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  1. Rya

    So far the items you get are pretty good in my opinion. Although I'm just a casual so take my opinion with a grain of salt
  2. Rya

    Hello Hello!
  3. Rya

    Hello GM Daifuku, It's still not resolved. Sorry for the late reply, took a break from RO I just logged in today and killed a whisper. I'm still 1 exp away from getting max exp
  4. Rya

    Hello! Enjoy your stay
  5. I know this seems unrelated but, did you open a program or alt tab while warping? This happens to me when I dual client sometimes as well.
  6. The Horse mask is so funny to look at
  7. I was quite surprised as well, took me a few days to grab all 100 eggs from the goblin only to get a pet that I already have
  8. Rya

    Seeing as how the server is getting custom items such as the revival weapons, it would be much appreciated if we could get a calc so we can make m̶e̶m̶e̶ cool builds.
  9. Title. For some reason my super novice is 1 exp away from maxing out so I can't do my prayer. I've tried killing siromas and high orcs and it still won't budge. Even the quest board exp didn't move it. Was this a bug from the emergency maintenance?
  10. Rya


    Welcome! A fellow novice, I say you have good taste in classes.
  11. Rya

    Wait, is this THE Ash? waiiiiiiiiiiiit what
  12. Rya

    Downgrading ores doesn't really make much money here because of the Great Nature nerf so I guess there's not much harm? I guess I'll give an updoot
  13. Rya

  14. Rya

    I dont think I was that Stalker. Because I don't have a stalker (yet)