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  1. To play the game, i was directed to download the game in separate parts so as to successfully install the game with careful consideration from the admins. however, after downloading all of the 9 parts, things did not go so well. parts 2 through 9 had problems. All of their data.grf and ragnaclan.grf files were indicated to be broken, thus me experiencing a crash whenever i run the patcher. I know i will pester on this tomorrow after i wake up, but please bear with me since i've been so desperate to play on this server. worst case scenario, i hope i wont cave in and just give up. thanks to everyone who has helped me tho. you really deserve my thanks. :)
  2. Oniisan

    hi Shourei. i managed to DL all the files right now. problem is, when i extract part 2 til 7, it says all the data.grf on all of those parts are broken. I try to run it, but it gives an error about queryRegionInfo. pls help, again. :(
  3. Oniisan

    it seems Woon was still thriving when i quit a long time ago due to IRL responsibilities. I guess i'm kinda happy to know that some former server mates are here. Well, here's hoping to me coming back and finally finish downloading this monster of a full client. cheers ;)
  4. Oniisan

    thank you. I will try it later so as to let my unit rest for a bit. 12+ hours of DL is kinda overwhelming. Once again, thank you so much. :) EDIT: Day 364. I downloaded 3 parts out of the 9 separate parts of the whole client provided by Shourei and Daifuku. Was amazingly stalled somewhat again when parts 4 to 9 suddenly wouldn't work after replying their PMs. Am i cursed to not play this game? OTL
  5. Oniisan

    i'll be back when i can actually install the game... *sigh*
  6. Oniisan

    Guess i'll forever be a lurker here since I can't download the full client. Sad life...
  7. Oniisan

    UPDATE: I tried to download the full client since i wrote this post. I slept while downloading. Unfortunately, it issued a network error along the way. Also, it's really hard to tough it up with very slow DL speed. I tested it with other things, and I assure you that my internet is not the problem. I just cant download it to the point of almost an impossibility at this point. hope someone could help. Establishing a better download source or a torrent source works too. Please, help. I really wanna play here
  8. Oniisan

    hi guys. i really plan to play in this server. I really do. However, so far, there's no lite client. Also, downloading everything is just awful for me since it wont even download properly. please, help me since I really wanna play badly. If the gods decide to let me download the full installer or if the admin somehow releases a lite installer, I will gladly donate for the good of this server. I hope this server will be a great one. :)