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  1. Mina

    hm hm! how about the dark paladin >:3
  2. Mina

    Ahah, Cooons xDDDD... >///> V-Veery nice artworks!
  3. Mina

    In this occassion, credits of this design go to my friend Qhari :> I added some elements of mine and the words themselves.
  4. Mina

    Ohh then, I think that's a better idea, but with the rate not very high as they mentioned before.
  5. Mina

    Oh you can get a slotted one directly from the Amber Snail, with Gold Coins! Since there's a chance that you'll get uhm.. I forgot its name, it it's a box that can give yu various random accessories, even Orleans' Gloves ^^ I got 2 slotted thimbles that way, but I sold them long ago >< Oh! It's called Jewelry Box :3
  6. Mina

    Yaaay! Sounds good!
  7. Mina

    As the title says, please activate Reign of Reins (mounts!) I remember that this used to be bugged (it couldn't work very well with a program that was similar to LGP), but that was maaany years ago in servers with older clients, so maybe it's fixed by now?. Also, some complained about it affecting BG in an old server that my guildies played in, but since it's an accessory I think it could be disabled in BG. Mounts look quite good, and would make these times in the server feel even more special, even if there aren't any big updates.
  8. Hi! I was thinking about what could be done for this December. There aren't devs, so I don't know if these ideas can be implemented, but still here they go: Start Christmas early! Since these days of Christmas approaching, for many people they become a stressful time instead of a time of peace and joy as it should be, and the only time they get to enjoy are the xmas days themselves, why not start celebrating it from early? As in from December 1st onwards. We come to play here to escape for a bit and to feel like back home after all. I think this would be very nice! We could celebrate Cmas in Ragnaclan as it's meant to be, by being in peace with one another receiving nice gifts from Saint Nich... ahem, uhmmm not that... How about "Ragnaclaus"? >.> So yeh, maybe we could have an npc called like that that gives a gift each day. This is a suggestion to simply use the "login everyday and click the npc" system. You have to login and click the NPC to get good items up to December 25th, perhaps adding some minutes of being in game to ensure that players don't just click and log out. Maybe the NPC can be clickable until the end of the month, so everyone has the chance to get the gift box til the very end. Items for this NPC have to be good, or at least fun, such as the Book of Ethernal Youth, some of the donation pets and so on. On the last 5 days it'd give a free Xmas costume, improving in looks and quality each day. This is meant to encourage players to login everyday, to have another reason other than only loging in to see how things are going. If it's not difficult to do, this would be good in the meantime that we don't have a dev. If you prefer it, the items could be better, but then only for 12 days, as in "12 Days of Christmas", starting on Dec. 14th~ The costumes could be some of these, most of which we haven't seen in game, or arent available anymore, such as the Costume Eden Group Hat II. What do you think? What other items would you add aside of costumes? Thanks for reading~
  9. Mina

    Hi! I think that sounds good~ And maybe Gym Pass, +10 food, Guild Dungeon Pass. If other things come to mind I'll add them.
  10. Hii! Here are the locations of the Spirit Jars for this quest: First: Mt. Mjolnir's Pit, first floor Second: Coal Mines, Third Floor Third: Niflheim Field 2 Fourth: Cursed Abbey 1 Fifth: Glast Heim Prisons 2 Sixth: Magma Dungeon 2 Seventh: Kiel Dungeon 1 I hope this helps~
  11. Mina

    Laurant music~
  12. Mina

    WAIFUUUUU!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm coming to res ya! I even brought doge to find with smell! ...If only puppeh didn't stop every second to pee on literally everrythin =w=;
  13. Mina

    Hmhm. since there's some extra time, I might as well uwu Mina and Dark Mina decided to put their differences aside, talk their mutual issues with one another and make peaces for now, and even went there to enjoy a relaxing free time uwu While Mina put a piece of her heart to summon a Lovering, Dark Mina used a piece of her cold heart to summon this Icering, which helps them stay cool under this hot weather. Talk about practicality! Ahue.
  14. Hi! Okie, for some reason this hasn't been suggested yet. But yeh, that. Please make this item tradeable! For us who have support characters accounts, these keep accumulating there, but they're actually more useful for main characters such as sniper. Also, I can't think of a reason to not allow trading, since it's not an op item at all. Thank you!
  15. Mina

    +1!! I agree with everything 100% or more if possible!