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  1. Mazzeous

    Lovely thanks for the help, off to testing it
  2. Mazzeous

    @Daifuku any updates on the Android client update?
  3. Mazzeous

    Can confirm it's the client, friend just informed me that he redownloaded an updated his version of the apk and the game works all good on his server. Awaiting on the new version.
  4. Mazzeous

    Thank you @Daifuku that's great, appreciate the prompt reply.
  5. For no obvious reason the Android app force closes after the game loads by 10-15 seconds , no error shown just goes back to the launcher main screen. Amazingly a friend plays on a different server and he too is facing the same thing which makes me think that it's the Andro app but it's a crazy coincidence, same error on different servers.