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  1. Elesh Norn

    EH??? yo HED!
  2. same here... just open 10 taming boxes right now and nothing new as well.
  3. hmmm if i recall it right, bonus stats/effect are triggered upon reaching last 2 intimacy level of pet. thats what i recall regarding the pets. By the way? i saw the changelog including updating the pet lua? so there are new pet headgears now?
  4. GUILTY!!!! i forgot to update this! Indeed this! I agree. Plus I hope that there will be other means to gain Badges and other stuffs. because as of the moment most of the BG caters to well geared and newbies tend to get a lot of scolding and maltreatment from core players for performing poorly due to insufficient items/gears. I hope the server can manage to offer feature that can cater to newbies to the server and to the game. ------------------------------------------------ @thread please return the rate for obtaining 500gold coin in gold rush. IM SURE IT HAS BEEN NERFED~~~~ please return it to its usual rate. gold coin counts now are dropping and most of them who has it are hogging them due low chance of obtaining it thru gold rush. I just hope theres a mean to get numbers for this aside doing questboards and doing rebirths. PLEASE!
  5. Elesh Norn

    Will update maybe tommorow... Cuz right now... I need some of this.
  6. Elesh Norn

    Weekend Music Mode! Just missin' the old days RO music, By the way guys, don't forget to join some of our forums events.
  7. Elesh Norn

    [ Huntin at Kiel Dungeon 3 ] [ Turtle Island Experience ]
  8. ELESH NORN's CORNER Hello, Elesh Norn here, just making a thread due to boredom. contents will be regarding my day to day Ragnaclan experience, alone and with other players. I will update it from time to time when I have vacant time from work. --------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Rare Loot ]
  9. Elesh Norn

    A linker with a starting linkers buff is a different story as well Mina-Chan, you should consider that as well...
  10. Elesh Norn

    use the guild dungeon pass (200 warbadge) and you will have 12 hrs access to all guild dungeon listed on the warper.
  11. Elesh Norn

    Reality it is still over millions chances which really will take a lot of time, and I do agree with the re-evaluation. I don't even expect anything much, out of this even't because, first lottery box drop by chances, second the numbers tend to stacked and third its 1 entry per ACCOUNT. if only it was 1 entry per character then hunting and putting up certain combinations would be fun. I judge this event impossible. though thing is at least they put in cool costume for the players without houses to be able to join the other event.
  12. Elesh Norn

    i replace the lua. still the same. BGM resets to zero everytime. 😞 dunno with vandroiy
  13. Elesh Norn

    Cap't Elesh Summer Adventure ! [ Sailing.... Alone ] [ Looking for Treasure... Alone ] [ FOREVER Alone... ] [ FOREVER Alone.... with someone ] Few weeks later while waiting for maintenance :)
  14. Elesh Norn

    Neat stuffs you got here! beautifully done!