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  1. I finally finished the quests too x3 For me the hardest one was the rata since it was camped all day, but luckily a friend gave me 3 ripe acorn ;w; and the ones that required like 300 items xD And luckily Mina always loots everything so had many materials already. So here's a list of the requisites for each thing. I took screenshot of them and I think it may be good to share. Have fun and Good Luck!! Dog Zodiac: ___ Rat Zodiac: ___ Ox Zodiac: ___ Rooster Zodiac: ___ Tiger Zodiac: ___ Rabbit Zodiac: ___ Snake Zodiac: ___ Horse Zodiac: ___ Goat Zodiac: ___ Monkey Zodiac: ___ Pig Zodiac: ___ Dragon Zodiac:
  2. it's not as pretty as the white tiger, though :( and not everyone participates in WoE...
  3. Last minute entry x3 A little photo of my adventures with my best friend and "Da Ge", Taikobo, who wanted to help me with the event. (And where I live we celebrate the Love and Friendship's Day, lolol). Taikobo introduced Mina to the world of Ragnarok Online back in 2005 when we were still in the university, alongside a friend called Yuufa. There may be loves that end, but there are friendships that last forever
  4. O M G YESSSSSSSS I hope they can be implemented at some point! As for me, I just hope these ones can be implemented too, either by rebalancing, or costumes, or both! xD
  5. Eden.. o.o do we have that here? I think those NPCs are the same as the ones in the Clan map though (by typing @go clan or @go 30). I hope I'm not wrong and that ths helps
  6. you don't need to wait 24 hours, it's like 3 mins oly :3
  7. Hiii, welcome to Ragnaclan! It seems u went so deep into that rabbit hole that u spotted a Mina. ahue I hope to see u around, have fun and good luck~!
  8. Hii! Soon you'll be able to trade skulls for pvp points, after the January 11th patch :3 Or you can trade them for auras right now, 100 for aura... Unless you'd prefer to keep the skulls for some reason
  9. Yeh! Join us in Castling! (although my role in the guild is simply that of Bystander in ally guild, and to spam /fsh and /pif when I see an enemy stack. And to laugh of Kevin the mascot and of Nicholas the guild's shota waifu... e tc).
  10. Well, the newly added Ascencion Staff does much more ME damage than this set and with bragi you don't notice much difference in the cast reduction. This is just for versatility and a secondary yet interesting option. Even then, in parties the main damage is done by HW and Sniper (specially Sharp Shooting ones... just OAB with Aspersio can clean Necros in a few shots), while this is more for mob control. Also, it's more important to keep Abbey parties alive, instead of the current growing trend of sitting afk leeching in Thor and Sograt. I think little things such as this one are non-op ways to incentive players (even if just a bit) of doing the following essential things that make the server very fun to play: Play more in Abbey Parties and not just AFK leeching, play more as HP, do more ET runs for the Holy Stick, and even use the Revival System more after reaching 99/70 again. Specially because Priest and HP is the quintessential job for Abbey leveling up parties :3
  11. Okie, here's mine, finally!! ;;;( º 0 º )/ (maybe it's kind of late to have votes, though). This is my own artwork of Mina-chan, using the Santa Dress that you get when you use the Santa's Bag IGN: Mina
  12. I think I'll finish mine by tomorrow
  13. Well, I think it'd be interesting to see it available for SN. They'd be a bit stronger for other classes, but harder to upgrade at the same time.
  14. Ohh why not? It'd be very good I think! What would happen to the ones already refined, though? :o