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  1. Cicatrix

    Hi there!
  2. Cicatrix

    Thanks all. I'll try to get some elemental bows and prolly a compo too.
  3. Cicatrix

    @Hatred Yeah saw 'em already. thanks for that! let me try and farm a little more for the helm 😧 @Energizer Thanks for the equipment tip. how bout alternative for Bow? Since I really don't have any Prof to dual with. or having a prof is mandatory here?
  4. Cicatrix

    Thanks for all the input. @Energizer I'm on 187 max 😞 @Reality I'm prolly planning more of auto-hit and Double Strafe than SS. So changing to Hawk Eye and FWM would still be better? I thought having what I have for mid and lower was the best since I need DEX to increase my damage. I do have a little feather hat ready although I'm not really a fan of SS 😞 Basically I should just disregard the Archer Card Set and go with Porcellio? @Hatred Is that already available here? Since I see that the stats will be given out when blvl is 150.
  5. Cicatrix

    Hello! So I've been with the server for a few weeks now, and I've finally finished gearing up my Sniper. I actually don't know if I did my sniper right or what. please help me to improve my little collector. So, here's my current equipment and will gladly take some advise on what to get next and whatnot. Thankies! PS: I'm more focused for General PvM and DS // PPS: I also have Water/Wind Monster Race Element Falken Bow 😮
  6. Cicatrix

    Why hello there and welcome to the server!
  7. Cicatrix

    Try using the proxy server. that might help.
  8. Cicatrix

    Some + Giant Axe or Hurricane Fury with Zipper Bear 😮
  9. Cicatrix

    Sorry to butt in - is Porcellio, DT with variant shoes better than the hunter card set? cause right now I'm on hunter card set what should I be aiming for next?
  10. Cicatrix

    It causes problem when you have 2 or more clients open.
  11. Cicatrix

    Thanks bunch. Pretty awesome that DS is still alive and kicking.
  12. Cicatrix

    👏 Job well done!
  13. Cicatrix

    +1. This would be very very helpful.
  14. Cicatrix

    Hey y'all. I'm a few months late. But I've played all previous Daifu or Nihad server. Glad to join the wagon again! :D Or... Am I too late for this server again? :[