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  1. Nihad

    I find it incredibly difficult to believe 4 arrow showers can be done in 1 second without the use of some sort of NDL. I will gladly adjust the delay rate if evidence can be provided. On the other hand just because it's obvious doesn't mean people report it, and then when they do, they want a GM to babysit the player and catch them in the act. Prevention is always the better method.
  2. Nihad

    Just a quick little update, some skill hard delay adjustments may be made in the next few days based on player comments. Those will b posted here as well. Skill modifications: Removing hard delay from endure BG gems will no longer be use-able to summon MvPs inside houses Devil Square: Removed MvP Drops from the Bio 3 MvPs Replaced the 2 OCAs obtained from completing the second portion with a random +10 stat food Other edits: Adding the missing revival weapons to donation shop Moved them over from rental to main to avoid confusion Blocked the use of teleport in Wolfchev instance All GMs have the ability to make players adopt a child, so if you want to adopt someone contact any GM in game and have them use the @adopt command on you Made KoE start 5 minutes later so it does not overlap with Gold Rush BG Adding Rush mode to rotation
  3. Nihad

    Some small fixes and adjustments applied today. Fixed the Soul Parasol permanent link. It should now work properly. Reduced the Franziska base attack by 30 and increased the throw tomahawk skill delay to .5s. Removed CT cooldown since the sprite cooldown is lower than the base server skill cooldown, so ndl has no impact on it. These fixes and changes are already applied on the main server.
  4. Nihad

    I have fixed gospel not working. Endure will require a source edit to add it as an exception to the hard delays. For the time being however I have reduced its cooldown to 1 seconds so it's use-able.
  5. Nihad

    You will find the item back in your inventory.
  6. Nihad

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! Hello everyone. Apologies for the delayed update, in case you didn't hear I had some big real life events to take care of. Thanks for all the messages on discord, came home to a flood of messages, not sure who let the cat out of the bag. Anyway I'm wrapping everything up so I can do the update tonight. Here is a list of changes that are already finished, there will be more. Skills Modifications: Added skill delays on the server side so even if people bypass gepard they cannot abuse with NDL These are my old delays from eathena, they are custom made so please let us know if any need to be adjusted. We used these in our instant WoE and some people said they were a bit weird, but that could be because they are used to using nodelay.grf, but yeah we will adjust any if they need to be adjusted NPC Modifications: Added the donation costumes to the preview NPC Event Modifications: Added 5 more monsters to the last wave of DS Made the boss monster of the last wave be a random LHZ3 MvP instead of always High Wiz Removed March starter + loyalty packs Added April Starter Pack bubble gum Bow_Mercenary_Scroll7 SwordMercenary_Scroll7 SpearMercenary_Scroll7 10x Mercenary_Red_Potion 10x token of sieg 50% battle manual 10x gold coin Item Modifications: Fixed ascension staff resurrection buffs Ghostring blocked in WoE - requested by participating guilds New Master Revival Weapon "A massive axe blessed by mischievous wind sprites.", "When thrown, this axe will always strike the target.", "Simply carrying it boosts the user’s vigor, making them feel light as a feather.", "Cart Termination Damage +10%", "Ranged Resistance 5%, with +1% per refine, up to +7.", "ASPD +10% with an additional 1% per refine, up to +7. (Axes have very low base ASPD.)", "+350 HP per refine, up to +7.", "Allows use of Throw Tomahawk.", "Throw Tomahawk damage +50% per refine, up to +7.", "When using 'Throw Tomahawk', autocast lvl 3 NPC_Lick at 100% chance. (Result - 10% of SP + 100 flat SP damage, with a chance to stun)", "When using skill Cart Boost, grant Increase Agility effect on use (refine level +3, up to +7).", "Class:^6666CC One-Handed Axe^000000", "Attack:^CC0000 275^000000", "Weight:^009900 0^000000", "Weapon Level:^009900 4^000000", "Level Requirement:^009900 90^000000", "Jobs:^6666CC Blacksmith^000000" Other Modifications: Added some commands for support GMs so they can help out in catching dual client users in DS and BG There was a topic recently that we implement things without giving you a chance to comment on them. Sometimes we rush things out since there is a high demand for content. But we definitely can give you a better heads up when it comes to things like this. So I will at least give you guys a small bit of time for this one, and more time for future updates. This one just happened to work out this way due to my situation.
  7. Nihad

    I will re-check the logs with the new info in mind. I remember seeing something with a fly wing prior but I cannot remember in detail. The system may have actually just consumed the fly wing for some reason, but I will need to recheck and if this is the case we will need to take another look at the infinite item system.
  8. Nihad

    Thanks for the reports guys. We have a staff sheet where we mark off any hats we implement, however for some reason these hats weren't listed as already being added. Will make adjustments on Thursday.
  9. Nihad

    So I assume your character is Lanie The fly wing was traded to MaeVix18 at 2018-04-03 08:38:22 server time Item is still there. Maybe you traded it by accident. But seems unlikely since the trade only included that 1 item and nothing else. Would be nice to get MaeVix to reply here so we can get more info.
  10. Nihad

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 8 Aprill 2018. Exact time is unknown. Devil Square Updates: Added 3 new waves if the first 3 waves are finished in under 15 minutes When you finish the first 3 waves you will be able to claim your prize like normal The next 3 waves are significantly different from how DS is set up right now If you manage to finish the 3 new waves, you will be able to claim another set of the rewards Master Revival Weapons: Modification to Grand Cross of Darkness Reduced the chance to cast Dark Grand Cross from 100% to 53% Increased the skill level from 2 to 6 https://irowiki.org/wiki/NPC_GRANDDARKNESS By using these damage calculations the damage is roughly the same, but people will suffer 50% less from lag from the skill and hitlock. It is important to note that the damage has a bigger range now since its a % and higher skill level. So sometimes you will do a bit more damage than before and sometimes you will do less. We will see what impact this has on the item before deciding on more drastic changes. Added Soul Parasol [2] ( Soul Linker Only ) A parasol that has seen better days. While not exactly the best for keeping rain off its master’s back, it is nevertheless haunted by a strong youkai. Rumor has it that merely possessing such an entity will strengthen existing bonds with spirits, allowing them to shield the bearer and lash out at his enemies. Oddly enough, it also seems to have a penchant for scaring people by moving occasionally. A staff that possesses holy force and holds bright sunshine in it. +5 INT/AGI +25% MATK, +1% MATK per refine (up to +7) Unbreakable Weapon Gives the use of Napalm Vulcan If at +7, allows the use of Magic Crasher Adds +1% neutral resistance per refine up to +7. HP +200 per refine level of item, up to +7. Confers Permanent SL status when worn. Class: One-Handed Staff Attack: 60 Clan Mercenary System: Moved all the official mercenary NPCs to our clan group Mercenary stats will remain on default settings Mercenary level and Zeny requirements will remain on default settings Mercenary costs and requirements up to level 6 remain on default settings Mercenary level 7 will cost an additional 1 Clan Point Mercenary level 7 loyalty requirement reduced from 50 to 45 Mercenary level 8 will cost an additional 5 Clan Points Mercenary level 8 loyalty requirement reduced from 100 to 90 Mercenary level 9 will cost an additional 10 Clan Points Mercenary level 9 loyalty requirement reduced from 300 to 180 Mercenary level 10 will not cost any additional Clan Points Mercenary level 10 loyalty requirement reduced from 500 to 180 Mercenary level 10 loyalty cost reduced from 360 to 80 If people start using mercenaries more because they are easier to get, we will look into adding more in the future. I have also considered adding longer contracts that cost significantly more for the higher level mercenaries. So instead of only having them for 30 mins, perhaps allowing to get them for a few hours. It is my understanding that most people don't use mercenaries because they either don't know about them or don't know their value. But with our revival system, they make all the sense in the world since they allow you to blast through the early levels. We can also give these to newbies so they can get a bit of help when starting out. Donation Costume Rotation: Voting Costume Additions: PvP Costume Additions: Other Updates: Fixed fishing in houses so people can unlock level 2 and 3 fishing Fixed Eden mission 86-90 cooldowns Made the potions PvP room as the first option Added the following cards to OCA
  11. Nihad

    I'll reply once I have had a chance t check the logs
  12. Or keep the big party limit and just people be aware not to open party window in DS. It will really depend what you guys want.
  13. Nihad

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 04 March 2018 __________________________________________________ EVENTS: Info: CNY and Valentines Events ended __________________________________________________ 2018.03.04 UPDATES: NPC Updates/Fixes: Added an Invasion NPC for GMs to use to trigger MvP events Added a new command with limited monster options for event GMs to summon monsters Added no EXP Penalty mapflag to Devil Square and fixed some typos Devil Square will auto end if the next round is about to start There will be a 5 player limit per guild in KoE, as the guilds grow the allowed player count will increase Master Revival Shop new Weapon Grand Cross of Darkness With every revival, you lose a piece of yourself, and the shadows around you get stronger. When swinging this weapon, the darkness explodes, mimicking your actions and amplifying your attacks… but at what price? +5 STR, +5 AGI +7 MATK per refine, up to +7. +1 Int per refine -2, up to +7. When using skill Holy Cross auto-cast Dark Cross at learned level of Holy Cross. If Holy Cross is mastered, ASPD +30%. When using skill Grand Cross, auto-cast Grand Cross of Darkness at learned level of Grand Cross. If Grand Cross is mastered, increase resistance to dark damage by 15%. Class: 1-Handed Spear Attack: 200 Weight: 350 Weapon Level: 4 Element: Neutral Level Requirement: 80 Jobs: Crusader Added more quests to lvl 91-99 Eden Nightmare Minorous Flame Skull Added 5 new quest headgears: Duneyrr Hat Eye of Juno Lion Mask Ref Flower Hairband Twin Red Ribbon NEW Auto-Event: Poring Catcher has been added to the Auto-event rotation. Make sure your announcement for Poring Catcher is on. check your @settings > Announcement Settings Command Updates/Fixes: Refresh has a 1 second delay now Item Updates/Fixes: Targeting Visor double attack fixed Targeting Visor crit rate boost will now only affect rifles Added Gunslinger elemental bullets and cartridges to Ammunition Shop Updated tradeflags for Bandit Hat Skill Updates/Fixes: Gunslinger Snake Eyes will now boost the range of the following skills Tracking Bullseye Triple Action Misc Updates/Fixes: Added Item Restrictions to Event Maps Speed items/resurrection items are disabled in some event maps
  14. Nihad

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 25 February 2018 __________________________________________________ EVENTS: Info: CNY and Valentines Events will end 2018.03.01 at 5PM servertime. No restart will happen, scripts will just be unloaded. __________________________________________________ 2018.02.25 UPDATES: NPC Updates/Fixes: Added Devil Square event on a set schedule: 00:15, 04:15, 08:15, 12:15, 16:15 and 20:15 Rewards for winning are: Huskarl Crate Old Card Album Token Of Siegfried 1 Clan Point Administrator Michael (@go clan) won't keep asking you to get supplies unless you have the quest started. Fixed announcement settings NPC so it does not turn off/on other settings besides the one you selected. If you had made changes to announcement settings in the last 2 weeks, it would be a good idea just to re-toggle all of them to reset their positions. Daily Rewards NPC fixed. After 28 days of claiming talk to the NPC again to reset the counter. Eden Missions 91-99 Modifications If you are a maxed level, you will no longer get exp rewards, rather you will get an extra gold coin per mission Re-Organized the missions so there is less clicking We have added the following missions to allow you to farm gold coins and get some exp Kill 100 Zerom Kill 100 Matyr Kill 100 Red Novus Kill 100 Sting Kill 30 Kasa Kill 30 Bow Guardians Kill 10 Skogul ( The less often summoned ones) Once you have reached max carrying capacity and you have extra Gym Passes, Ripper will offer to trade you 30 Gold Coins per Gym Pass BG weapon enchanter script modified so that the Zeny is deducted at same time as the item is gotten. Will prevent Zeny loss in case you lose connection before finishing the enchantment Command Updates/Fixes: Fixed party info command not displaying full list of party members. Restock command has been further improved. The double restock bug will no longer happen More preventive measures were put in place to prevent the server crash caused by restock. Keep in mind we cannot 100% reproduce this bug, we also had dozens of players throughout the week jump on the test server to help. So these fixes are simply being done as a process of elimination as to what could be the cause. Item Updates/Fixes: Fixed Donut in Mouth description to include the 1 Def. Fixed platinum shield to use level 7 reflect instead of level 2 it has been using. Fixed Hela's whip to actually cast stone curse, that part of the script was broken Misc Updates/Fixes: Splendide now marked as a town. You can use commands like @joinbg from now on. Updated website item database so when you go into your character or storage you can see custom items Clarifications: Players were concerned that Kasa were dealing more damage and ignoring Resist. We spent a considerable amount of time testing this and found no supporting evidence for this. Players might be confused because Kasa has Firebolt and Spiral Pierce skills. Fire resist gears will not help you when Kasa uses Spiral Pierce, which is where we feel players may have gotten confused. Widestun in LHZ3? No, this is actually the whitesmith mini-boss doing Hammer Fall. His range for the skill is 14 cells in each direction. Random skills? Once again no. Not too long ago we enabled pet skills. Some of these are not common knowledge and for event mobs the info is hard to find or not available at all. We will be editing the pet egg descriptions to include their skills.
  15. Nihad

    Server is now back up. The issues have been resolved and cleaned. You will notice that storage has been reduced down to 900. For those 20 or so players that had above 900 items in your storage, do not worry they are not lost. Just take out some items from your storage and relog. Your stored items are still there you just cannot see them until you make room for them to be seen. Storage above 900 was causing some serious issues that we had to deal with right away. Thanks to the players for the quick reports we didn't have any major issues. The entire database was scanned and cleaned without any need for rollbacks or storage cleaning. We apologize to everyone for the downtime and appreciate your patience and support.