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  1. momai

    thanks so much GM 😘
  2. momai

    ok gm, thanks, I'll wait for an update
  3. momai

    gm, at that time, i just borrowed her Refined Fly Wing, and after, i returned it to her, the bug incident happened 30 minutes before i borrowed MaeVix's RFW, thanks, i hope it'll be tracked since I need it badly, 😭
  4. momai

    is there any update pls?
  5. momai

    any updates please? 😭
  6. momai

    I'll wait GM, thanks a lot, I'm quite frustrated, since it was not dark, if i really don't have a RFW, it must be black or darker shade, and it's impossible to drop, since dropping of item in andro takes time,
  7. momai

    thanks GM, i always need RFW for farming or hunting, I hope i can get my RFW back, I badly need it 😭
  8. I was Hunting Cards at GL prison (where evil druid are located) i was killing then teleport and kill another, then suddenly i clicked the Yggdrasil Leaf and tap it to zombie prisoner, and it died, then RFW just went 0 on my shortcut, so i cant teleport anymore, I already checked my storage, but there is no RFW, 😭😭😭 can someone help me regarding this bug? thanks
  9. I'm using android phone to play ragnaclan, and I made a Star Gladiator but some players said that Star Gladiator skills are not working on android, and you see on the 2nd pic, i clicked the Solar Perception for 1st tine, but left on that stance, and no response if the skill work, also i think perception didn't work, since solar protection has failed, (on screenshot) can someone help me regarding this? /sob