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  1. Mina

    Thank you~
  2. +1, I agree for this same reason too. There are newcomers that leave quickly if they feel they can't compete, or that it would take too much time for them to compete... And having all these guild buffs from the start of BG can take a good amount time and zeny if you're new to the server. Specially Assumptio I think, because you can still have linker's buffs within BG if you have one as a companion, but in this case the linker would be in a random team and thus, it'd feel more balanced.
  3. OOhh then, it'd be good if they start respawning at a rate that u can still tele around and start finding them ^^ How long does it usually take to kill the 5 of them? In the same manner that it was done with Noxious, I think it'd be good if one could find them continuously. It's still the same amount of time farming them, instead of waiting or going somewhere else :3 I don't think there should be a problem with it I think.
  4. Thank you! It would be good too! Maybe not instant or so soon respawn, though. Maybe 5-10 mins? o.o Let's consider that we'll only need 1 or 2 at most, and it's good that some things's prices stay kind of expensive, so that if you get 1 or 2, you can sell them "op" to higher end stuff players and get good income to buy high end stuff in turn x3 And you can always try with the first White Lady's mob too :3
  5. Hats quests! :3 That's why I've been buying each for 10k zeny. For instance, you need 200 for this one, and usually many to be able to refine them: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=18541
  6. Hi! As the title says, I think it'd be good if it could be reduced, as it was done to Noxious before. Maybe down to 5 minutes? o.o This is just to be able to farm Soft Silk in one time instead of having to wait and go there every 15 minutes or so. If it's around 5 minutes, it wouldn't reduce the amount of time that players spend farming them, but would help farming the items instead of having to wait to return, which very often isn't possible and it can make you take days to farm just a few hundreds. Thank you!
  7. Mina

    Ooooh! Great idea! if this can be done, it'd be good :3 Precisely because of the other items u wish to still carry with you. +1
  8. Mina

    For whoever can stay awake and not have to work or eat 25/7, yes x_x (and not taking into account all the times we failed xP) hmhm, if everyone stays in one party, the loots could maybe be equally shared, I hope, although some may say that they're spending much more tokens and effort, while others intentionally aid very little... o.O Lastly, I also think that' it's good that new players can join, as long as not just sit there to leech and pretend they shoot at things when actually don't have materials for Acid Demo.. well, something in the middle or even less should be alright, I think! Another thing I forgot to mention is that old players also could leech the event a lot, since we have the revival system. I went there at least 10 times with revived characters that needed to trans, although usually it was safer to Abbey or be leeched somewhere x3 sadly, the leeching and normal parties kind of died when DS was implemented.. so there's that too :/ Maybe it's not entirely good that newbies have it difficult to join, but it's also not good to have things so easy (including old players), that the server is only alive during these hours and only the hours when BG is on... also, let's keep in mind we needed a much bigger effort since the rates were lower back then o.o
  9. Mina

    Actually, DS wasn't implemented back then, but like three months ago. And it was only one round for like two months xP Now, about the price... as with everything, this has pros and cons: With a lower price, there were many leechers in DS.. that's not necessarily bad, as long as they cooperate, but we had some equipped players getting mad very often at the new ones, when there wasn't much they could do about it, since they had just joined :/ and for instance, they can't cast as fast, or do as much damage as the others. This made DS less pleasant to play (some older players yelling in the #map channel all the time), but despite of this, I also think the price increase is a bit excessive for new players (it's insignificant for those who've played more than a month). Old players may get mad again and so on, but I think they shouldn't matter at all, and new players should have a chance, or at least we need something in the middle :3 About the loots... I think having loots was nice! It also encouraged people to join! But it also encouraged certain players (specially the best equipped ones) to suddenly leave the party and farm everything they could for themselves, of if they led the party they'd just turn it to "items not shared" (and if you told them, they'd answer very rudely, like they felt they had the right to do so...), which doesn't feel fair or right, and was very annoying. Also, this kind of killed PvM even further! On the other hand, it was exciting to think that you could get equipments or something nice... so I think there could be some balance on this as well, and we should also take into account that we have prizes in the end. How about having a second crate as prize after the second round, on top of the prizes we currently have?... OCA wouldn't be god because... well, we know what almost happened before with so many OCAs Dx
  10. Ohh, I don't mean changing the drops from bradium and refined bradium for oridecon. I mean to make them tradeable for a respective amount of oridecon each in an NPC (maybe even paying some extra zeny as Tenko said before), which wouldn't meddle with the item itself, as it would still drop from its usual mobs and it could be still be used for other purposes. There are many items with different purposes in game, I just thought of this since Bradium is used to refine items in RO Renewal. My bad if it wasn't properly explained ><
  11. So that'd be a permanent Soul Link, just like the Soul Linker weapon, right? :3
  12. I have good amounts of ori each time I go to kill AKs o.o and bradium also would require farming (except the few ones u get in ds). I don't see how it'd be that bad.
  13. Mina

    Hi! I was asked to post a poll earlier, but the function is still not working, so I'll be making this topic for now. There's concern from players about DS since it tends to kill BG (and often it takes time to recover). Firstly, Once DS has finished, to continue playing is already past their possibilities in their time zones. Sedondly, There are players who love to participate in DS, others that don't like how it kills BG and parties. You may say "then simply don't join!", but that doesn't work because not everyone likes to play alone as some do, and whatever is going on at that moment, with the people who does join DS, BG and parties have a sudden halt. You may say "then go back to what you were doing before!", but even if it does sound simple and even if you insist, it doesn't happen that way, since BG and parties don't restart until later, as if players were feeling tired from the DS they just participated in o.O So, since poll isn't a possibility, how about adding our own thoughts, ideas and suggestions about what can be done, changed or added? The concern is that the server may become unatractive and repetitive for those who, let's say, prefer to mostly play BG, while DS is a thing that, while many like to currently play, hurts other things and may be detering players who aren't as much into it as we are now. On the other hand, there are players who mostly play to participate in DS, so we need to consider this as well. Please be respectful to other opinions, the pros and cons of your own, and have a good discussion x3 Thanks!
  14. I also think the LK weapon is quite underpowered and useful maybe only in PVP. The HP is not enough and it needs more resistance and damage... (what is franziska btw? I hear it a lot, but I can't find that skill in rms o.o OH! PFFFT XDDD the WS Weapon :3 I never right clicked on it until now >.> )