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  1. Elesh Norn

    how bout tryna put the slotted one in one of the mini boss mobs at higher rate compared to the mobs, but not to the point that its 20% drop chance. maybe 5% chance drop rate. mini boss e.g. a tendrillionor Zealotus just a recommendation.
  2. Elesh Norn

    u double click on the guild dungeon pass. and will activate your 24hr access to guild dungeons.
  3. Elesh Norn

    Yes please.
  4. Elesh Norn

    Give my +1 to this! New players deserve to have tleast the gold coin and warbadges for them to freely join BG and do their quest hats or gold rush. Id also recommend to put in one "rental all in one ring Box" for the newbie. help them teleport and farm for their needs. also 10 gold tleast. for them to sell and buy stuffs at vend area.
  5. Elesh Norn

    EH??? yo HED!
  6. Elesh Norn

    Will update maybe tommorow... Cuz right now... I need some of this.
  7. Elesh Norn

    Weekend Music Mode! Just missin' the old days RO music, By the way guys, don't forget to join some of our forums events.
  8. Elesh Norn

    [ Huntin at Kiel Dungeon 3 ] [ Turtle Island Experience ]
  9. ELESH NORN's CORNER Hello, Elesh Norn here, just making a thread due to boredom. contents will be regarding my day to day Ragnaclan experience, alone and with other players. I will update it from time to time when I have vacant time from work. --------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Rare Loot ]
  10. Elesh Norn

    Reality it is still over millions chances which really will take a lot of time, and I do agree with the re-evaluation. I don't even expect anything much, out of this even't because, first lottery box drop by chances, second the numbers tend to stacked and third its 1 entry per ACCOUNT. if only it was 1 entry per character then hunting and putting up certain combinations would be fun. I judge this event impossible. though thing is at least they put in cool costume for the players without houses to be able to join the other event.
  11. Elesh Norn

    i replace the lua. still the same. BGM resets to zero everytime. 😞 dunno with vandroiy
  12. Elesh Norn

    Cap't Elesh Summer Adventure ! [ Sailing.... Alone ] [ Looking for Treasure... Alone ] [ FOREVER Alone... ] [ FOREVER Alone.... with someone ] Few weeks later while waiting for maintenance :)
  13. Elesh Norn

    Neat stuffs you got here! beautifully done!
  14. Elesh Norn

    @basealan Can i ask for permission to use your video as material for the video making event in the forums. Please.