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John Wick

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  1. John Wick

    Hy. I have an issue about fishing. I have the gears, even the +7 Fishing rod and Scuba Mask. When i went to the lvl 2 void at prt_fild06 it was asking for a +8 Rod. The wiki and the fishing npc says it needs a +7. Can you make it work with the +7? it was hard enough to make, +8 is even harder... Thanks, John Wick
  2. John Wick

    Yep, it is 24 hours. I just got my first... Are there any accesories for the pets? Can they do anything or just look cool?
  3. John Wick


    YO, ty very much, i already made it. Became a +5 kaho, skelw, scorpion fiore katar, i can one shot mavkas now with it. :D Ty again for the katars. :)
  4. John Wick


    Heeeeeeey! Smoke weed everyday!