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  1. Kutsuru

    +1 Sylph, If you care about spending too much items, rotate your class, that's what I used to do to avoid spending too much, some classes do not require too much conso
  2. Kutsuru

    Define Nothing ? What about the 2 crests + 2 OCA + 2 +10 foods ? + the easy farm of OG ....
  3. Kutsuru

    Cap is already at lv 90, I've seen lv 90 being much more useful than some lv 99 :)
  4. Kutsuru

    Hi, here it's me again with the same opinion as usual :) Currently DS rewards is far more interesting than BG, DS is an event that you farm, so remove OCA, which is a reward that you can get anyway from the crest. It is not the first time I mentioned that, people told me it was already nerfed, but I played last weekend and it was still op reward in my opinion. But I like the idea of the +10 random food. People saying that they are not farming this event (either xp or drops) then would not be against the nerf of those drops. Furthermore, it is a good way to farm those monsters' drop as well, maybe reducing a little this drop could add more balance to this event. Best
  5. Hi hi, - Nerf DS reward - Having a dedicated deck for cards with stats bonus (like MaxHP, Atk, Matk according to the rarity of the card), those bonus could be into two kinds, the drop bonus and the storage bonus, if you drop the card then you can claim the first bonus while you can claim the second one through OCA, market or begging (oh wait forget begging). (Ok I know it is not the first time I mention this but with this huge load of card in the server the economy/PvM is totally wrecked on this aspect, but this statement is based on my last log 2-3 weeks ago maybe it improved since :))
  6. In order to regain interest in PvM they should probably integrate a Card Inventory with bonus like it is currently implemented in Ragnarok Mobile You have two mods, if you drop the card yourself you get the first bonus, if you save it you get the second bonus (so in case it is dropped from OCA) you will only be able to get the second bonus. And you can store them in the inventory in order to not mess up with your storage. (too lazy to open a new thread)
  7. Not joining the party as a Bio could make sense as you are most of the time the only one dealing damage to Bow Guardian, so to keep the loots :), else I do not see a valid reason. 1 crate by boss should be far enough, knowing what you can get from it. But anyway that is too late ^^ damage is already here (and add the forge system to that, but we are changing topic)
  8. Well as already mentioned donating is not the only way to get token, and the crest can provide you a token box, the best would be to allow the trade of those tokens afterward the even for a limiting time, to refill the "useful" classes after wipes, token on my wizzies were every time useless as I was in need of blessing to be able to do something useful, while on my creator it was really usefull. But to be honest those tokens are not the most unfair reward in this DS, just remove OCA :), it totally destroyed the PvM of this server.
  9. Making DS Token of Siegfried account bound will not impact the others, just a different ID, the point is no one except some brave players will use their tokens during DS. The main reason being, people prefer to sell them instead of using them for this event purpose. Plus account bound is not char bound :)
  10. They could keep at least one token just for this purpose, or use the warp back
  11. +1 Make them trade able for the hour following DS, I tend to usually give them to people that spammed a lot during the run.
  12. Kutsuru

    Tiger Zodiac: Looks like mine is enjoying Falcon Massage
  13. Kutsuru

    Haha I also expected wings :)
  14. Kutsuru

    Hello, Items requirement: Most difficult to farm being the Blue Feather from Lady Solace or Dame of Sentinel Reward : (C) Love Valentine's Hat
  15. Hello, This event is probably not the one to focus on, as it brings a lot of frustration, the required items are the following one Tiny Egg Shells and Eggs are not really fun to farm, but when you do not know what is at the end you go for it, the thrill of the unknown But then curtains fall, You get a Green Maiden Egg, so at that moment you are convincing yourself that this Egg is different than the one you get from Universal Taming, so you rush to the Pet Groomer, get one of those expensive Pet Incubator :) and do the test of the 7 mistakes. From Taming : From the event : This event could have been more rewarding :)