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  1. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    +1, could just attach a zeny cost to the conversion too
  2. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Melon sounds familiar
  3. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

  4. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Friendly MBK and Provoke may also mean that HWs might actually hurt in BG as well, which is about damn time. +1
  5. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Champs will enjoy a massive stat increase since they eat pretty much almost every food, and while I don't hate the class nearly enough to think that the idea of more champions in BG having an extra 3 to every stat will make me quit the game, can't really say the same for other people. @Daifukuif the Card Exchanger is going to start selling consumables, +10 food packs might be a good start. Neutral on weight changes
  6. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    +1 for slots, A 4 slotted Rifle, Revolver and a 3 slotted Thunder-P-like shotgun would be nice, for statusing purposes. -1 on self-buff changes. With the Coin changes on the server, refreshing buffs isn't nearly even half a pain as it used to be, and any seasoned Gunslinger who still plays this game has probably already been abusing Adjustment to cancel Madness Canceller. While a buff uptime extension wouldn't hurt, it's not necessary at all. +1 on mine extension. It's a level 10 skill and only gets +3 seconds of lifetime per level, completely ridiculous. Even with the trap treatment it'd still only last 90 seconds, and thats assuming one even has the skill points to max the skill... or even has a reason to use gunslinger mine in the first place. Neutral on adding a slot. While it'd be nice considering how much the headgear costs, it's already pretty loaded with stats as it is. If Gunslinger will get to enjoy +50% Stun resistance from wearing Valkyrian Armour anytime soon, then +1 to allow 90 AGI builds to get 100% Stun resist. Neutral on Piercing Shot damage buff. It'd still be garbage unfortunately. -1 on Rapid Shower buff. 2 other valid Gunslinger ranged DPS skills with actual drawbacks exist, Rapid Shower is the most undeserving among them to get a buff. +1 on ranged resistance, but only if the equipped weapon is a Revolver. Desperado puts the Gunslinger within suicidal range, especially when it deals more hits the closer its targets are to the caster. Frilldora speed potting and Rush portal camping is dead, and people actually use potions now - if a Gunslinger has to run into a mob with its gun hanging out, it should probably at least get to live to fire a shot or two before dying or realizing that it was standing on an LP the whole time.
  7. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    There's nothing really wrong with all of these, unless you're a Champion concerned about not being able to kill a ranked Taekwon. Ninja won't be magically become relevant or saved when all of their skills put them within Dispell range anyway and they don't have a Link to make them immune to it. It matters little if they get instant cast a bit easier or can finally avoid being stun locked by a random Gypsy. Well it'd prob be a good -1 if you're a champion who doesn't like fighting Ninja I guess. Black Tail Ribbon is crap here, so it's a little difficult for Soul Linkers to wear Marc + double gemini to avoid their stupid BG set turning to ghost. Some alternative garment+footgear+armour sets that can accommodate ED might be nice.
  8. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    +1 its a cute headgear and the elemental sword bolts dont multiply when dual-wielded by SinX anymore anyway so it's not OP.
  9. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    I dunno. Maybe some profs still feel that taking away the skill that the Stalker builds around for the rest of a BG match is perfectly valid. Maybe some Stalker purists think that losing your Plagiarized skill doesn't mean you're useless because you can still like, idk run in and try to strip or ecall or whatever before failing spectacularly and dying, for whatever's that worth. Maybe magic stalkers were supposed to be like versatile or something, and make do with whatever skill you end up with - you know like one of them unpredictable unorthodox trickster class archtypes. Or something. Yeah I know, it's 2018. And what do I know about Stalkers? Probably not a whole lot, despite them being one of my most used BG classes in previous servers. +1 from me to either making Preserve undispellable or this For the prof mains who still want to continue trolling unlinked Stalkers.
  10. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Oh don't worry it wasn't sarcastic or anything. One of your screenshots had a Stalker with Cold Bolt, that spell was the shit with Elemental Sword and bragi back on other servers.
  11. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Cold Bolt on Stalker? We got a rogue of culture here I see
  12. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Regarding the first point, I'd much rather that PvP-related deaths(and perhaps deaths as a whole) not affect the death record's stat bonus. Sure, magic builds may be hindered by the +10 VIT bonus but those builds weren't going to live very long anyway. +1 to Super Novice Link inside BG. Even if their broken equipment is fixed by the healer at respawn, they wouldn't be able to reequip it without being Linked again after all. With regards to equipment tailored to Super Novices, I'm all for that, preferably ones that also feature the one perk of the already existing SN equipment(20 MDEF and good elemental resist).
  13. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Even with the Ascenstion Staff(should that even be used as a comparison lel), ME still doesn't come particularly close to dealing damage as well and as quickly as SG(3sec vs 0.5sec repeat rate). I'm more concerned about whether or not people would actually bother slotting this, since it's meh with or without the Holy Stick combo.
  14. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Preliminary Priority Rating: Low - Nobody plays this shitty class. This is more a change for the Super Novice class than anything else. On other servers where the weapon was level 4, it was the weapon of choice for bolter Super Novices(they can equip any level 4 one-handed sword, one-handed axe, staff and mace).
  15. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=5765 Black Tailed Ribbon, please add this as a quest with the Yellow Ribbon from Hersir's Crate as an ingredient. Helps a lot with people unfortunate enough to have unboxed a Yellow Ribbon, and makes double Gemini builds more viable. Some folks might recall another cough midrate that had glorious gears, beach sets the like along with BTR and might fear that people with BTR and full ranged reducts might become magically unkillable from 5% more neutral reduct or something, but idk if people do remember that said server had hard delays on like every damage skill in the first place.