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Found 1 result

  1. Daifuku

    Ragnaclan Forum Rules and Regulations Pre-notes: Punishments are issued at the discretion of Ragnaclan Staff members and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to mute, ban, and jail you for rule violations with or without warning. This goes to the extent of behaviors not specifically mentioned in the rules and regulations, which could be viewed as inappropriate or not acceptable. § 1 General Forum Behaviour 1. Trolling and flaming other Ragnaclan members is discouraged. 2. Keep all offensive language to a minimum. 3. Any type of racism is prohibited. 4. Spamming on a forum thread is discouraged. 5. Any pornographic materials are prohibited 6. Harassment is prohibited. This accounts for actions including, but not limited to: Sending Private Messages with illicit intent, or making post regarding 7. Advertisement of real life products or private servers anywhere on Ragnaclan forum is prohibited. 8. Ragnaclan staff reserve the rights to edit any topics or posts with just cause. Edits made by Ragnaclan staff may not be re-edited. Any addition of information to the topic or posts can be submitted with a new post. § 1 General Forum Behaviour Sanctions Offenders will receive an official warning and deletion of post or topic. Depending on the degree of the offense offenders may be removed from Ragnaclan forum. Your post or topics may be deleted without consent. Each and every report of this style will be considered by Ragnaclan Staff on a case-by-case basis. § 2 Technical Support, Ban Appeals, Bug Report and Suggestion Threads 1. Appeals or reports for any issues regarding Ragnaclan including Staff, Players, or Gameplay must be provided with proof. Appeals or report must also be made under the correct section. Any public appeals under the wrong section will be disregarded. 2. Avoid double posting bug reports. 3. Do not post any sensitive information regarding bugs or accounts on Ragnaclan public forum. If you come across sensitive bugs, you may PM Ragnaclan Administrators via Forum PM. § 3 Disclaimer 1. All rules and regulations noted above apply to all related accounts. Therefore in an event where someone breaks a rule using your account, the account involved with the offenses will be charged. 2. Apart from the listed rules and regulation with their respective punishment, Ragnaclan reserve the rights to administer any form of punishment with just cause. Just because a rule or regulations is not noted above, does not mean they are allowed. 3. Rules and Regulation of Ragnaclan may change at anytime without notice. 4. By using Ragnaclan services you agree to follow the rules and regulations of Ragnaclan. Failing to follow the rules due to lack of knowledge does not excuse you from the rules.