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  1. GM dai.. updates for the events.. voting/summer screenshot and like n share.. 😍
  2. as far as my memory remembers gm shou said it will be put in different something.. maybe he will not put it on the taming set.. but i'm hoping not.. coz i already stack up some taming set..
  3. does it give hidden stats when they equip with their own acce? i didn't know that..
  4. thats y i dont get 500gc anymore in grush.. >.< 🙃 😣🤬
  5. Hatred

    update for the June winners.. 😒
  6. Hatred

    or you can collect the elemental bows like gust,frozen,burning and earth bow, and make captain planet save the world. 😂😎
  7. Hatred

    yup its available check on the cash shop, they modified it, 😎
  8. Hatred

    Reality is right FWM, Hawk Eyes and Dvest set to upgrade your equips. Ancient Gold Ornament is more upgraded that Ship Captains Hat. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=18570&amp;page=re_item_db&amp;quick=1&amp;isearch=Search. The accessory i'm still experimenting whats the best setup or you can use iro calc to compute your total damage using your desired setup. 😁
  9. and its only a lesser elemental ring 😂
  10. Hatred

    Summer Outfit... Summer Costume... I'm just a photobomber, the real model is my pet and the mobs... haha.. 😎😉
  11. Hatred

    Win! Win! Win! 😁
  12. Hatred

    +1 to this.. 😉