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Found 1 result

  1. its very useful to minimize the rendering texture and saves cpu, memory ram, and battery usage of phone .best for low spec phones like me(i'm poor lol) what you need? -android phone/tablet -pc -usb cable/bluetooth/wireless or anything that you can access your phone folders from pc first you must have fully data.grf from your android 1. run ragnaclan on your phone, then on pop up start screen. you have choose to download the "2gb full file". DO NOT click "ignore/manual patch" 2.then after full download, go to your on your android 'file manager' or if your phone dont have file manager, search and download on app store the 'root explorer' or 'es file manager' 3. connect usb to your pc then locate folder sdcard/download/ragnarok/ragnaclan/ note: file folders might vary depending on your phone . just look the folder to your phone internal storage or sdcard... similar to this 4. find data.grf and create copy of it name it to datacopy.grf (incase you want to revert it to original) 5. copy data.grf from your phone to your computer somwhere to your desktop 6. download and install grf editor https://www.mediafire.com/file/aflylbhblrzpz0h/GRF+Editor+v1.8.2.4.zip 7. download and extract graymap https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVEBLzFEzHuSll1d0Z0Y3lEdlU/view and extract it somwhere to your desktop 7. now open grf editor click file ->open -> then locate data.grf 8. click edit -> merge -> on newer grf -> browse ->load -> locate your mapsgrayworld.grf from your desktop. then finally click merge button. wait it to finish loading 100% before you close it 9. now copy your data.grf from your desktop to your phone sdcard/download/ragnarok/ragnaclan/ then replace the existing data.grf viola! have now custom graymap to your android phone. how cool is that? note: if you have problems on merging grf to your data.grf you might want to watch this