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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We’d like to address issues on griefings, toxicity, botting, bug abuse and other rule breakings. We are having this talk now because the number of reports regarding the above issue is skyrocket, and this is not a good thing. But first, let me assure you who have reported to us. We are not ignoring your reports, or not watching the community, nor not doing something about these reports. It is far from the truth. We are aware of those reports. I can assure you that your reports carry actions. You may have noticed some of the things listed below: Ground-work has been set behind the scene with new policing scripts. Support GMs has been hired to answer your questions and do basic policing (you can contact them via @request. Just check if they are online and PM them). They are still in trials but they’re ready to help you. Bot Hunters has been hired (Our hunters will be in stealth mode until actions taken against botters or cheaters) We have started enforcing new policies on Discord and Forum. We are doing as we lay the groundwork for our In-Game policing. Our punishment threshold will and has been changed so that it carries more weight when you’re doing bad things. Basically, if you are a bad player or you’re doing bad things, we don’t want you in Ragnaclan. Second, Grefings. We’ve been very lenient in this regard in the past few weeks, but from this point on to punish anyone who breaks this rules on purpose. So, if you’re already on the list. Please play fair if you want to play on Ragnaclan. The next thing is about toxicity. Being online we have a shield known as anonymity. This is a shield we don’t normally have when talking to people directly. But It allows you to say anything, or express yourself freely. It’s an important thing. But is it really okay to insult someone, being a meme, or intentionally hurt them just because you want to express yourself as such? In comparison, would you do that if you know that person personally, or if they’re standing in front of them? All of us are playing games to have fun. We need to keep it that way. So we urge the community to take their part to make this game more fun in a positive way. Which leads us to the last point, Botting, cheating, and bug abuse. We’ve also put down some rules. Please follow it. Ragnarok is an old game, most of us know how it works. Thus, if you see someone suspicious, report to us. If you think there is something that is not right, also report it to us. Cheaters or users of third-party programs to automate their farms, are not welcome in Ragnaclan. The Ragnaclan Team love this game, and we would love to create new cool things and show off to you all. But we can’t do this if we are forced to allocate our time and resources to ensure you all behave better. So please play nice, be fair, and behave. - your Ragnaclan Team