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Found 17 results

  1. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! Today we will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 15 May 2018 (between 5PM and 8PM servertime). All content shown below will be available AFTER our maintenance unless stated otherwise. __________________________________________________ Administrator Information: I'm finally back to server development! Got my computer back so be prepared for a lot of great updates and more staff activity on Ragnaclan. With that being said, I'd like to announce our new team changes: Team Changes/Updates: [GM] Chihiro has been added as Support GM for EN and PH language. [GM] Asterion has been added as Support GM for EN and PH language. [GM] Daifuku is officially back to server development. [GM] Pizza Hut has been removed. [GM] Burtgang has been removed. __________________________________________________ Client Changes/Updates: New Client will be released tomorrow or the day after. Will automatically be patched via Ragnaclan Patcher.exe - Make sure to run it as Administrator! Navigation System fixed. Fast Refresh applied. Removed chat restrictions. (you can now type the same more than 3x in a row) BG Emblems fixed. __________________________________________________ Server Setup: Floating Rates System has been removed. Server Rates have been changed to: BASE: 75x JOB: 75x NORMAL ITEM: 50x NORMAL CARD: 50x BOSS ITEM: 25x BOSS CARD: 25x With exception of: Angeling, Arch Angeling, Deviling, Ghostring, Maya Purple being 1x MVP ITEM: 25x MVP CARD: 1x Our MvP custom drops (25%) will be increased to 50%. Dark Bacilium Diabolus Armor Diabolus Boots Diabolus Robe Valkyrie Armor Valkyrie Manteau Valkyrie Shoes Valkyja’s Shield Bison Horn Variant Shoes __________________________________________________ Donation Point System: Every donation will give out Donation Points which can be used at @npc donation to purchase exclusive costumes. Past and future Donation Giveaway Headgears will be added to the NPC. For every 1$ worth of Donation you get 1,000 Donation Bonus Points. Heardgears that are currently inside: Costume Nydhogg Helm Costume Christmas Wreaths Costume Shiba Inu Costume White Rabbit Costume Black Cat *NEW* __________________________________________________ Cash Shop: New Costume Headgears added: __________________________________________________ Clan Department Revamp: Instructor Aran, Assistant Emistry, Instructor Ywain, Blacksmith Thora and Instructor Michael have been removed. You will now automatically get Clan Equipment upon using the Job Changer. He will point you to the Clan Leaders to sign up afterwards. Clan Leader ladder bonuses updated: #1 Clan with the most Clan Points will receive the following bonuses: +25% EXP Clan Ladder has been resetted. Moved Clan Mercenaries to new location where old Clan Instructors used to be. Mercenaries can be rent for a small zeny fee to assist you in combat. Higher grade Mercenaries have their cost reduced but require Clan Points. Renamed Adventurer Equipment to Clan Equipment. Renamed Adventurer Clan pub sign in prontera to Clan Group. __________________________________________________ Battleground System: Headgear Shop: I went over the list based on a feedback topic in our forum but after some math and help from other players over discord I decided to adjust the Headgear Shop even further. Enjoy! Battleground Case System: Changed announcement to display seasonal bg case. RNG for BG Cases has been updated. If you still have old cases, now is your chance to open these. Added ALL BG Cases since server opening to the BG Case rotation!! *note: you will get one of the cases listed below at a random chance in place of the seasonal case. Halloween BG Case Winter BG Case New Year BG Case Valentine BG Case Easter BG Case Battleground Supply Shops: Added abrasive to GvG supply shop. Added +10 foods to GvG supply shop. Made +10 foods have 0 weight. Renamed all foods to "+10 DEX Food" and so on instead of their official name. Foods have a duration of 60 minutes and get dispelled if you are outside of woe maps for more than 10 minutes. Foods can only be used in WoE maps during WoE. Battleground Round Bonus: Increase of Round Bonuses suitable for current population: If 2v2 > next round = 5% Bonus If 5v5 > next round = 15% Bonus If 9v9 > next round = 35% Bonus If 14v14 > next round = 65% Bonus If 20v20 > next round = 100% Bonus Plagiarism skill will not copy any skills if is inside a battleground. Player requirement reduced to 2v2. Rush Mode removed. __________________________________________________ War of Emperium/Guild New castle drops have been added: Gold Coin Old Card Album Acid Bomb 10 Box Bloody Branch Enriched Elunium Enriched Oridecon Bubble Gum Emblem of the Sun God Guild Roster Size increased to 20. MBK and Provoke added. Bridge is being worked on. Emperium is not required anymore when creating a guild. Guild Package System: Information: The Guild Packages are not intended to spoon feed new groups that join Ragnaclan. With that being said we would like to clarify from the very beginning that Equipment will not be given out through the Guild Package. For guilds that only wish to participate in War of Emperium, please visit [click here] for more information about our WoE Rental System. Knowing that majority of Guild Leaders have to level up their members themselves, we will be giving out some consumables to help ease the struggle. Requirements: Guild size of minimum 8 active players. Existing in-game character names of each active player that wants to claim the package. Guilds must apply within 14 days after starting to play on Ragnaclan. The Guild Package System on our server comes with a quite simply clause: No server hopping. If your guild wants to quit it is fine by us but all members will be banned from Ragnaclan. If a Guild leaves and some individual players would like to stay they can apply for their accounts not to be banned. We know this is rough and different but guild hopping kills servers. When guilds come, they only bring their guild members but when they leave - other players get scared and quit the server as well. Tl;dr: If you want a Guild Package you should show some loyalty in return. This clause lasts for 3 months, any guild disbanding/leaving after this time frame does not get affected. How to apply: Send a message to Daifuku via Forum or Discord to apply for the package. Guild Package Items: Items are non-tradeable, character bound and to be collected via @npc itemcollection. A maximum of 15 Member Packages can be claimed per guild. Guild Leader: (1x) Ultra Union of Tribe This will give your guild enough EXP to skill Emergency Call. (1000x) War Badge (4x) Battle Manual 150% (4x) Bubble Gum 50% (1x) HE Bubble Gum 150% (5x) Enriched Elunium (5x) Enriched Oridecon (10x) Gym Pass (10) Token Of Siegfried (250x) Giant Fly Wing (1x) Refined Fly Wing Guild Member: (750x) War Badge (2x) Battle Manual 150% (2x) Bubble Gum 50% (2x) Enriched Elunium (2x) Enriched Oridecon (10x) Gym Pass (10x) Token Of Siegfried (1x) Refined Fly Wing WoE Rental System: Increased maximum usage of System from 5x > 10x. This allows guild to participate sat+sun WoE for 4 weeks straight with basic gear. Rental Shop opens 6 hours prior to War of Emperium instead of 1 hour. __________________________________________________ Card Exchanger Old Card Album removed. New items have been added: Blessing Box Agi Box Party Blessing Box Party Agi Box Assu Box BBG 50% E. Elu Box E. Ori Box Gym Pass Mysterious Dyestuff // requirement for recolor npc which will be implemented this maintenance Token of Siegfried Box Acid Bomb Box 10x Refined Fly Wing __________________________________________________ Devil Square: Rewards for first round updated: Huskarl Crate 1x Old Card Album Token Of Siegfried 2x +10 Food Universal 1x (randomized) Clan Point 1x Rewards for second round updated: Huskarl Crate 1x Old Card Album 1x Token Of Siegfried 2x +10 Food Universal 1x (randomized) Gold Coin 3x Clan Point 1x Devil Square rewards have been modified to make both rounds feel more rewarding. We removed OCA on round 1 as huskarl crate can already give you a chance of getting OCA. There is an influx of OCA in this server and we would like to decrease this number over time. Piamette now drops: Piamette Hairband at a low chance. __________________________________________________ Revival System: Made Master Revival a permanent option in the menu. Added new headgears to Revival Shop: Takius Blindfold Whikebain Ears Snake Head Hairband Of Reginleif Drooping White Kitty Black Glasses Neko Mimi Kafra Scarlet Rose Mischievous Fairy Sigrun's Wings Reduced cost of all headgears to 1 Essence Flask. All Headgears will now cost 2,500,000z and 35 Gold Coins. All Costume Headgears will now cost 1,750,000z and 25 Gold Coins. Updated Master Revival Rewards: Huskarl Crate 1x added. __________________________________________________ Gold Amber: New Headgears added: Jackpooooot! __________________________________________________ Vote Shop: New Headgears added! __________________________________________________ PvP Shop: New Headgears added! Valk Helm removed. Pink Panda Hood removed. __________________________________________________ Fishing System: Doubled rates of obtaining fish. Added Fishing Warp option. This will warp you to the fishing level 1 location for free. Made adjustments to some items: Fisherman's Hat and Lure reduced from 30 to 5 of each fish. (-1 second cast each) Fisherman's Muffler and Fisherman's Shoes reduced from 20 to 10 of each fish. (-2 seconds cast each) Small Fishing Rod reduced from 60 to 20 of each fish. (-3 seconds cast) Scuba Mask reduced to 15 of each fish. (-2 second cast in lvl 2) Fishing Rod reduced to 2,500,000z __________________________________________________ Tool Dealer: Giant Fly Wing added. Convex Mirror added, zeny amount lowered and removed from special feature shop. Name Change Ticket added, zeny amount lowered and removed from special feature shop. Battle Manual added, zeny amount lowered and removed from special feature shop. __________________________________________________ Headgear Recoloring: You can now recolor some official and custom Headgears on Ragnaclan. To recolor a Headgear you will need a Mysterious Dyestuff which can be obtained from the Card Exchanger (@npc cardexchanger) and some small ingredients. Each headgear can be colored individually. If you have a normal Feather Beret and turn it into a Red Feather Beret, you can use this Red Feather Beret and turn it back into a normal one, or any other color from the list provided. Headgears that can be recolored: Ayam Baseball Cap Charming Ribbon Feather Beret Gangster Scarf Hairband Mage Hat (C) Large Ribbon Muffler Wind Mileston If you want to suggest a headgear before/after maintenance drop a comment on recolor request topic: http://forum.ragnaclan.com/index.php?/topic/1204-recolour-headgear-request/ __________________________________________________ Other NPC Changes/Updates: Added 5 new Headgear Quests: Necktie Popcorn Hat Rideword Hat Whisper Mask Tongue Mask Item Collection NPC moved to where Floating Rates was. Added Item Giveaway to Item Collection. Added Single Starter Package to Item Collection. Added WoE Starter Package to Item Collection. Daily Login NPC moved. Use @npc dailylogin to jump to the NPC. Knockout Tournament player requirement reduced from 8 to 4. Donation Preivew renamed to Donation Shop. Support NPC removed. Players can still use @request per command. Added Weight checker on DS and BG Case opening npc. Event Cluckers has been moved into @go event. __________________________________________________ Command Changes/Updates: @mvpladder added. - Will display #10 MvPer. Ranking will start with todays maintenance. @mypoints added. - Will display the amount of points you have for: Voting, Cash Points, Clan Points, Donation Bonus Points @refresh delay has been removed. @event updated. @request gm list updated. @whosell will now display zeny with comma signs. @ws added (whosell shortcut) @wb added (whobuy shortcut) @die blocked in rush @npc command will be updated with next maintenance and is currently under construction (!) __________________________________________________ Monster Changes/Updates: Piamette in Endless Cellar and Devil Square now drop Piamette Hairband. __________________________________________________ Skill Changes/Updates: You can now write in chat and use @commands while using Berserk. Forging with Whitesmith will now show refine progress. __________________________________________________ Item Changes/Updates: Gold and Diamond rings are now etc items and stack. Monk classes can no longer trigger Lex Aeterna when wearing Parade Hat. Decreased the chance of getting Angelus on Parade Hat. __________________________________________________ Misc Changes/Updates: You will now receive agi/bless upon level up. Fixed Giant Flywing from Daily Login rewards. Added DS rules to global random broadcast. /memo now possible in lighthalzen. You will no longer see "seeking pvp action" announcements if pvp announcements is turned off in @settings. Password Reset on our website is now working. Once you click on reset you will receive an e-mail with a link. Click on it and wait for another e-mail which will include your new password. You can change this auto-generated password on our website anytime. __________________________________________________ Event Changes/Updates: Monthly Raffle Event [click here] Instant War of Emperium Event The new Instant WoE Event will be held on the 20th of May. Rewards: Winner Guild: 50,000 Cash Point (50$) reward on the Main Server. (Guild Leader only)
  2. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 16 March 2018 at [UTC-4] 04:00~08:00 (between 4AM & 8APM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. Administrator Information: Hello everyone; it's me, Daifuku, I would like to apologize for not being around much lately. Even though I was busy with RL and other projects that I run, I have still been involved in discussing new systems and concepts for the server behind the scenes. Please be assured that I will be around on the forums, on our Discord and on our Facebook at all times if there are any questions or issues. I will also be In-Game a minimum of 10 hours a week. Additionally we will be hiring a few more GMs for Events and Support after this maintenance. I hope that you will enjoy the updates for our maintenance and that we will get more players with these exciting changes! __________________________________________________ 2018.03.16 UPDATES: Important Update Information: Ragnaclan will experience some major changes to improve the overall server situation and ensure a better mid-rate experience for all players. We have been working on new systems and improved our current ones as players requested. One major system that needed improvement was Battleground. After taking into consideration the feedback topics and personal feedback we received from single players we came up with the following: __________________________________________________ Battleground Forge System: Use @npc battleground ingame to jump to the NPC. This system has 4 tier categories. Each category offers different items to be crafted. We will release the first category with today's maintenance and adjust the other ones based on feedback to the first category. How it works: Each time you craft something you receive crafting points which you will need to unlock the next tier category. > For example, you will need to craft 5 low tier items in order to unlock the mid tier category. The fourth and last category also known as god category can only(!) be accessed by the top 5 crafting players on the server. Crafting items will require a mix of war badges (obtainable from battleground only), low zeny amounts and some misc items like oridecon/elunium. More information can be found here: [click here] __________________________________________________ Battleground Shop Overhaul: Use @npc battleground ingame to jump to the NPC. We listened to your feedback and revamped the current Battlegrounds shop! Current new items and prices are: Large Baphomet Horns Def: 14,000 > 8,500 I Love China: 11,000 > 5,500 Yellow Bandana: 5,500 > 3,500 Alice Doll: 7,500 > 4,000 Crown of Deceit: 5,500 > 3,000 Father’s White Mustache: 4,500 > 4,000 Gentlemen’s Pipe: 5,500 > 5,000 Blush of Groom: 5,500 > 5,000 Well Chewed Pencil: 5,500 > 5,000 Angel Spirit: 5,500 > 5,000 Holy Marching Hat: 7,500 > 4,500 Benevolent Guardian: 5,500 > 3,000 Flying Evil Wing: 9,500 > 6,000 Ramen Hat: 4,500 > 4,000 Jasper Crest: 7,500 > 4,500 Parade Hat: 7,500 > 5,000 Hockey Mask: 4,500 > 3,000 Purple Cowboy Hat: 5,500 > 3,500 Rainbow Scarf: 5,500 > 5,000 Skull Cap: 4,500 > 3,000 Cat Ear Beret: 4,500 > 3,000 Copper Dragon Helm: 9,000 > 6,500 __________________________________________________ Battleground Happy Hours: We avoided to implement happy hours since we feel it will kill off battlegrounds fully until happy hour starts. Instead of adding happy hour, we decided to increase our current round-bonuses in hopes that 10% bonus with 5v5 will encourage more players to join. If 5v5 = next round + 10% If 10v10 = next round +20% If 15v15 = next round +30% If 20v20 = next round +40% If 25v25 = next round +50% __________________________________________________ Battleground Mode Changes: Conquest: Players have been complaining that the Conquest mode is way longer than our other modes but the reward is the same. We decided to increase the base reward from 30 to 60. .@Reward = 30 + .Score; > @Reward = 60 + .Score; Rush: Has been added back to BG modes as requested. __________________________________________________ Permanent Rate Change: We would like to bring the focus to our custom features instead of forcing players to focus on leveling their characters until they are ready to explore. This will also bring us a step closer to being a "true mid-rate". We are therefore changing our rates to 75x75x25x ~ 90x90x30x permanently. Our new Server Settings are: Information Description Base EXP 75x ~ 90x Job EXP 75x ~ 90x Quest EXP 50x Normal Item/Card/Equipment Drop Rate 25x ~ 30x MvP/Mini-boss Item/Equipment Drop Rate 10x MvP/Mini-boss Card Drop Rate 1x Max Base-Level 99 Max Job-Level 70 Max Stats 99 Max ASPD 190 Stun Immunity (Vit) 97 Party-Share Range 20 With this rate change, additional adjustments to our Revival System might happen with future updates. __________________________________________________ Quest Board Overhaul: Use @npc mission ingame to jump to the NPC. This has been on our to-do list for a while and has now been finalized. We have added the following features to our current Quest Boards: Completition Bonus Rewards: Upon successful completion of the 91-99 bounty, there is a chance to obtain a random bonus item. 25% chance - bonus EXP 20% chance - 2x Red Envelope 15% chance - 1x Taming Gift Set 10% chance - 5x Red Envelope 10% chance - 1x Gold 10% chance - 4-5x Gift Box 5% chance - 2-4x Yggdrasil Berry 3% chance - 1x Gold Coin 2% chance - 1x Old Card Album Bounty Boards with Race Quests Emergency Response: Fight repetitiveness! Selecting this option basically selects any one of the available mission targets at random, even completed ones on cooldown, but awards additional EXP for doing so. If the mission is abandoned, the Emergency Response option cannot be selected again for the next 24 hours. This only works for 86-90 and 91-99 EXP quests. Daily Bonus: The first quest Mission Board quest completed on each day awards 2.5x exp. Similarly to how many games have a 'first win of the day', 'daily first match' etc bonus. Loyalty rewards: Bonuses after completing a certain number of quests from the 71-85, 86-90 and 91-99 Mission Boards, per character. After completing 20 quests, the reward tracker resets to 0 quests. Here is a list of bonuses available: 3 quests - 1x Old Purple Box 4 quests - 500,000 job EXP 5 quests - 1,000,000 job EXP, 1 Gold Coin 7 quests - 3x Gift Box 8 quests - 1,000,000 job EXP, 1 Gold Coin 10 quests - 5x Red Envelope, 1,500,000 base exp, 500,000 job EXP 12 quests - 1x Old Purple Box 14 quests - 2,500,000 base EXP and 1,000,000 job EXP 15 quests - 1x Taming Gift Set 18 quests - 1,000,000 job EXP, 1 Gold Coin 20 quests - 1 Gold Coin, 2,500,000 base exp and 1,000,000 job exp __________________________________________________ Knockout Tournament: Use @knockout to join the event when announced. Our knockout tournament is divided into successive rounds; each competitor plays against another competitior per round. The winner of that round moves up to the next round. As rounds progress, the number of competitors decreases until the overall champion is chosen. Times: 12:00, 18:00, 00:00, 06:00 @servertime Reward: 10 Gold Coins 1 Old Card Album Restrictions: A minimum level of 80 is required. A minimum of 8 participants is required. __________________________________________________ Headgear rotation for existing Systems: Battleground, Voting and Gold Amber will have their costumes rotated as requested. We will also rotate headgears from other systems in the future. Our Clan NPCs will receive more stat-giving headgears/armors that can be purchased via clan points. More information will be revealed in the future. Battleground Rotation: Use @npc battleground ingame to jump to the NPC. Gold Amber Rotation: Use @npc amber in game to jump to the NPC. Amber Jackpot: Voting Shop Addition: Welcome the Kafra Girls costume headgear to the Vote Shop! Use @npc voting in game to jump to the NPC. __________________________________________________ Instant War Of Emperium: After discussing this with our current guilds and old guilds that left the server we decided to create an Instant War Of Emperium Server for Ragnaclan. This will start off as an event to celebrate our first 6 months and from there we will decide if we want to host it permanently or not. The event itself will take place at the end of the month. Read more here [click here] __________________________________________________ Starter & Loyalty Item Packages: We will have new starter and loyalty rewards this month! Use @npc stylist and walk a few cells down until you see this NPC: Starter Pack: Bubble Gum 1x Gym Pass 1x Name Change Ticket 1x Job Manual 150% 1x Token of Siegfried 10x Battle Manual 50% 2x Loyalty Pack: 1 month: January Costume Box 1x Huskarl Crate 2x 2 months: 1 Month Loyalty Pack + December Costume Box 1x Huskarl Crate 2x 3 months: 1 Month & 2 Month Loyalty Pack + Fishing Starter Box 1x Huskarl Crate 2x __________________________________________________ Cash Shop Updates/Fixes: Added new costumes Cash Shop Bonus for every 35$ donation made starting today until 15th of April. PM Daifuku on Discord to claim yours! Config Updates/Fixes: Increased Max Party Capacity from 20 to 50. SG skill party member count bonus capped at 20 players. WoE Updates/Fixes: Emperium HP issue has been fixed. NPC Updates/Fixes: Removed Renewal Monster hunting Quests. Added duration option to guild buff npc. Reduced daily login timer from 60 minutes to 10 minutes Added Costume Moonlight Flower hat to PvP Shop Added Costume Valk Helm to PvP Shop Fixed conflict with Maze/Poring Catcher event Wiki Updates/Fixes: Instance Guides have been updated for all instances: [click here] Custom Modification list has been added: [click here] Next Maintenance: - Further improvement of existing features. -We have gotten a number of reports about the Grand Cross of Darkness and Gunslinger gears, and would like to inform everyone we are looking into and and doing our research. Please give your input on both of these to the GM team, the more data we have the better it is. But give us data, we cannot test opinions.
  3. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 13 February 2018 at [UTC-5] 17:00~18:00 (between 5PM & 6PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. CHANGELOG NOT COMPLETE YET! __________________________________________________ EVENTS: Valentines v2: Happy Valentines early everyone! Today we want to introduce the second part of our Valentine related events: My Chocolate, Your Chocolate! [click here] It's Cupid, stupid. [click here] Attack the Hearts ♥ [click here] _____ Chinese New Year: Happy Chinese New Year! Below are some small quests and events to celebrate Chinese New Year on Ragnaclan! Rice Mill Grandma - Rats n' Rice. [click here] Miss Lunar & the Spirit of her Ancestors. [click here] Mothers Hairbuns. [click here] The Zodiac Signs. [click here] This topic will contain 12 questable headgears. Please read carefully. __________________________________________________ 2018.02.13 UPDATES: Battleground Updates/Fixes: Winter Case display fixed, will now say Valentines Case. Box Of Sunlight ratio changed from 1:10 to 1:5. Item Updates/Fixes: Medal of Honor can now be equipped by Taekwon Kid.
  4. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 25 January 2018 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 15-60+ minutes. CHANGELOG NOT COMPLETE! __________________________________________________ IMPORTANT RELEASE: If you patch your client you will notice that there is now a third connection available. This connection is for the test server. [click here] for the full topic. Please read it carefully and help us finish up the new client with all its features. __________________________________________________ Events: Daily Login Rewards implemented. How to claim: You can use @npc dailyreward or simply @go 0 and walk a few cells to the right. You need to be online for 60 minutes if you want to claim your reward. Relog or getting disconnected will cause your timer to reset. So try to avoid that if you want to claim your reward fast. List of items: __________________________________________________ Greetings Clan Adventurers! We would like to introduce our new upcoming event: Introduce your friends - or maybe a whole guild! Please read more about it [click here] __________________________________________________ Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Attention! Bigger changes will be applied to the cash shop. Main: Hersir Crate has been removed. *can still be obtained from Gold Rush. Merkis Crate has been removed. *can still be obtained from Gold Rush. Aesir Crate has been removed. *can still be obtained from Gold Rush. Starter Bundle removed. *can still be obtained from Master Revival. Added headgears at fixed CP amount into cash shop. *most of them can be obtained from BG. Costumes: Added costume headgear boxes. Equips: Added equipments: *can be obtained from Master Revival. Scroll: Added some scrolls into cash shop. *most can be obtained from daily login. Usable: Gym Pass Box reduced from 5000 to 4500 CP. Added some more usable items. *most can be obtained from daily login, gold rush or gold amber. __________________________________________________ Battleground Fixes/Updates: BG Case decription fixed. BG Case badge amount fixed. NPC Fixes/Updates: Instances: Added new headgears to Wolfchev Laboratory. Added new headgears to Sara's Memory and gave "Leon the Adventurer" a proper shop to purchase items off. Added new headgears to Ghost Palace. Revival System: Master Revival Equipment now asks for 5 Essence Flask instead of 3. Hela’s Whip [3] Tactical Visor [0] Exotic Lute [3] Skill+Status reset on level 99 will now cost 190.000z. PvP Warper renamed to PvP Manager PvP Manager now also offers Skulls for Auras, Aura Merchant in @go clan has therefore been removed. Housing NPC has been moved to clangroup,250,54 use @npc Housing to teleport there. Lottery will now charge 250.000z for zeny lottery and 3 Gold Coins for gc lottery. Name Changer will now charge 2.500.000z. RotD Info Message when killing a mob has been removed. Redundant npcs in @go clan have been removed. (bartender/eres) Global broadcast tips updated. Misc Updates/Fixes: @npc "name" command added. You can now jump to npcs from towns. For a list of available npcs just type in @npc @resist command added to special features npc in @go clan. You can rent the command for 100.000z. @request updated. Will now give notice that suggestions have to be made in the forum. @event updated.
  5. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 11 January 2018 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 2-4 hours. __________________________________________________ Events: We are introducing a new permanent event called: Monthly Voting Rewards! There will be a test-run for 2 weeks after our maintenance today. The top #10 accounts that voted the most until 2018.01.31 will get a reward on 2018.02.01. [click here] for more information. Christmas Events have been removed. Sunday's Auction 2018.01.14 at 6AM servertime. [read here] Sunday's Auction 2018.01.14 at 5PM servertime. [read here] Following Items will be in the auction: __________________________________________________ We have been polishing and filling in all of our server features. We have also been blending in server features so that they are tied together. This is another one of our feature updates. This will give a higher value to the clan system and also a higher value to the BG weapons. One of the downside of the BG weapons is their tendency to force people into certain builds. These enchantment bonuses will offer higher versatility without breaking the balance. The bonuses on the weapons if attained correctly can offer an increase in usability without making it too hard to get the bonuses you want. We look forward to seeing what you do with these enchantments. Clan Enchantment You can find the BG Clan Enchanter in @go clan, right behind the Clan Leaders. (npc location might change with future updates) All weapons that can be purchased through the BG shop can be enchanted on all 4 slots. Enchantments are randomly given one of the following bonuses. Strength1 Inteligence1 Dexterity1 Agility1 Vitality1 Luck1 Atk2 Matk2 You can only get 2 of the same bonus. If you are about to get a 3rd enchant of the same type, the enchantment proces will be abandoned and you wont lose your payment. Only BG weapons that are upgraded to +7 or higher can be enchanted. Enchanting a slot will cost 10 clan points and 200 badges. Re-enchanting an already enchanted slot will cost an additional 5,000,000 Zeny. All enchantments have a 100% success rate. Clan System Ladder You can find the Clan Ladder in @go clan, right behind the Clan Leaders. (npc location might change with future updates) The clan with the most Clan Points will receive a 5% exp bonus. Clan Leaders will check every hour which clan has the most points. You can get more points by: Killing monsters : 1 Point per Monster Killing a player in PvP: 2 Points Killing a player in Battleground: 5 Points You must wear your Clan Medal for this system to work. *Note: More bonuses will be given out with future updates, this is just the beginning of our Clan improvements. __________________________________________________ Global Fixes/Updates: [GM] cSharp added to the Ragnaclan Team as EN/DE support. Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Costume will rotate this upcoming maintenance! New Costumes have been added with the theme "Timeless". War of Emperium Fixes/Updates: WoE Rankings enabled: http://ragnaclan.com/?module=woe_stats Sunday WoE 2PM @servertime implemented. Saturday Castle changed to: (coming soon) Added a protection to 1st Barricade line on WoE SE maps to avoid splash damage without destroying Guardian Stones previously. New Headgears added to WoE Participation Shop: (C) SaLu SaLo added. (C) White Student Cap (C) White King Tiger Doll Hat Battleground Fixes/Updates: Battleground Enchantment implemented. All weapons that can be purchased through the BG shop can be enchanted on all 4 slots. Check "Clan System" Updates below for more information. BG Winter Case removed. New Case Headgears added: (C) Clock Casket (C) Piggyback (C) Gambler Seal (C) Taini Cap (C) Taini Hat Green (C) Dumpty Alma Cap (C) Fox Ears of Tamamo Loa (C) Mystical Baphomet Horns (C) Wolf Musketeer NPC Fixes/Updates: Mission Boards: 41-55 Mission Board EXP raised by 15%. 56-70 Mission Board EXP raised by 15%. 71-85 Mission Board EXP raised by 15%. 86-90 Mission Board EXP raised by 15%. 91-99 Mission Board EXP raised by 20%. Adjusted misleading text in quest boards and noted that some quests require items as well. Mining System: Flat 500.000z requirement added to Headgears and Pets. All pets in Mining Shop now give 5% more EXP when loyal. Added new Headgears: (C) Douce Tiara (C) Silver Sniper Doll (C) Magic Decoy Doll Taurus Crown [0] Taurus Diadem [0] Fishing System: Pets cost adjusted from 100 to 70 of each fish except for Gold Fish (obtainable from Gold Amber). Flat 500.000z requirement added to Headgears and Pets. Added new Headgears: (C) Singing Bird Pisces Crown [0] (requires starfish from lvl2) Pisces Diadem [0] (requires starfish from lvl2) Umbrella Hat [0] (requires starfish from lvl2) PvP System: Skulls can now be converted so they stack. PvP Skull requirement decreased and flat 500.000z requirement added. Added new PvP Headgears: (C) Desert Prince (C) Victory Wing Helm (C) Crow Tengu Mask Lottery in event_room,99,30,3 (@go event) has been reduced from 100 to 50 players. Donation Preview NPC updated with newest costumes. Warper bug with Guild Dungeon Pass fixed. Skill Updates/Fixes: Beast Strafe now has a target. Excruciating Palm now has a base duration 5s. Sightless Mind now has a base duration of 30s in pre-re. When you tank Cecil Damon from 10-14 cells away, she will no longer use her target skills. Item Updates/Fixes: Whisper Egg description fixed to match RMS description (FLEE +7, DEF -3). Added description for Pitch Black Ribbon. Added description for Costume Rainbow Feather Ears. AGO Defense description and value fixed (DEF: 7). Fixed Gryphon Card item sprite. Added several new hats to the database. A bunch of Costume Headgears got their restrictions removed: Misc Updates/Fixes: Named items having their names changed when near other players name's owner fixed. Disguise position de-synchronization fixed. All Costume Headgears have been re-named to (C) instead of "Costume". Fixed Minimap on Clangroup Hersir Crate typo fixed. Drop Announcement added for the following MVP and Mini Boss Cards: (drop announce was removed with lasted emulator update)
  6. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 28 December 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 15-60 minutes. __________________________________________________ Events: Double EXP & DROP Event - WOO YAY! There will be a double exp and drop event INCLUDING MVP CARDS!!!! starting from 2017.12.28 until 2018.01.02 5pm @time to celebrate the first three months of Ragnaclan! .. and the new year of course. ♥ We hope you will enjoy the hunting fest. Together went through some ups and downs but the ride has been a good one since the opening on October 1st. We will continue working hard and advertise the server to get more players to join our wonderful home; Ragnaclan. Please give your best as well and tell your friends to join us on our adventure! __________________________________________________ STARTER & LOYALTY PACKS! We will be giving out Starter and Loyalty Packs until 2018.01.13! Please talk to Giveaway Packages NPC in prontera,167,188 to pick up your package that we prepared for you ♥ The package you will receive is determined by the creation date of your account. This system is unique ID + account bound. The items are tradeable though. If you account was made before December 28 you will get the December 28 package. If you account was made before December 1st you will get the December 1 and December 28 packages. If your account was made before November 1st you will get all 3 packages. Starter Packages can be claimed by anyone but they are mainly designed to help new players coming to the server. __________________________________________________ 30% EXTRA CP PROMOTION! We will do a donation promo and add 30% on top of all donations made starting today until 2018.01.02! The minimum donated amount has to be 7$ for this offer to be valid. If you want to support Ragnaclan and help us with paid ads on Facebook & Co. [click here] The bonus is already applied on the website. __________________________________________________ Maintenance 2017.12.28 Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Aesir Crate: Sweetheart Gum of Mouth added. Charming Ribbon removed. Fishing Starter Box added. Skin Colors moved to "Other" category. War of Emperium Fixes/Updates: New costumes to participation shop added: Costume: Oliver Wolf Hood Costume: Black Musang Hat Costume: Heart Wing Hairband Costume: Five Colored Feathers Costume: Rabbit Magic Hat Costume: Marcher Hat Costume: Magician's Night Cap Costume: Tarlock's Hat Costume: Galanthus Guard Prices of costumes have been reduced to 20. WoE Participation Shop and Rental Shop merged into one NPC and moved (prontera,145,199). Battleground Fixes/Updates: BG Headgear Shop: RWC 2008 Dragon Helm Copper [1] added. NPC Fixes/Updates: Clan Mission Board 71-85 adjusted, quest text was quite irritating. Guild Binder now gives a warning that bound items will vanish if guild disbands. Independant Banker NPC in @go clan added. The Zeny stored there will be separate from the Bank tab, this allows you to store up to 4bil per account. Item Collection moved to new location (prontera,138,224) Vote Shop Preview option added and moved to new location (prontera,125,211) Noviceground: Moved Exit portal a little bit forward so it is more accesible without turning the camera. Noviceground skip added to Shion. Updated Instructor Roy. New freebie added: Costume: Beginner Cap giving following stats: Revival System: Custom Weapons implemented. Brave Sword [2] Fishing System: Scuba Mask cost reduced. Now level 2 and 3 Fishing will give Gold Coins instead of just level 3. New pet added: Angry Penguin Aquaring Fishing pets now give stats: Aquaring - HP +30, SP +10, Water Resistance +3% Angry Penguin - HP +10, SP +30, Water Resistance +3% Mining System: New pet added: Mineraling Mining pets now give stats: Mythlit Egg - Exp +5% Amelit Egg - Exp +5% Emelit Egg - Exp +5% Rubylit Egg - Exp +5% Sapphilit Egg - Exp +5% Topalit Egg - Exp +5% Mineraling Egg - Exp +5% PvP System: A new shop has been added to PvP NPC with the following items for Skulls: Costume: Fallen Angel Lost Costume: Cintamani Dragon Hat in 4 different colors added. Costume: Loki & Nydhoggur Doll Costume: Man's Medal PvP Aura in @go clan (clangroup,250,54,6) now charges 100 Skulls for an aura. This change was made due to aura list being released and skulls losing value. Special Features/Zeny Shop: (@go clan, at fountain) Weapon Unequip Dagger to Special Zeny Shop added. New MvP Zeny Pets added: Each MvP Costs 10 mil, 7.5 with discount Ygnizem ( MDEF+1, Demi Human Resistance +1% ) Turtle General ( ATK +2%,MATK damage to Demi Human +2% ) Orc Lord ( STR +1, DEX +1 ) Osiris ( ATK/MATK +1%, HP/SP -3% ) Pharaoh ( CRIT +3, LUK -1 ) Pet stats are copies of existing pets, they just look cool and consume BG badges for food. Item Updates/Fixes: Benevolent Guardian Healing Effectiveness fixed. Yggdrasil Box (30) (ID: 12534) is no longer an unknown item Parade Hat (ID: 5225) fixed - Heal will now lex aeterna any target (10% chance) Scarf (ID: 5322) will now be called "Kerchief" Air Pirate's Bandana (ID:5277) now called "Yellow Bandana" Irene Elder Pet Bonus description fixed. The following item have their trade restriction edited (All restriction lifted except No sell to npc): - Bunny Top Hat - Fantastic Pumpkin Head - Fishing Rod - Fising Scubamask - Fisherman's Suit - Fisherman's Boots - Fisherman's Muffler - Fisherman's Hat - Small Fishing Rod - Lure - Megaphone - Observer - Parade Hat - Radio Antenna - Scarf (Kerchief) - Shafka - Sheep Hat - Weird Pumpkin Hat - Yellow Bandana - Seal of Continental Guard - Rune Spellstone - Death Loop Misc Updates/Fixes: Config Enabled for pet attack when the owner attacks a monster. Pets will now show their food on their egg description.
  7. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 21 December 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 15-60 minutes. Sorry for the amount of spoilers! Otherwise changelog would be way to long.. __________________________________________________ Events: Christmas Events: Christmas Celebration - MVP & Giveaway! [click here] Rudolph and his shiny nose - Our light in the dark. [click here] Snow Flowers - Mr. & Mrs. Claus. [click here] Broken Sleigh - Help Giftson to restore the sleigh before it's too late! [click here] Christmas Cheer - Mrs. Claus needs help! [click here] Crystal's arrival - Find Crystal around Rune-Midgard and receive a little treat. [click here] LSC/Loading Screen Contest: Create a Loading Screen for Ragnaclan and win a nice reward! [click here] Gold Amber Special: Gold Amber Jackpot available until first maintenance in 2018. "Notice me Teddy". The headgear rotates on your head depending on your head position. It has a death animation shown as in the picture. Additionally we added some new costumes and items: Giveaway: Without the players supporting the server so much we would not be able to provide the amount of proxies we have, the frequent client, gepard and andro improvements. We would like to thank our players that helped us to sustain the server since opening. As such we will give out a little giveaway to everyone that donated a total amount of 25$ to the server starting from December 1. until December 31. Please message Daifuku in the forum, discord or ingame to collect it. Giveaway preview: __________________________________________________ Maintenance 2017.12.21 Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Crate Updates: (!) some crate headgears will be removed / added. Hersir Crate: Black Tail Ribbon [1] added. RTC First Place [1] added. Ancient Gold Ornament [1] added. *spoiler for more info as it's modified. Merkirs Crate: CD in mouth [0] added. Ship Captain Hat [1] added. Reginrev's Wings [0] added. Black Frame Glasses [0] removed. Aesir Crate: Gangster Scarf [0] added. Pirate Dagger [0] added. Purple Cowboy Hat [0] added. Koneko Hat [0] added. Donut In Mouth [0] added. Choco Donut In Mouth [0] added. Hyuke's Black Cat Ears [0] added. 4Leaf Clover In Mouth [0] removed. Scarlet Rose [0] removed. Ramen Hat [0] removed. *still obtainable from battlegrounds Tam [1] removed. *still obtainable from battlegrounds Cat Ear Beret [0] removed. *still obtainable from battlegrounds Bell Ribbon [1] removed. Vanir Crate: Vanir Crate has been removed. Some headgears from the Vanir Crate have been moved to Aesir Crate. Some headgears will be added to quest headgears in @go clan in the future. November sale unboxing removed [old changelog] December %SALE% 40% off all cash shop pets - they will be replaced with new ones next maintenance. The 'Event' tab got new headgears, these will be removed with our first maintenance in 2018. WoE System Fixes/Updates: Sunday War of Emperium will be added 2018.01.07 as the next 2 sundays guilds won't have time to attend. Alliances disabled. Emperium is now plant type with 500HP. Sanctuary won't heal 777 on Emperium. @die removed from WoE maps. @duel blocked in WoE maps (also battlegrounds and pvp) NPC Fixes/Updates: Floating Rates System: Rates now change at specific times. Times are also listed at the NPC and do not clash with WoE. 01:00, 04:00, 07:00, 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00 @time Revival System: Will now give Master Revival Token. Those that did not receive a Token upon Master Revival please check the "Item Collection" NPC in @go 0, next to the PvP NPC. (will be given out max 30 mins after maint. have to do it manually.) Custom Weapons implemented: More weapons will be added with upcoming updates. We have one planned for each class. Ascension Staff [0] - High Priest Custom Weapon preview: Gold Rush: Chance of getting items raised. Listed the times when Gold Rush triggers to npc. Fixed 1GC reward to 10GC reward. Fishing: Fishing Rod zeny requirement decreased from 5.000.000z to 3.500.000z Fishing will now have a small chance of dropping Gold Coins and Gold Coin Bags (1-5 GC). Costume Headgear requirements reduced from 50~100 to 15~50 depending on the headgear. *Costume Water Spellcaster is an Aura(lower hg slot!) and requires 15 Gold Fish obtainable from Gold Amber. New Costume Headgears added: Costume Rose Corsage added. Costume Butterfly Hairpin added. Costume Aqua Ten Gallon Hat added. Costume Penguin Cap added. Costume Watery Eyes added. Master Baiter's Crate will be given out to #1 ranked fishing master every Friday, 23:15 @time and gives one of the listed items: Bubble Gum, Enriched Elunium, Enriched Oridecon, Gym Pass, Bloody Branch, Name Change Coupon, Universal Taming Scroll, HE Bubble Gum, Insurance, All in One Ring Box, Token of Siegfried Box and our custom skin tones!! Mining: Costume Headgears Mithril requirement reduced from 400 to 30~50 depending on the headgear. 50 Pick Axe will cost around 300k and you will end up with roughly 10 Mithril if you're not super unlucky. (daifuku tested) Pet Egg Mithril requirement reduced from 200 to 50. Bradium Fragment Mithril requirement reduced from 50 to 10. Mining will now have a small chance of dropping Gold Coins and Gold Coin Bags (1-5 GC). Mithril Ore conversion rate changed from 10:1 to 5:1. New Costume Headgears added: Costume Ancient Horns added. Costume Circlet of Bones added. Costume Double Horn Helm added. Costume Crown of Victory added. Costume Anniversary Crown added. Bradium Smuggler in dicastes01,92,133,6 now only asks for 3 Bradium Fragment from Mining instead of 20. King of Emperium: All members left on the King of Emperium map will receive the reward. If you died/are not on the map when KoE ends you will not be rewarded. KoE reward changed. You will now get a Huskarl Crate which gives you one random item from the list below: Enriched Elunium 1x Enriched Oridecon 1x Token of Siegfried Box (10) 1x Bloody Branch 1x Old Card Album 1x Bubble Gum 1x Yggdrasil Seed Box (30) 1x Convex Mirror 1x KoE times changed: (servertime, use @time ingame) 14:15 (2:15PM) 23:15 (11:15PM) Headgear Quests: Coppola [0] added. Dragon Skull [0] added. Pink Pajamas Hat [0] added. Blue Pajamas Hat [0] added. Power of Thor [1] added. Soldier Hat [1] added. Item Fixes/Updates: BG Winter Case does not give 100 apples anymore. Unidentified Mineral can now be sold to npc. Xmas Orc egg is now fixed. Sheep Hat Description and trade flags fixed. Skill Fixes/Updates: Charge Attack won't go over small walls anymore. Asura can now be snap dodged. Misc Fixes/Updates: @partyinfo added. Fixed some text typos in npcs. Forum software updated.
  8. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 7 December 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 15-60 minutes. IMPORTANT NOTICE: 1) PLEASE PATCH FIRST. This maintenance will focus mainly on content improvements. There will also be some christmas events and additional bug fixes. We want to polish up our current systems and expand them instead of adding new ones. __________________________________________________ EXP Event: Rates Increased to 60x60x20x until Sunday 10, 5pm servertime! __________________________________________________ Maintenance 2017.11.17 Global Fixes/Updates: Staff Changes: [GM] sDull removed from staff. [GM] Steph removed from staff. [GM] Custard temporarely removed until more active. Party Even Share Bonus increased to 30. Housing System (@go clan, at the bar) On our previous servers Nihad worked on an extensive housing system. It had some nice features but some of them did not fit in with the Ragnaclan vision so he made some adjustments. The Ragnaclan Team discussed an option to add guild houses. So this will be the first step in doing that. Guild houses will take a much longer time to release since a new system will need to be written for those. Now before we begin, one of the major concerns with things like this is that it can possibly make towns empty. So, some precautions have been taken to reduce the risk of that happening. Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: November %SALE% unboxing! Enriched Oridecon Box (10) decreased from 12.000CP to 10.000CP Enriched Elunium Box (10) decreased from 12.000CP to 10.000CP Gym Pass Box (10) decreased from 5000CP to 4000CP Giant Fly Wing Box (500) decreased from 1000CP to 800CP Token of Siegfried Box (10) decreased from 300CP to 250CP All In One Ring Box (1) decreased from 3000CP to 2500CP WoE System Fixes/Updates: WoE Time discussion here: http://forum.ragnaclan.com/index.php?/topic/867-discussion-woe-final-times/ Elunium/Oridecon Boxes removed. NPC Fixes/Updates: Revival System Notice: Custom Weapons (stats) will be implemented with next maintenance! Make sure to put some Essence Flask aside! Zeny Costume System: Starting today we will be adding Costumes that you can purchase for Zeny in @go clan, Added following headgears: Invisible Cap Invisible Sunglasses Invisible Mask Invisible Garment Honeybee Hat Valkyrie Feather Band Bf Recruiter Hat Gf Recruiter Hat Guildsman Recruiter Hat Party Recruiter Hat Vote Shop System: Added following Headgears: Baby Dragon Hat AFK Hat Sakura Hat Piggie Bank Monochrome Cap Charlie Beard Chicken Beak Gold Rush: Gold Rush will now have set times instead of popping up random: (every 4 hours) 02:15, 06:15, 10:15, 14:15, 18:15, 22:15 Gold Rush contains all Cash Shop Crates, including the Hersir Crate!! Gold Amber: New Event 'Gold Amber' has been added. warning: addiction level +500 You need 5 Gold Coins to play a round of Gold Amber. List of items and how the game works [click here/coming soon] Item List: @request GM list updated. Also removed GMs that are not in charge of support/don't have In-Game duty. Lutie warp now fixed. Guild Dungeon warper now fixed. Item Fixes/Updates: Hunting Cap trade restrictions adjusted. Rune Spellstone trade restrictions adjusted. Santa Hat Costume fixed. Prevent use of poison bottle in pvp. Fixed Arc Angeling Hat Description. Changed Recruiting Hats to costume. Changed AFK hat to costume. Added description to Elite Siege Supply Box. Mini Horse Hair Pin restrictions removed. Misc Fixes/Updates: Added Moscovia, Mid Camp and Jawaii to Town mapflag. @joinbg will now work from those maps. Added leveling guide to noviceground npcs. Preventing use of @die in pvp maps.
  9. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! From Nihad, I had planned on doing an update tomorrow but the opportunity presented it self tonight. NPC Edits: Disabled Turkey NPC Disabled Airship NPCs Optimized Healer NPC Removed equipment identification from the OnTouch, must click on NPC now Removed Restock from OnTouch, must click on NPC now Removed oridecon and elunium conversion from OnTouch, must click NPC now Instance Edits: Endless Cellar had a bug where you could claim the prize multiple times - fixed Wolfchev Lab Fixed proper requirements in the shop and made it so it takes proper items Other Edits: Novice grounds had some label typos what caused some monsters not to re-spawn, corrected those Removed an unused old feature that caused over 4 gigs of logs, should help with performance a bit BG Edits: Got rid of the message spam when someone goes AFK in BG Website Edits: Added a vote for points page: http://ragnaclan.com/?module=vote Thanks to PhantoN- for helping out with that You will get a Vote Coin auto added to your storage upon login when you vote 5 times A voting shop will be added within the next 48 hours that will contain some nice cosmetics for helping us vote Also we encourage you to give us a review here: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=19860&itv=6&url_sname=Ragnaclan
  10. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 17 November 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. The server will be down longer than our usual 15 minutes, we expect a downtime of 1-2 hours today. The following things will be fixed with our next maintenance: IMPORTANT NOTICE: We need to test the new client in Battlegrounds and WoE scenario. However AndRO can't be adjusted on the fly and will be down until further notice. The AndRO Developer will upload the new client as soon as possible for our Android users. __________________________________________________ Thanksgiving Events: [Quest] Horn of Achelous - Restore infinite power. If you help him, he will provide you with a share of his infinite power to make life grow. [Headgear Quests] These will also stay after thanksgiving is over. Sheep Hat [0] Strawberry Hat [1] Pizza Hat [0] Indian Feather Headband [1] Peacock Feather [1] Fanta Orange Can Hat [1] __________________________________________________ War of Emperium: Dear Players, we would like to inform you that tomorrows War of Emperium is not the official one. We will hold another TEST WoE to ensure that the custom NPCs and recent modifications we made are working correctly. The times will be the same as last time. WoE will start at 11AM servertime and last for 60 minutes. Reward: Participating Guilds can keep their Participation Points. Winning Guild which owns the Castle by the end of WoE will gain access for two days to the Guild Dungeon. Maintenance 2017.11.17 Rules Fixes/Updates: * First Offense: Mute & Jail for 6 hours. If you get something, we will remove the items you obtained. * Second Offense: Temporary ban to all related accounts. * Third Offense: Permanent ban Global Fixes/Updates: Thanksgiving Events implemented. Most if not all public maps have been marked with the nobranch mapflag. New 2015 Client implemented. Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Costume Headgear rotation. NPC Fixes/Updates: Removed Halloween leftover headgears from donation preview NPC. PvP Modifications BG Foods will be allowed in the rooms that allow Potions. Re-loging inside a PvP room will not warp you back to your savepoint. When leaving a PvP room that allows BG Foods, your food buffs will be dispelled. A warning is given before going into PvP and before leaving PvP, so you can only blame your self if your universal foods get dispelled. Fixed a typo that still showed a GvG Room. TDM kill bonus reworked again to not glitch and give infinite badges. The person who gets the last kill does not have their kill counted due to the nature of how BG is setup. You will receive 1 Badge per kill at the end of TDM and a message stating how many bonus badges you got. Added Kiel Dungeon 2 quest alternative NPC. Found next to the normal dungeon access device. Pay 100,000z for a warp to the dungeon with no questions asked. Added a weight check to Tripatriate Union's Feud NPCs Donation Preview NPC updated. Item Fixes/Updates: Adjusted and added some Feral items from Cat Hand Services ( http://irowiki.org/wiki/Cat_Hand_Services ). These are Renewal items so they had to undergo some serious nerfs. Feral Tail -6 Flee -4 Dex Feral Boots -6 Flee -4 Dex Golden Bell will stay as is. Monster & Pet Fixes/Updates: Maya Purple now dropping Level 10 Cook Book at 10% fixed. All 'mini-boss' monsters listed in the Old Card Album will have their card drop increased to 0.10% (With the exceptions of TRUE minibosses - see rule for the definition of true minibosses) Dark Priest added to Dark Lord's map, adjusted to fit pre-renewal. Pets will no longer loose intimacy when a player dies. Misc Fixes/Updates: Added noloot atcommand Added storeall atcommand WoE Fixes/Updates: WoE Rental Shop carding price fixed to 10,000z. WoE Rental item price fixed to 10,000z. Fixed WoE Castle entering permissions to work with rosters properly. Fixed kill message inside WoE castles. Fixed carding bug where cards could be placed into the wrong gear. Fixed WoE shop to only be available 1 hour prior to WoE.
  11. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 10 November 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. The following things will be fixed with our next maintenance: (keep in mind that we will add more until mini maintenance, so please check the changelog frequently!) Global Fixes/Updates: New Ragnaclan Team members: [GM] Lobo - Event Game Master [GM] Custard - Event Game Master [GM] Sylar - PH/EN Support Game Master [GM] sDull - BR/EN/ES Support Game Master [GM] Mercurie - EN Support Game Master [GM] Pizza Hut - PH/EN Support Game Master ???? UNKNOWN PERSON ???? - Bot Hunter Floating Rates implemented. Rates now change every 3 hours. Official PvP NPCs disabled. Rates Inflation System removed. Double EXP Event removed. Halloween Events removed. 250 CP Free CP announcement removed. Rush from Battleground removed. Updated Ragnaclan Full Client on downloads. Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Halloween Costumes removed. NPC Fixes/Updates: @request GM list updated. WoE Registration and Trial System implemented. Participation point system + shop implemented as well. Battleground TDM Kill Bonus rewards fixed. Battleground Kill-Streak + Sounds now added to announcement settings. @settings Battleground Shop: Purple Cowboy Hat added for 5500 War Badges. Rainbow Scarf added for 5500 War Badges. Skull Cap [1] added for 4500 War Badges. Cat Ear Beret added for 4500 War Badges. Sarah's Memory getting stuck fixed. Slot Machine will now get its own Announcement settings. - MAKE SURE YOU THE ANNOUNCEMENTS IS ON VIA @SETTINGS. Costume Maker now accepts refined headgears. Keep in mind costumes don't have refine, so you will lose the refine. Card Exchanger OCA reward reduced from 10000 points to 2500 points. Tripatriate Union's Feud NPC food requirements changed to 2 from 5. Also added the option to trade in all requirements for as many foods as possible instead of getting 1 at a time. Bongun Hat effect modified: Demon Reistance + 10% Hyegun Hat effect modified: Demon & Undead Resistance +10%. MDEF+5 New Headgear Quests implemented: Vane Hairpin Wings of Victory Little Feather Hat Hyegun Hat Anubis Hat Item Fixes/Updates: Battleground Cases fixed. Dress hat can now be dropped Flapping Angel Wing can now be dropped and put into guild storage. Helm of Abyss/Abysmal Knight Helm now have iRO effect. Costume Vicious Stop Bandage is now a Middle-gear costume. Sprint Set item description updated to make it more clear. Pumpkin Pie healing reverted to normal. Witch Pumpkin Hat Description Fixed. Witch Pumpkin Hat combo bonus altered. Bonus effects when worn with Mr. Smile, Hahoe Mask, Alarm Mask, or Opera Mask Mr. Smile: Increases the healing power of Well Baked Cookies. Chance of Obtaining Well Baked Cookies Hahoe Mask: ASPD +5%. Low chance of gaining ATK for a short duration Alarm Mask: Low chance of obtaining Pumpkin Pie Opera Mask: Flee +10. Low chance to Stun enemy Skill Fixes/Updates: @spb fully functional. All combos are now working again. Monsters in Grand Cross will receive all hits. Sonic Blow from auto attacks will no longer stop the attack. Taekwon missions will now count per monster name and not monster id. Assassin cross song duration increased to 3 minutes. Monster Fixes/Updates: Maya Purple now drops Level 10 Cookbook at 10%. Misc Fixes/Updates: Disguise announcement will no longer show winner if you are not participating. Irene elder pet food has been changed to Pet food. Marriage Ring exchanging bug is fixed. Miracle Nullified message from TKM removed. As a sign of appreciation we would like to say 'thank you' to our contributors. Without you we would not have been able to purchase AndRO as quick and get additional features like our proxies. We would like to give out a costume headgear (no stats!) to those that supported the server with a total donation over 250$. Please message Daifuku via Forum, Discord or Ingame.
  12. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next mini maintenance on 31 October 2017 at [UTC-4] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. The following things will be fixed with our next maintenance: (keep in mind that we will add more until mini maintenance, so please check the changelog frequently!) Halloween Events - Phase II: Charon's Obol - Escaping Souls Horror Factory - Save Christmas New Headgears from Halloween Events: Halloween Events listed in Forum Event section: http://forum.ragnaclan.com/index.php?/forum/7-events/ Mini Maintenance 2017.10.31 Global Fixes/Updates: Ragnaclan Reveal Event removed. Topics made before todays mini maint. will still receive their CP. NPC Fixes/Updates: Donation Preview NPC now has the Halloween items inside. Guild Buffer Soul Link in Prontera increased to 10 minutes. Card Remover base cost reduced from 250000z to 100000z (total: 200000z for 1st card + 100000z for ea. additional) Trick or Treat (Halloween Event) buffs increased from 3 to 30 minutes. Tool Dealer (@buy) now sells Strawberry for 700z and Meat for 50z. Account Editor bug fixed. Halloween Event bugs have been fixed up. Warper bug for Brasilis and Comodo fixed. Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson quest requirement "2x Egg" was removed. Item Fixes/Updates: HE Bubble Gum description fixed, now 300% for 15 minutes. Pumpkin Pies increased from 5% sp/hp heal to 10% Donut in Mouth & Choco Donut in Mouth now give +100HP and 1 HP recovery every 10 seconds.
  13. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 27 October 2017 at [UTC-4] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. The following things will be fixed with our next maintenance: (keep in mind that we will add more until maintenance, so please check the changelog frequently!) Halloween Events - Phase I: (Phase II coming soon with MORE HATS!) Mrs. and Mr. Wikinson - The perfect Pumpkin Pie (nameless_n) Deviruchi and his Gloomy Jack - Where is my Pumpkin Mojo? (prontera) Pumpkin Hat Researcher - Condensed Energy (namless_n) A little Mischevious - Trick or Treat (prontera) Finding Skelling - Help!!! (gl_prison) Viktor Frankenstein - Dead Companion (nif_in) Guides will be available soon at http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Halloween_Event_2017 For now, enjoy the clues and explore. Global Events: Double EXP Event Enjoy double rates on Ragnaclan for an entire week! Rates have been raised from 30x30x10x to 60x60x20x (not including boss/MVP) Maintenance 2017.10.27 Global Fixes/Updates: [Asia] getting a new proxy located in USA West Coast. The host connection is optimized for Asia. [EU] getting a new proxy located in France. Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Cosmetic Headgears rotation! Halloween Headgears added to the Event tab in the Cash Shop! More Halloween Headgears Fresh by Haziel! NPC Fixes/Updates: Battleground: Enabled the ability to obtain and Open BG Cases using various ways Introduced BG Case and Halloween Case Revival System: Revival Shop Costumes reduced from 5x Essence Flask to 2x Essence Flask. Headgears now require 25x Gold Coins and 250.000 Zeny. Revival Shop Normal Headgears reduced from 10x Essence Flask to 5x Essense Flask. Headgears now require 50x Gold Coins and 500.000 Zeny. Revival reward increased from 20x to 50x Gold Coins. Now also gives a Field Manual 50%, Job Manual 50% and Life Insurance. Master Revival 100 Gold Coins reward increased to 1000x Gold Coins. Now also gives Starter Bundle and 5x Essence Flask. On top of that a special Master Revival Token that can be traded for custom weapons and extra headgears (Coming soon). Rates Inflation System: Rates Inflation System has been removed and replaced with Floating Rates System. Floating Rates System will start working after our EXP Event has ended. Floating Rates can go up to 60x60x20x and will change every 3 hours. Events: Cluckers: Winner Prize changed to 1x Old Card Album Maze: Winner Prize changed to 10x Gold Coins All Events: Announcement color changed from blue to purple. Fishing System: Added Fishing Scuba Mask Added Fisherman's Suit Moved Town Fishing spots to fields. [Check Wiki] Warper: Fields and Dungeons won't display the Playercount anymore. It was abused to track down bigger parties on certain maps and harass/manipulate those. Towns will still display the count, if players want this to be removed as well we can adjust it easily. Tool Dealer now sells Ice Cream for 150z instead of 180z. Missing Healer in Yuno fixed. Dicastes quest level requirement fixed. Kafra savepoint in Rachel fixed. Quest requirement for Pink/brown beanie fixed. Item Fixes/Updates: Gray Helm DEF display fixed. A bunch of items got their trade restrictions removed. Fixed Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich. Updated the look for some pet eggs. Skill Fixes/Updates: Monster Fixes/Updates: Misc Fixes/Updates: Dead Branch Mapflags adjusted for reported maps. Chat Mapflags adjusted in prontera. @aoes will now work properly Fixed Alberta and Morroc maps. New Wiki Guides: http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Mining http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Ghost_Palace http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Sarah's_Memory
  14. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 20 October 2017 at [UTC-4] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. The following things will be fixed with our next maintenance: (keep in mind that we will add more until maintenance, so please check the changelog frequently!) Coming next Maintenance (most likely 2017.10.25): Halloween Events We prepared various quests, extra extraordinary costumes, stat-giving headgears, a whole new dungeon with scary monsters and more! Guides will be up and ready when Halloween gets implemented. Sample of Halloween items: (we'll have a lot more though!) Maintenance 2017.10.20 Global Fixes/Updates: Battleground text issues have been fixed. Battleground extra letters in announcements have been fixed. Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Permanent changes to following items: Bubble Gum cost reduced from 2000CP to 1500CP HE Bubble Gum cost reduced from 4000CP to 2500CP Battle Manual 50% cost reduced from 1500CP to 1000CP Battle Manual 150% cost reduced from 4000CP to 2500CP Job Manual 50% cost reduced from 1500CP to 1000CP Job Manual 150% cost reduced from 4000CP to 2500CP Life Insurance cost reduced from 2000CP to 250CP Starter Bundle cost reduced from 15000CP to 8000CP Refined Fly Wing added. Book of Eternal Youth added. Universal Taming Scroll added. NPC Fixes/Updates: Jobchanger now gives Soul Linker: Arc Want [1] Jobchanger now gives Super Novice the Beginner Supply Kit, Novice Armlet [1] and Novice Figure. Fish Tail NPC from Dicastes Quest has been fixed. Laponte and Kalipo level requirements have been fixed. Bandit Beard quest fixed. Mission Board cooldown for 91-99 level fixed. World Food Day was removed. Added new 21 headgear quests to Ulisses Uppergear. Skill Fixes/Updates: Taekwon Skills have been fixed. Stances no longer need to be used on the monster that triggered the stance. Taekwon stances can activate even if another one is active, this should get rid of the issue when killing a monster. Taekwons won't have a walk delay after stance activation. Tumbling has been modified and needs further testing from players. Teleport / Flywing now works inside Dead Branch Rooms. Coin Flip changed from 20+10*skill level to 50+10*skill level. Means, at level 5 (max) it won't fail. Monster Fixes/Updates: Noxious spawn time reduced from 5 minutes to 30 seconds. Alice spawn time reduced from 30~50 minutes to 10~20 minutes. Misc Fixes/Updates: @spb (showpartybuffs) command has been fixed. If some party members are offline, it will not 100% display the right person online. We are working on resolving this. Vending has been disabled on most maps. @showdelays added to login settings. New Wiki Guides: http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Endless_Tower http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Orcs_Memory http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Aura_Merchant/ http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Sarah's_Memory http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Ghost_Palace http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Mining http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Aristocarts http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Dead_Branch_Room
  15. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 11 October 2017 at [UTC-4] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time and add more fixes as we go. The following things will be fixed with our next maintenance: We have a big announcement today. We've successfully subscribed Ragnaclan to android platform. From today on, you will be able to play Ragnaclan from your Android phones. Please read more about it here [Click here] New Events: World Food Day Ragnaclan will celebrate the World Food Day for an entire week starting 2017.10.11 until 2017.10.18! You can expect a variety of quests for new headgears and pets! Check the guide here [Click here] (coming shortly) The world produces enough food to feed everyone, yet, about 800 million people suffer from hunger. That is one in nine people. 60% of them are women. Hunger kills more people every year than malaria, tuberculosis and aids combined. While we on Ragnaclan can not change it for the entire world we would like to raise awareness for #WorldFoodDay and #ZeroHunger. Living on the streets for a few weeks after losing everything was pretty rough for me, it's been two years since then and I can live fine by myself now but not everyone is as lucky as I was. Let's make the world a better one, Ragnaclan - United we stand. Maintenance 2017.10.11 Global Fixes/Updates: Monsters will no longer randomly stop chasing players. Monsters will now stack, up to 50 per cell. Official path finding for monsters adjusted. This will fix the "jumping over walls" in LHZ and other maps. Players can keep the 32 cell max walk path. Battleground player flags fixed. Compensation option from Item Collection NPC removed. Cash Shop -25% Sale offer removed. Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Taini Pet Egg fixed. NPC Fixes/Updates: Gold Rush automated event implemented. [Click here] to read more about it. Bakonawa Instance fixed. Drop rates have been increased as well. Race of the Day fixed. Public Dead Branch Room fixed. Homunculus reset fixed. Warper bug fixed. Item Fixes/Updates: Gold Coin weight reduced from 1 to 0. Black Devil's Mask description fixed. GMG (ATK) description defense fixed. GMG (DEF) sprite updated to match what you see in inventory. Skill Fixes/Updates: Cart revolution now pushes targets back based on the last move. Monster Fixes/Updates: Mining Knocker now drop Pick Axe. Misc Fixes/Updates: No Death Penalty mapflag added to certain maps. @jumpwhosell / @jumpwhobuy now working. Guild notice on teleport/mapchange has been removed. New Wiki Guides: http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Endless_Tower http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Orcs_Memory
  16. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 6 October 2017 at [UTC-4] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time and add more fixes as we go. The following things will be fixed with our next maintenance: IMPORTANT: This Maintenance includes important patches. It will take a while until the patcher has integrated the patch successfully into your ragnaclan.grf For some it might take several minutes, please WAIT until the START GAME button appears! Double check if you have any leftover .tmp files in your folder. If so please message a Ragnaclan Team member. Coming next Maintenance: Gold Rush Machine. Postponed until Sunday's Maintenance. Maintenance 2017.10.06 Global Fixes/Updates: [SEA/Korea] and [BR/Sao Paulo] Proxy have been added. Stylist Palettes updated. Please let us know after the maintenance if palettes are now fixed. Compensation option implemented into Item Collection NPC in Prontera for 1 week. You can exchange your Anubis Helm [0] & Evil Marching Hat for a new Hersir's Crate. Pre-Release Battleground is now activated. Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Weekend Super -25% SALE! -25% Weekend Super Sale ends 8 October 2017 at [UTC-4] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Battle Manual 50% reduced from 1500CP to 1125CP! Battle Manual 150% reduced from 4000CP to 3000CP! Same discount applies to Job Manuals! Bubble Gum reduced from 2000CP to 1500CP! HE Bubble Gum reduced from 4000CP to 3000CP! Hersir's Crate: Anubis Helm removed. Evil Marcher Hat removed. Marcher Hat/Parade Hat [1] added. Jasper Crest [1] added. Black Devil Mask [0] added. NPC Fixes/Updates: Cat Hand Agent for Ring of the Wise King Quest moved to clangroup, left room. Alchemist Shop: Empty Potion Bottle added. Empty Test Tube added. Alcohol reduced from 150000z to 30000z Fabric reduced from 5000z to 2500z Heart of Mermaid reduced from 10000z to 7500z Immortal Heart reduced from 20000 to 17500z Disguise Event rounds increased from 5 to 10. Deviant Dragon (Dragon Manteau Quest) Location: hu_fild05,349,301 Items required: Guild Buffer Soul Link fixed. Warper player on map display error fixed. Stuck glitches on NPCs fixed. Hawk Eye Quest requirement fixed. Warper missing gef_dun00 fixed. Warper last warp adjusted if you have last warp to unavailable maps. Eden Shop typo fixed. Mission Board 91-99 fixed. Skill Fixes/Updates: Claymore Trap: Claymore will stop exploding on monsters when a character dies. Traps can now be pushed back. Arrow Shower: Arrow shower will now work on Traps. Devotion Skill status icon will now be shown on the player that is devoted. Misc Fixes/Updates: @buy added. Opens the tool dealers "buy" shop from any map. @sell added. Opens the tool dealers "sell" shop from any map. Auraset memory leaks updated. Adventurer Clan Equipment now sell-able to NPC. Removed noteleport mapflags from Kiel dungeon 1, Einbech, Enbroch, and Lighthalzen. New Wiki Guides: Dragon Manteau: http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Dragon_Manteau Bradium Brooch: http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Bradium_Brooch
  17. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! The following things have been fixed: Coming next Maintenance: [SEA/Korea] and [BR/Sao Paulo] proxy ordered and configured, will be available next maintenance. Waiting for Gepard to apply the new IPs to our Ragnaclan.exe Gold Rush will be implemented with next maintenance. Gold Rush is a Slot Machine, giving you access to valuable cash shop/other items in exchange for gold coins. Stylist Palette update with next maintenance. Waiting for Kamishi to send them. Maintenance 2017.10.03 Cash Shop Fixes/Updates: Hersir's Crate added: Evil Marching Hat I love China Anubis Helm Aesir's Crate added: Observer Vanir's Crate added: Takius's Blindfold Pet's added: Domovoi Taini Tamadora NPC Fixes/Updates: Implemented Race of the Day. Gold Coin Exchanger implemented at an exchange rate of 1 CP: 5GC. Dark Priest quest from Mission Board removed. Healer now removes Slow Cast and Critical Wound status. Tool Dealer now selling Speed Potions. Misc Dealer now has an Alchemist Shop including: Heart of Mermaid Alcohol Fabric Immortal Heart Zenorc's Fang Various Potion Creation Books Weapon Dealer Items and prices modified: Crazy Boris text fixed. Battleground Headgears removed (list will be posted in forum soon to discuss badge amount) Donation Preview fixed. Namechanger fixed. Disguise Event announcement fixed. Account editor E-Mail change fixed. Mission Boards quest turn in fixed - You can now turn in quest even though you're not in the level range. Card Exchanger fixed. Telchar Mithril conversion fixed. Aura Merchant fixed. Warper spawn locations fixed and following maps removed: moc_fild21 Maze Event fixed. Skill Fixes/Updates: Throw Zeny fixed. FCP and Food buffs can no longer be dispelled by Tarot. Item Fixes/Updates: Gold Coin rewards changed for: Revival System: Normal Revive: 20 Gold Coins Master Revive: 1000 Gold Coins Mission Boards: 91-99: 3 Gold Coins Lottery: 1000 Gold Coins L_Majestic_Goat renamed to Gigantic Majestic Goat (ATK). L_Magestic_Goat2 renamed to Gigantic Majestic Goat (DEF). Clan Leader Shop items account bound restriction removed. Wat Badge renamed to War Badge. Due to complaints from a number of player regarding our drop rate balance, the drop rate of the following items has been decreased to 25%: Dark Bacilium Diabolus Armor Diabolus Boots Diabolus Robe Valkyrie Armor Valkyrie Manteau Valkyrie Shoes Valkyja's Shield Bison Horn Variant Shoes The drop rate of the following items has been decreased to 75%: Morpheus Ring Morpheus Bracelet The buy price for Stiletto [2] has been adjusted to match Stiletto [3]: Enriched Elunium Box trade restrictions fixed. Enriched Oridecon Box trade restrictions fixed. Token of Siegfried Box trade restrictions fixed. Adventurer's Bow III class restrictions fixed. Clan Medals descriptions fixed. Level Up Box description fixed. Misc Fixes/Updates: Mapflags for gef_fild13 fixed. @go 23 fixed. @dance effects modified. (Less flashy more funky) Vending cells in vending map fixed.