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  1. Mina

    Maybe because it's MVP map o.o but that's an MVP that's reaally difficult to catch sometimes. I don't see how allowing e-call in this map would be harming, why not? :3 +1
  2. Mina

    Laurant music~
  3. Mina

    Red Bonnet please~ Pink, teal, blue indigo, purple, black, white, crimson red, yellow, light blue please x3
  4. Oh I don't know, I've opened all the ones I had after the maintenance, but nothing new so far o.o
  5. Hi! I wanted to suggest to please implement this item. It's like Joker Card, but it'd work at a low chance and with the possibility of using ranged attacks. It sounds quite useful and still not op, since the steal skill is only level 1. I'm sure it'd be useful to farm stuff such as Sharp Leaf, even maybe Witherless Rose. Anything that has a high drop rate would appear randomly, so it wouldn't actually give you the item that you want all the time, I think it'd just help you get a little more than usual. Besides, in the script the auto cast chance isn't defined yet, you could add a rate carefully :3 Middle Headgear A stylish monocle that attached with dragonfly ornament. This monocle belong to a famous thief, Kaito. AGI +2 Adds a chance to auto cast Level 1 [Steal] when dealing physical attacks. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=18655&page=re_item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search Thanks you!
  6. Or maybe not "we all know" ^^; I've noticed almost no one knows. But the hidden stats is something that has always worked in every server I've played in :3
  7. Okie, here goes my suggestion! As we all know, pets do give stats and even "hidden" stats when using their accessories (for instance, Deviruchi gives +6 str, +6 agi and +6 dex for 20 seconds every 40 seconds, although I've realized this is kind of a "lost knowledge"). And Petite gives +1 aspd, but others such as Deleter (which is basically a more cute pink version of Petite) don't give anything! It'd be very cool if other pets gave good stats, even same or similar Deviruchi, Incubus, Zealotus and so on... including the custom ones, which don't give anything by default.
  8. Hi! As the title says, I't like to suggest their implementation in OCA, as I was explained that they haven't been implemented. They aren't really op, but very useful and necessary cards, and the monsters that drop them are super rare to come by. For instance, I'm almost sure there's literally 0 Odium of Thanatos Cards in the server, even surpassed by the amount of MVP cards at 0.01 chance O.o It'd also be another incentive for players to play in DS, event that currently needs more love. The only cons for this would be that the prices would get lower, although I think we don't even have a "normal" price to start with, since they've never been sold ^^; So it's not really a "cons"... Thank u~
  9. Mina

    WAIFUUUUU!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm coming to res ya! I even brought doge to find with smell! ...If only puppeh didn't stop every second to pee on literally everrythin =w=;
  10. Ohh that's true, I also think it's been lowered. Now I've spent like 2000 coins in a week in that event, but nothing x_x I also think it should return to normal. It's one thing that made u feel more excited about the event! Oh actually it was me who forgot, since it was my topic I should have bumped it before, now worries x3
  11. Bumps xP This topic has very good ideas so far, but it was left a little forgotten, so why not bump it x3 I know the fixing of bugs and implementation of things in progress have priority, but some things would be very good if prioritized. For instance, Elesh's suggestion for Town Songs could be implemented in Prontera for now, it'd be really good to have them there so the current population stays there more often.
  12. Mina

    Hmhm. since there's some extra time, I might as well uwu Mina and Dark Mina decided to put their differences aside, talk their mutual issues with one another and make peaces for now, and even went there to enjoy a relaxing free time uwu While Mina put a piece of her heart to summon a Lovering, Dark Mina used a piece of her cold heart to summon this Icering, which helps them stay cool under this hot weather. Talk about practicality! Ahue.
  13. Mina

    O no! GOOD LUCK! ( º 0 º )/ ❤️
  14. Hi! Okie, for some reason this hasn't been suggested yet. But yeh, that. Please make this item tradeable! For us who have support characters accounts, these keep accumulating there, but they're actually more useful for main characters such as sniper. Also, I can't think of a reason to not allow trading, since it's not an op item at all. Thank you!
  15. Mina

    +1!! I agree with everything 100% or more if possible!