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  1. Kutsuru

    Tiger Zodiac: Looks like mine is enjoying Falcon Massage
  2. Kutsuru

    Haha I also expected wings :)
  3. Kutsuru

    Hello, Items requirement: Most difficult to farm being the Blue Feather from Lady Solace or Dame of Sentinel Reward : (C) Love Valentine's Hat
  4. Hello, This event is probably not the one to focus on, as it brings a lot of frustration, the required items are the following one Tiny Egg Shells and Eggs are not really fun to farm, but when you do not know what is at the end you go for it, the thrill of the unknown But then curtains fall, You get a Green Maiden Egg, so at that moment you are convincing yourself that this Egg is different than the one you get from Universal Taming, so you rush to the Pet Groomer, get one of those expensive Pet Incubator :) and do the test of the 7 mistakes. From Taming : From the event : This event could have been more rewarding :)
  5. Kutsuru

    Then I will start working out on this AFK strategy ^^
  6. Kutsuru

    Every time afk farm can be abused, so I personally prefer when the possibility is not even there. I never said it was easy, but developing an assist mode can be quite fun. I have no idea about the dev power on this server, quite new here.
  7. Kutsuru

    This could be probably abused, Why not trying to make something a little more complex, but related to who participated to make the kill successful ? If any status ailments while killed then the guy who triggered this ailment would get an assist skull (let's generalize to all debuffs maybe ?), same related to the buff on the player that got the kill. And let's say that with a ratio, those assist skulls could be exchanged to skull. Or even better there would be different kind of reward that will push players to go support during PvP.