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  1. Cicatrix

    Keep it as it is. grind harder.
  2. Cicatrix

    Hi there!
  3. Cicatrix

    Why hello there and welcome to the server!
  4. Cicatrix

    Some + Giant Axe or Hurricane Fury with Zipper Bear 😮
  5. Cicatrix

    Sorry to butt in - is Porcellio, DT with variant shoes better than the hunter card set? cause right now I'm on hunter card set what should I be aiming for next?
  6. Cicatrix

    It causes problem when you have 2 or more clients open.
  7. Cicatrix

    Thanks bunch. Pretty awesome that DS is still alive and kicking.
  8. Cicatrix

    +1. This would be very very helpful.
  9. Cicatrix

    Hey y'all. I'm a few months late. But I've played all previous Daifu or Nihad server. Glad to join the wagon again! :D Or... Am I too late for this server again? :[