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  1. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Linked Paladins farm very well with Shield Boomerang and Link, arguably better than Snipers in many cases because they roam faster. Gunslingers still use the Soldier Revolver from BG because of its 100% ASPD proc that beats any DPS you can get from a carded Western Outlaw. And if you're not camping DB/houses with Desperado+Bragi(which is quite limited to begin with because of MVPs using LP), your Gunslinger has little business being in PvE anyway. Fortune Sword and Wizardry/Soul Staves are all valid and accessible options for Soul Linker, but a Survivor's Rod gets the job done. Prior to getting my +7 Parasol I was using a Fortune Sword myself, while my friend sticks to a +10 Soul Staff for the cast boost that affects Kaizel.
  2. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    The Soul Parasol actually DOES already autospell the user's learnt level of Esma(up to +7) on casting Estin/Estun, but only when the weapon itself is refined to +7. I have one and use it for an AGI+INT Esma build with good FLEE and 183 ASPD. But yes the description doesn't mention it. I'll forward the description error.
  3. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    +1, could just attach a zeny cost to the conversion too
  4. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Melon sounds familiar
  5. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

  6. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Friendly MBK and Provoke may also mean that HWs might actually hurt in BG as well, which is about damn time. +1
  7. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    Champs will enjoy a massive stat increase since they eat pretty much almost every food, and while I don't hate the class nearly enough to think that the idea of more champions in BG having an extra 3 to every stat will make me quit the game, can't really say the same for other people. @Daifukuif the Card Exchanger is going to start selling consumables, +10 food packs might be a good start. Neutral on weight changes
  8. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    +1 for slots, A 4 slotted Rifle, Revolver and a 3 slotted Thunder-P-like shotgun would be nice, for statusing purposes. -1 on self-buff changes. With the Coin changes on the server, refreshing buffs isn't nearly even half a pain as it used to be, and any seasoned Gunslinger who still plays this game has probably already been abusing Adjustment to cancel Madness Canceller. While a buff uptime extension wouldn't hurt, it's not necessary at all. +1 on mine extension. It's a level 10 skill and only gets +3 seconds of lifetime per level, completely ridiculous. Even with the trap treatment it'd still only last 90 seconds, and thats assuming one even has the skill points to max the skill... or even has a reason to use gunslinger mine in the first place. Neutral on adding a slot. While it'd be nice considering how much the headgear costs, it's already pretty loaded with stats as it is. If Gunslinger will get to enjoy +50% Stun resistance from wearing Valkyrian Armour anytime soon, then +1 to allow 90 AGI builds to get 100% Stun resist. Neutral on Piercing Shot damage buff. It'd still be garbage unfortunately. -1 on Rapid Shower buff. 2 other valid Gunslinger ranged DPS skills with actual drawbacks exist, Rapid Shower is the most undeserving among them to get a buff. +1 on ranged resistance, but only if the equipped weapon is a Revolver. Desperado puts the Gunslinger within suicidal range, especially when it deals more hits the closer its targets are to the caster. Frilldora speed potting and Rush portal camping is dead, and people actually use potions now - if a Gunslinger has to run into a mob with its gun hanging out, it should probably at least get to live to fire a shot or two before dying or realizing that it was standing on an LP the whole time.
  9. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    There's nothing really wrong with all of these, unless you're a Champion concerned about not being able to kill a ranked Taekwon. Ninja won't be magically become relevant or saved when all of their skills put them within Dispell range anyway and they don't have a Link to make them immune to it. It matters little if they get instant cast a bit easier or can finally avoid being stun locked by a random Gypsy. Well it'd prob be a good -1 if you're a champion who doesn't like fighting Ninja I guess. Black Tail Ribbon is crap here, so it's a little difficult for Soul Linkers to wear Marc + double gemini to avoid their stupid BG set turning to ghost. Some alternative garment+footgear+armour sets that can accommodate ED might be nice.
  10. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    I'm nobody. Just a useless leech in BG. Still waiting for the long-awaited 2k18 return™
  11. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    kirby sucks is dead
  12. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    guess I should start huh. I'll post what little I've seen of Battlegrounds. Might come back to update this one day. Lord Knight: The two or so LKs who actually bothered to make the Master revival 1h sword prob at least know what they're doing, and they seem to actually kill shit even if they dont have the 20-odd k or so HP you'd expect from a LK. Paladin: That one pally with that oriental sounding name, thanks for devoing without a 2 year cast time. Mina probably deserves an honourable mention, somehow persevering through all the "friendly" LPs and Dispells from profs on her team to stand still and grand cross, killing people as many times as she herself has been killed. High Wizard: sorry, none worth mentioning at this point in time. Professor: As long as your name isnt kyra lyn or something, you're probably in the running for a good prof Sniper: That Sniper with that brown dye. Good job on actually hotkeying FAS and a shield. Clown: macdonald and that one other clown that keeps breaking my shit, thanks for actually adding INT and using a proper build Gypsy: who High Priest: forgot his name Champion: theres prob like 2 or so champs that stand out somewhat, but regrettably I've also forgotten their names. Whitesmith: who Biochemist: who's that one chem that can actually kill me? You know who you are, and good job on knowing how to use FCP. Assassin Cross: none of the few that decided that they can play without their invisibility crutch in a BG full of boxes of sunlight seem to have stuck around for long enough. Stalker: The Stalker with the nice red-gold dye and can't seem to decide which ninja skill to use. I suggest you stay with kamaitachi and lightning spear tbh, crimson petals are pretty ass even against ED imo. Soul Linker: I'm still not sure whether or not to take Yellow Ranger seriously. Super Novice: Whats a super novice Gunslinger: there's 2 gunslingers with the tactical visor and a grenade launcher running around in BG I believe. Keep abusing that 100% damage increase with the newly-buffed 16 cell cast range and 600 ATK weapon guys, its been a fun break seeing a gunslinger actually killing something instead of the other way around for once. Ninja: Every Ninja that has shown up in Battlegrounds thus far is absolute garbage. That includes you Brandon. Taekwonwat: ??
  13. It's been 4 years... Post your subjective opinions on who you think is the best of each class or at least worthy of some mention, which is probably yourself or your bestest friend. Thread idea not stolen from previous servers. This is intended to spark healthy and sophisticated discussion and debate among the high IQ crowd here. May move to Off Topic depending on how this turns out Here's a lil list of classes in case you forgot how many there were, and how many of those were relevant. You might also wanna clarify in which area your nominations are in, be it WoE, buttlegrounds, that room where the same old people run into and try to kill each other or even your PvM mast3rino 2D.5 monster hunter MVP memes. Lord Knight Paladin High Wizard Professor Sniper Clown/Gypsy High Priest Champion Whitesmith Creator Assassin Cross Stalker Super Novice Gunslinger Ninja Soul Linker Taekwon Master/Ranker
  14. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    +1 its a cute headgear and the elemental sword bolts dont multiply when dual-wielded by SinX anymore anyway so it's not OP.
  15. Tenko天狐/Amistyrja

    I dunno. Maybe some profs still feel that taking away the skill that the Stalker builds around for the rest of a BG match is perfectly valid. Maybe some Stalker purists think that losing your Plagiarized skill doesn't mean you're useless because you can still like, idk run in and try to strip or ecall or whatever before failing spectacularly and dying, for whatever's that worth. Maybe magic stalkers were supposed to be like versatile or something, and make do with whatever skill you end up with - you know like one of them unpredictable unorthodox trickster class archtypes. Or something. Yeah I know, it's 2018. And what do I know about Stalkers? Probably not a whole lot, despite them being one of my most used BG classes in previous servers. +1 from me to either making Preserve undispellable or this For the prof mains who still want to continue trolling unlinked Stalkers.