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Found 17 results

  1. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Our wiki will be taken down today for a full revamp. We will abandon mediawiki as it is to hard to edit for most people and will therefore switch over to a more user-friendly and informative/widget based wordpress wiki. I will start with the changes now and will hopefully have it done within the next 48 hours. Wiki will most likely not be available during that time. Additionally I'd also like to announce that I'll give Ragnaclan a little makeover in terms of design and possibly the color scheme. Stay tuned!
  2. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! Thank you for your waiting on us! After finalizing the last item just now, we are pleased to released the our final donation list. The Ragnaclan Shop contains various items ranging from consumables to equipment. We offer these items as a token of gratitude for your support towards Ragnaclan. You can obtain Cash Points by either Donating or by converting Gold Coins in the Adventurer Clan Group. There are permanent and rotating cash shop items. Items listed below are permanent items which won't be removed from the cash shop. Some of our Crate Items can be obtained through various ingame activities. Rotating items will be showcased in our Forum Changelogs. Conversion Rates: 1000CP = 1$ 1000CP = ~51 PHP Link to Donation list: http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/index.php?title=Donation_System
  3. Greetings Clan Adventurers! If you patch your client you will notice that there is now a third connection available. This connection is for the test server. Now the test server has quite a few differences. It does not use gepard - this is because the client was prepared by us. We would love it if you would test this client. Due to this however, you cannot launch the test server from your normal Ragnaclan folder. You must download the link provided and extract it to a new folder. You must copy data.grf from your normal ragnaclan and move it to this new folder You can patch this client just like you patch your normal client Why don't we make the test server have gepard protection? Simple, this is where we test things. We cannot wait for the gepard developer to re-send us the client every time we make edits to it. Once edits have been confirmed and tested by you guys, we then send the files to him so we can apply the changes to the main server. We have applied fast refresh to it, removed chat restrictions, fixed BG emblems and a few other edits. You will have the commands Zeny and Cash All rates are increased to above 1000x so that you can just get what ever you need The test server has the latest and updates source files that we have not applied on the main server yet. This is mainly why we are making this public. Everything from storage and skills to inventories have been re-written and re-optimized. We need you to try and break the test server so we can fix any issues. We will allow for 2 weeks of testing before we apply these changes to the main server. Things we need to be tested in detail: Restock - due to so many source changes in the storage area, heavy edits to the restock functions had to be made. We have done some extensive testing on this, but we do need your help to make sure it all works. Storage and guild storage. We need you to basically try and find ways to break this. Stuff like opening storage and doing things at the same time. Closing and using items and things of the sort. We tried breaking it, but we know you guys will come up with a lot more creative ways to stress the crap out of it. Basic NPCs. A lot of NPC structure changes also happened. Nearly 200 NPCs had to be edited to fit the new formats. Basically if you can see the NPC, it probably had some code change inside it. We just want to make sure nothing weird happens like getting stuck in chat or randomly crashing you. Item database revamp. Oh gosh, this just took so long. Due to an insane amount of new features to the items, we had to restructure our entire item database. Everything from item appearances to item scripts had to be re-written. Items had to be moved from 1 database to another and even monster drops had to be re-edited. This is why we did not enable @item to you guys. We want you to test existing items and not generate items we know for a fact are broken. Rates have been increased so using that and cash and zeny commands, you should be able to pretty much make any item in the game. Why this major source update? Source changes are extremely important to an evolving and growing server. They optimize functions so things don't lag the server. The bigger the server is, the more impact this has. Things that do not effect a server with 200 players can make the serer unplayable at 500 players. As we have been seeing a steady growth all month long, we think it's better to do this now than wait for a later date when it's too late. In the last big maintenance,we also took several hours to optimize our database and re-partition the server so it can handle a growing player base. One example of this is how storage is run now. It used to run a lot of unnecessary sql queries, so the entire function was optimized that greatly reduces the number of queries going to the database. For a server with 200 players there is no difference. But double or triple that number and with extended storages now that becomes an issue. New features. Remeber how RO used to have mail. Well now there is ROdex, it's the new mail. We haven't enabled it on the test server yet, but it's there and working. We want to make sure the existing stuff is working first before we start testing this. But the mail feature is coming back. Creative AI for custom monsters. New monster functions will allow us to be a lot more creative with monsters. We can allow them dynamic responses to player actions, edit everything from their HP to their elemental resistance during fights, have them work in teams and respond to players as a group and things like that. Future instances are going to be a lot more challenging, in a new way. We don't have to just increase their HP and attack power. We can actually make the monsters interesting and not just 2 dimensional. As of right now, very few monsters are creative, they have a very basic pattern, tons of hp and high attack. Item bonuses. This is also a really fun addon we are planning to utilize in the clan system. We recently added enchanting the BG weapons. That is just stage one of what we have planned to give weapons new types of bonuses that will allow boosts to different types of gameplay. Certain styles of playing RO have died out due to new items and skills that make the old styles obsolete. With these new types of buffs to items, we hope to revive some of those old styles that some of enjoyed so much without messing up the gameplay. Future purposes. Updating the source now allows for a quick merge of new features. If herc adds something new, we already have the source prepared for it. We just got to merge those new edits and we are ready to implement. Recently it has become incredibly difficult to add new shiny things because we had to make custom source edits to support that. So, how do you connect to the test server? DOWNLOAD https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cXIDMivFy13Few3_Ol1ulJmIF90dPmnH/view Just download this and extract to a new folder, copy your data.grf to that new folder and you are good to go. To make an account on the test server, the first time you log in you add _m to your username for a male account and _f for a female account. So for example I would put in ragnaclan_m for a male account named ragnaclan. Note: This is a test server mainly for us to test scripts and edits. As a result we are under no obligation to keep this online 24/7. Sometimes it can be down for days when making major edits. It will go down without warnings and accounts on there can be wiped without warning. It is 90% there to help us test things before we make them live. The other 10% is to allow you to test builds and stuff you may not want to hunt on main until you try it first.
  4. Greetings Clan Adventurers! IMPORTANT NOTICE: We need to test the new client in Battlegrounds and WoE scenario. However AndRO can't be adjusted on the fly and will be down until further notice. The AndRO Developer will upload the new client as soon as possible for our Android users.
  5. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We would like to announce our RagnaPot created by our player Noil. How to Install: Download the files [Click Here] Extract the zipfile. Open This is Notepad++ for instance. Explanation: On/Off: The first option is the Key you want to start RagnaPot with ( ex. "Numpad1" without quotes will be the 1 on your numpad ) Interval: The interval option will be the time spent inbetween keystrokes measured in milliseconds ( 1000 = 1 second ) StatusKey: Is the keystroke that will be sent if your char is afflicted by the following status: Poison, Curse, Silence or Blind ( deleting this entire line will prevent RagnaPot to act upon status effects ) SpKey: Is the keystroke that will be sent whenever your char has less Sp than defined in SpThreshold measured in % HpKey: Same as above just for Hp ( deleting any of those lines will prevent RagnaPot to act upon hp/sp changes ) Note: If you delete your entire the default values will take place: Values will effectively do nothing beside letting you start and stop RagnaPot with F1. Note2: Any changes made will require you to restart Start as administrator (important else RagnaPot cannot read the memory of your client) RagnaPot only runs in Ragnaclan clients so you don't have to be afraid of clicking the On/Off-Key in any other window. If any issues occur while using Ragnapot please reply to this topic [Click here] and Noil will help you out. (c) Noil.
  6. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We would like to inform you about recent things going on in-game and behind the scenes. Client: We finished our tests with the new 2015 client and can confirm that the random crashes are fixed, the /cashshop (to hide cash shop button in BG) is working as well and the ctrl+alt+del issue is also resolved. Functor is able to adjust the client's gepard within a day or two and that means the new client should be ready with our next maintenance on friday. Sprite Errors: With skill spams, the animations of certain classes get cut short, so the actor of some moving hats jump too quickly. The current 2013 client does not like it, so it crashes. This will probably happen with all new moving hats. We tried some of the old ones, and some custom ones and these worked fine. On the bright side this issue will be fixed with our new client. Other: We are currently making changes to our server rules as you are reading this topic. The final rules will be announced latest with our maintenance. Discord is now finalized. We put some restrictions to the #main channel only, all other channels are not affected. This change was made to keep the #main channel somewhat clean and less toxic.
  7. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We’d like to address issues on griefings, toxicity, botting, bug abuse and other rule breakings. We are having this talk now because the number of reports regarding the above issue is skyrocket, and this is not a good thing. But first, let me assure you who have reported to us. We are not ignoring your reports, or not watching the community, nor not doing something about these reports. It is far from the truth. We are aware of those reports. I can assure you that your reports carry actions. You may have noticed some of the things listed below: Ground-work has been set behind the scene with new policing scripts. Support GMs has been hired to answer your questions and do basic policing (you can contact them via @request. Just check if they are online and PM them). They are still in trials but they’re ready to help you. Bot Hunters has been hired (Our hunters will be in stealth mode until actions taken against botters or cheaters) We have started enforcing new policies on Discord and Forum. We are doing as we lay the groundwork for our In-Game policing. Our punishment threshold will and has been changed so that it carries more weight when you’re doing bad things. Basically, if you are a bad player or you’re doing bad things, we don’t want you in Ragnaclan. Second, Grefings. We’ve been very lenient in this regard in the past few weeks, but from this point on to punish anyone who breaks this rules on purpose. So, if you’re already on the list. Please play fair if you want to play on Ragnaclan. The next thing is about toxicity. Being online we have a shield known as anonymity. This is a shield we don’t normally have when talking to people directly. But It allows you to say anything, or express yourself freely. It’s an important thing. But is it really okay to insult someone, being a meme, or intentionally hurt them just because you want to express yourself as such? In comparison, would you do that if you know that person personally, or if they’re standing in front of them? All of us are playing games to have fun. We need to keep it that way. So we urge the community to take their part to make this game more fun in a positive way. Which leads us to the last point, Botting, cheating, and bug abuse. We’ve also put down some rules. Please follow it. Ragnarok is an old game, most of us know how it works. Thus, if you see someone suspicious, report to us. If you think there is something that is not right, also report it to us. Cheaters or users of third-party programs to automate their farms, are not welcome in Ragnaclan. The Ragnaclan Team love this game, and we would love to create new cool things and show off to you all. But we can’t do this if we are forced to allocate our time and resources to ensure you all behave better. So please play nice, be fair, and behave. - your Ragnaclan Team
  8. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We would like to invite Guild Leaders to join the War of Emperium discussion on Ragnaclan. If you would like to participate, please follow the instructions below. Note that discussion will take place starting today. How to join the discussion: You will need a discord account. Send me a message over discord or forum. Include the following in your message: Your discord name with #tag. (in my case: Daifuku#4526) Max. 2 extra people representing your guild and will join the discussion. Your guild name. Your time zone. How many of your guild are going to join WoE. What will be discussed: War of Emperium times and dates. War of Emperium castles. War of Emperium castle drops. Guild Cap. Guild Housing System. Additional: Skills that should work/not work, commands that should work/not work etc.
  9. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We have a big announcement today. We've successfully subscribed Ragnaclan to android platform. From today on, you will be able to play Ragnaclan from your Android phones. Download for the APK is available on our [Download Page] or on the button below! Important: Please note the terms and conditions for playing Ragnaclan on your Android: Ragnaclan subscribed for membership to allow players to gain access to our server via Andriod Platforms. We do not provide supports for any issues that you may experience on the Andriod Platforms. This includes but is not limited to: Missing textures, sprites, models. Missing client related features. Errors, disconnects and installing issues. As the developer of AndRO did not update our patch server yet, you might not have access to all items/palettes that have been patched since the server opened. We will do our best to patch those in as soon as we received a message from the andro developer. What AndRO does not support Rendering Skill effects Light objects RSM animation Robe view Critial display, sum of multiple attacks display Warp effect Falcon / Warg display Casting circle animation Other Party booking Custom classes Troubleshooting I get "Parse error: There was a problem parsing the package" error when trying to install Ragnaclan AndRO! Your Android version is too old. Only Android versions 4.0.3 and higher are supported. Map is loading too slow / all sprites are black You probably selected an option to download resources on the fly. Please wait until all the sprites are downloaded, this is only a one-time action. Alternatively, you can select "Download full client" when the app starts Client data disappears from time to time and I have to re-download full client Check if you are using any clean-up software and if yes, set it up so it doesn't clear the (sdcard)/Downloads/ragnarok folder. I see error 'A database error has occured (15)' when using autotrade This happens due to incorrect message string in client translation. Exit with reason '15' is really a normal client exit, not an error. Ask your GM to modify client translation to show the right message on successful log off.
  10. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Looking from the other side of the table, we can see that everyone is doing well in-game and some of you have even managed to get to level 99/70 and have already starting to hunt for your gears. But we feel not everyone is ready for Battleground just yet, so we'll giving you a little bit more time before you can officially compete with each other. Some of you may say "I've waited long enough." So, we would like to invite you all to our live Battleground Pre-Release over the weekend! ___________________ Pre-Release Beginning: 6 October 2017 at [UTC-4] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Pre-Release Ending: 8 October 2017 at [UTC-4] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Data Gathering: Once the pre-release has officially ended, please comment in the BG Discussion topic [Click here] and let us know how many Badges you have left after purchasing supplies and how many rounds you joined. ___________________ The BG Pre-Release aims to test the water before we implement fully functioning Battleground and WoE. What we're looking for in this pre-release specifically is to find out how much supplies you use and how much badges you can earn over a period of time. This way, we can re-adjust the price for battleground/WoE supplies (if needed) and the headgears line up for BG. Some of you may have known that the BG supply shops and equipment are ready to go. The only thing left is the BG headgear shop which is currently empty, and we want to fill them up according to your needs and the amount of time for you to obtain these items. We will do so depending on the data you will give us. In case you are wondering what you will offer from the battleground headgear shops, here is our current list: 5518 // Large Baphomet Horns 5423 // I love China 5277 // Air Pirate’s Bandana 5137 // Alice Doll 5564 // Crown of Deceit 5155 // Father’s White Moustache 5377 // Gentleman’s Pipe 5800 // Blush of Groom 5325 // Robo Eye 5574 // Well-Chewed Pencil 5389 // Angel Spirit 5654 // Holy Marching Hat 18542 // Benevolent Guardian 5376 // Flying Evil Wings 5293 // Ramen Hat 5396 // Jasper Crest 5225 // Parade Hat 5314 // Hockey Mask We welcome you to comment and give feedbacks on the lineups for these headgears as well as pricing and item suggestions for your supplies in the Discussion Section [Click here] Please keep it battleground related. Note: Badges obtained during Battleground Pre-Release won't be wiped.
  11. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Soon we will be opening our gate to everyone. So I think it's time to announce the detail we've been waiting for, the grand opening information. Based on our statistics we have determined the following: The Grand Opening will take place on 30 September 2017 at [UTC-4] 12:00 (12PM) Canada/Eastern Time. For those who live outside this time zone, refer below to your nearest time zone, or to the countdown widget on our main forum. On a different note, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the open beta testing and helped us with bug reports. Those who are new to Ragnaclan, we would like to welcome you to our community. Also, I would like to remind you of the 3 ongoing events that you can participate in for our grand opening. Please check out the topics below: Self Introduction Event Grand Opening Giveaway Share & Like Event I hope to see you all on the official opening! Ragnaclan - United we stand!
  12. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We apologise for the delay on the client release, we just had to ensure that everything is working correctly. Now that the client is finalised, we are pleased to announce the official information for our Open Beta Testing (OBT). We will be opening our doors for OBT at 3 sessions between 25 September ~ 28 September 2017. Each lasting approximately 2 hours. The first OBT will take place on 25 September 2017 at [UTC-5] 3:00 Canada/Eastern Time (See below for time zones). During the first OBT session, we would like to invite you to test out our custom features located in Prontera's (@go 0) view range and inside the Adventurer Clan. For your convenience, you will have access to @commands like @zeny, @lvl, and @jlvl. Creating your Account: You can make an account for your OBT on our website: [Click here] Sign up following the instructions on the site and you're ready to log into Ragnaclan. Downloading Ragnaclan: You can download the Client on our wiki: [Click here] IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING OBT: Beta testing is only available for PC All accounts will be wiped after beta testing More information on the next Open Beta Times will be updated in this post. Don't miss out! Make sure you follow this thread or get live notification from our Facebook and Discord server. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ragnaclan Discord: https://discord.me/ragnaclan Open Beta Time:
  13. Daifuku

    Greetings Clan Adventurers! Our Open Beta Testing will start soon and we'd like to give out some instructions on how to make this OBT more organized. Please follow the steps below to ensure that the Ragnaclan Team is able to fix up everything correctly. Suggestions/Feedback: Suggestions have to be marked with a [Feedback] sign in the Topic Title or with a Tag. Post every Suggestion in a seperated post. Please try not to double post suggesttions that have already been suggested. Bugs: Bugs have to be marked with a [Bugs] sign in the Topic Title or with a Tag. Post every Bug in a seperated post. Please try not to double post Bugs that have already been reported. Commands available: @jlvl @blvl @cash @zeny In behalf of the Ragnaclan Team I would like to thank everyone for supporting us and we hope that you will have a lot of fun in our first open beta.
  14. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We are pleased to announce the new Promotional Teaser. Feel free to share it on all social medias, with friends and strangers! A huge thanks to Bisquera Studios for the hard work, he did an amazing job! Enjoy
  15. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We are excited to announce that our website is now live and we are open for beta registration! [Click here] To visit our website and register your beta account. We'll be conducting several OBT session between 25 September and 28 September to test out our client and server stability, and you are all invited! The first OBT will take place on 25 September 2017 and last approximately two hours. More information on the start time and client downloads will be on the 23 September 2017 in a separate post. IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: All accounts will be wiped after beta testing. Client for Android Platform (AndRO) is not available for beta. You will have access to @commands like @zeny, @lvl and @jlvl, therefore a wipe is needed. For security reasons please make sure that your username and password is different than your usual. There has been data leak over the past few years from server owners. Your forum account is unique from your in-game account. You need to register an in-game account, even if you already have a forum account (vice versa). The registration process will not require an email verification for account activation. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties in registering an in-game account, kindly navigate to [Click here] and file a support ticket so we are able to get you back on the right track. Alternatively, you may either direct message @Daifuku or @Shourei to explain your difficulty. The first OBT will be held on 25 September 2017 and last approximately two hours. Lastly, we would like to extend our thanks to all the patience, anticipation, and support given by all you clannies that help made this possible! We look forward to seeing you join us in the journey and creating unique memories you will never forget. #RagnaHype
  16. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Basic Information Information Description Server Location Canada Server Time UTC – 8:00 Pacific Time Emulator Hercules kRO Based Third Party Programs AHK/Autopot allowed Dual Clienting Unlimited – Allowed Client Information Information Description Client Version 2015 General Protection Gepard Shield Attack Protection DDoS Protection & Migitation GRF Encrypted Special Addon Fast Refresh Client Basic Configurations Information Description Base EXP 75x Job EXP 75x Quest EXP 50x Normal Item/Card/Equipment Drop Rate 50x MvP/Mini-boss Item/Equipment Drop Rate 25x MvP/Mini-boss Card Drop Rate 1x Max Base-Level 99 Max Job-Level 70 Max Stats 99 Max ASPD 190 Stun Immunity (Vit) 97 Party-Share Range 20 For server customizations please visit: http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/?p=76
  17. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Today we are pleased to announce the release of our Community Board to the public! Just a few days ago we officially announced our upcoming server with a small teaser video featuring our the server's name and our website (to be released soon). Until our lovely server opens the gates, we are gathering all adventurers to join our realm. Venture through our forum, band together with another, invite more friends, introduce yourself and internalize the rules to assure a fair togetherness upon release. We have prepared some guides that will grant you access to more features on our community board. If there is any question or concern don't hesitate to let us know. The Ragnaclan Team has gone to great lengths to bring a well balanced and reliable pre-renewal server that is dedicated to providing the best Ragnarok Online experience possible, and we are always open for improvements, thoughts, and criticism! Participate in Ragnaclan Open Beta from 2017.09.25 to 2017.09.28!