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  1. B>7k cp or Usapoyn Cap!!!! Need 2 pcs! Leave demands and offer!
  2. Im Buying Cashpoints. need 7k worth. also Warbadge 7,000 z/pc Need Many. 10,000 pcs of warbadge. Please leave an offer here or give me a private message for offers. I will buy once latest march patch be implemented.
  3. THANK YOU! appreciate the reply. was actually waiting for it earlier in ragnaclan site. since usually its being updated there once patch is already is available. :)
  4. ermmm okay. Setting this topic aside, still no update for the changelogs?
  5. +1 to the thread starter! agree with all the idea. I'd like to add up and suggest an hourly rewarding system. not the daily attendance, because for one, the reward in the daily sucks. to be honest, in my opinion and most of the players, it's not even worth. some rewards render useless and can't be use. just another slot taker in the storage/inventory what I mean by hourly reward basis. happens per day the more you attend with your char without logging off the more reward you take. e.g. 30mins logged --- 10 gold coin 1hr logged --- reward 2hrs logged --- reward 4hrs logged --- reward 8hrs logged --- reward 16hrs logged --- reward 24hrs logged --- reward Of course this excludes vending characters. And yes I am aware that this can be exploited by multiple logged but hey tleast we got the numbers of logged players and account on basis. of course the whole idea will be claim basis so player don't have to miss the whole damn thing. ========================================================================= Based on the previous suggetion, I'd say make an timely basis event. Like that of the Drake NPC quest during holloween. that way the questor will have to stay logged and keep on tracking the npc. this way there won't be a increase in numbers in the costume headgears being made or obtain. (e.g. event mob balloon poring thingy dropping costume in high drop rate) Thus rendering the event costume of no value. and P.S. Please! don't make tedious quest for a freakin not worth costumes headgers. one great example for this is the cupid quest, the quest was hard and the reward was so discouraging.
  6. No wonder everything moved an hour early. Thanks for this.
  7. No wonder everything moved an hour early. Thanks for this.
  8. Well its not exactly the weapon evolution i expected but this seems nice! Plus finally putting a good use for the blacksmith ranking system. Boredom level 89% dropped to 0%. Thanks for this update Can add up: Valkyrie Shield [1] --- Warbadge --- Sacred Mission [0]---- Elunium 50 ---- Valhalla's flower 3x ----- 1,000,000 ---- 120 warbadge Hope others can comment some recommendations as well. -my reasons: to have use for boss drops etc loots e.g. rosetta stone ( mothers nightmare (maya) valhalla's flower(valk) ant jaw (Phreeoni) gemstones (tao gunka) skeletal armor piece (thanatos) union of tribe (Tgen) fragment of darkness (dg loots) crystal of darkness (dg loots)
  9. Grats to all! continue voting u guys!
  10. What I see is a Creo who specialist in AD..... APPLE DEMO!! P.S. Please do tell me Molly if its fixed already!!!
  11. How I wish They CAN implement item evolution concept in this game of course by means quest customizations. Requiring tons of loots farming and attendance/gold points needed. This way we can manage to keep the numbers of logged player high. Just an example: (doesnt really needed to be implemented) could also apply on headgear and armors as well though. and put the fact that since this will require tons of materials. have the material's weight needed be altered. b'coz tbh, server event lately has been a bit dull and boring (NO OFFENSE). Every recent patch, once the quest is done, players are like meh what's next to do? nothing much to do more, just log out and rather sleep.
  12. well yeah for some wish they weren't just costumes but rather real items with effect.
  13. I think i saw Champ mico or nico wearing this one. better ask him if u see him park in pront.
  14. I usually encounter this crash when doing asura and accidentally still attack the target doing triple atk. And like Ria it occasionally occurs when im multiple clienting.