgear overhaul on all systems/NPCs. We will also most likely add a new fishing system, new mining, improve all instances and add new mini-games. Stay tuned for more information!
  18. Daifuku

    Maintenance has started.
  19. Daifuku

    Maintenance update: Maintenance time has been moved. We will start with the maintenance in 20 minutes from now.
  20. Daifuku

    Welcome! I hope you'll have a great time with us. Feel free to message anytime if you have questions.
  21. Overview This guide is designed for Windows 7/8/10 users to ensure the game runs smoothly. After downloading our Full/Lite Client, do the following steps: 1. Add an exclusion to Windows Defender Antivirus/Third party Antivirus 2. Set programs for compatibility 3. Confirm your configuration is working ____________________________________________________________________ Troubleshooting This thread is still incomplete. If you run into a problem not listed here or would like to provide a troubleshooting guide, PM the Ragnaclan Staff on discord to have the solution added to the list.
  22. Daifuku

    Welcome! Unfortunately I can't remember you under this name. Feel free to hit me up on discord if you want to catch up. Other than that I wish you a great time here! The community is small but nice.
  23. Daifuku

    Fixed with next maintenance.