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Found 12 results

  1. U Sound Boosted is Now Recruiting! Currently looking for: Saturday WoE FS Prof DD Creator SG Wizard Sunday WoE All Welcome Guild location: Morroc USB is comprised of a small group of guild mates that have enjoyed playing Ragnarok as well as other games over the last 10 years. Our main objective in RO is WoEing, and getting new players to experience War Of Emperium for the first time. All players are welcome. English is our primarily used language. We expect our players to be more than 30mins+ early for our WoE schedules, are able to accept criticism, and would like you to be interested in the class you are playing in WoE. Requirements Our primary language is English. We are currently only playing one WoE. Please attend. We use discord. It is mandatory for WoE & scheduled group events. In the event of a roster change, we need our players to be able to re-roll. Players of all skill level are welcome. Please ask about anything you want to know more about in WoE. Have fun! Applications not required. Full recruitment can be found on our forums. http://usb.boards.net/ add "ANGRY JEW #8461" on discord for Guild & Questions. Videos
  2. One Percent Kawaii

    One Percent Kawaii Current Recruitment Status: CLOSED Savepoint: TBD Leaders: Poison, Zeal, Nuclear VOIP used: Discord Who are we?: We are One Percent Kawaii! Awesome name right? No? In any case, you might've heard of us from some other server. No? Oh well, moving on. We are a bunch of friends who have played together for 4 years on & off then went on our separate ways. We decided to once again rally our forces of evil to WoE in this server! Oh, and we speak mainly English. We're a little older, a little wiser. We no longer tolerate toxicity(unfortunately). However we are still as straightforward as ever. Some videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoFA60yT2Ys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAM0iQq8W5E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFd0Q05dNd8 What is our goal?: To get enough members to WoE Saturday(for now), and Sunday(Insta). Also, Sunday regular(if other guilds are willing). Classes Needed: All WoE Chars. Still subject to approval. Requirements: - 0 Toxic waste. We'd rather have 10 average players than 1 over-inflated ego snowflake. - You must be able to understand English. - We may be able to provide geared characters but this is not a guarantee. - You must be able to attend WoE 90% of the time. * - Post attendance. - You must be mature. - You must be open to being re-rolled. - You must know when to stop. ** - You must be properly geared. *** - You must be able to fend for yourself. **** Sounds great! So, how do I join?: Message Poison#9942 on Discord. We hope to play with you soon! *We understand real life>RO but please let us know beforehand if you can't attend WoE. **You must be able to stop when someone tells you to(ie. insults, masturbating, etc etc.). ***We are all WoE players in this server. Not being properly geared for your class is unacceptable. Proper, not high-tier. ****We are not going to farm for you. Plant your own crops. We are OP and it's K! PS: Ignore this thread. Hopefully someone can delete? - http://forum.ragnaclan.com/index.php?/topic/826-one-percent-kawaii-is-open-por-rekruitment/
  3. Greetings Clan Adventurers! Below are our Instant War of Emperium Informations. Ragnaclan was first designed to balance between PVP and PVM scenes. But over time we have evolved to be more casual mid-rate server. So in order to bring in more competitive PVP game play in Ragnarok Online scene, we are bringing in Ragnaclan's Instant WoE server to promote our 6th month anniversary. We hope that by combining the new concept, we can stay true to our original goal in creating a server which welcome both PVP and PVM players. You're a guild leader and want to participate? Join our discord and ask for access to instant woe channel! click button below. _______________________________________________ Server Configurations Server Location: Canada Main Server / West Coast, LA proxy available. Server Time: Canada (UTC -4) Emulator: Hercules kRO Based. Third Party Programs: AHK/Autopot allowed. Dual Clienting: Disabled in WoE. Client Version: 2015. Special Addon: Fast Refresh Client. Protection: Gepard Shield (!) this can be discussed with attending guilds. Attack Protection: DDoS Protection & Mitigation. Main Town: Prontera ____________________ WoE Settings: Castle Rotation: Available WoE Rankings: Available Guild Cap: 26 MBK/Provoke: Friendly mbk and provoke/bridge Alliances: Disabled Emperium: Plant Type, 400HP, Sanctuary won't heal 777 on Emperium. Emperium Investment: Max +100HP Restrictions: @die and @duel disabled inside castles, mvp + miniboss cards disabled*with some exceptions, no kvm equipment, yggdrasil disabled these restrictions can be discussed/changed to your likings Duration: 120 minutes ____________________ WoE Times: Sunday 11AM @servertime: sample below ____________________ NPCs/Items: Items Available: Pretty much all cards, weapons and equips up to episode 13.3, no custom equips NPCs Available: (south, east, north, west and center of map) Job Changer: Healer (FCP, Buffs, Repair, Foods, Negative Status Removal etc.) Safe Refiner (+7 eq /+10 wp) Resetter Castle Warper Stylist 100+ Stat Headgears WoE Participation Shop with Costumes Cost: All items and NPCs are FREE OF CHARGE. ____________________ Useful @Commands: storage, glvl, petfriendly, storeall, dropall, homlvl, homfriendly, hold, spb, fastrefresh, restock, resist, show, duel, accept, reject, guildskill, partyinfo etc. _______________________________________________ Rewards: Winner Guild: 50,000 Cash Point (50$) reward for the Main Server. (gleader only) _______________________________________________ Important: If there is anything missing / anything unclear please let me know I will update the topic asap.
  4. faint

    hi, i'm faint Casual RO player looking for a home. Some may remember me from Woon Reloaded. I am mainly found BGing or hunting for kawaii hats. My characters are just about woe ready with mid to high end gears. Can also just guest from time to time if my schedule is free. Currently geared: dd chem, champ, clown, prof and sinx(hehe)
  5. Rgasm

    Guild Slide 2 Cells is now open for recruitment. Slide 2 Cells is a guild made for healthy GvGs. Most of us WoEed with Castling and were made to Part ways because of their ethics and indiscipline regarding WoEs We are looking for dedicated experienced members who are active /semi-active and wanting to WoE whilst using discord (microphone not necessary). We do social mini-games like Skribbl and few other games as team building exercise. Although we are kinda against guesting with us, we have few chars setup for your friends to guest on. We Do Hocus Pocus parties with the Guild to Provide High End Gears to people in need. Guild Language : English (International) Save Town : Gonryun ( @go 11 ) Discord Server Guild Rules: 1) Fill up Attendance on time. 2) Attend WoE If you Fill up ( Except someone actually dies or someshit ) 3) Maintain Discord Discipline. 4) No ingame drama with other scrubs ( Dealt with lot of this shit in iRO. Includes you running away with enemy guild leader's girlfriend and shit ) 5) If you apply as one role, you stick to it. unless asked for reroll, we wont move you to something else to prevent any inconvenience to you. Regards, King Memer.
  6. Kyra

    Looking for a full experience guild (pve, pvm, woe, bg) with special focus on having fun. Priority for WoE: paladin Chars available: paladin, creator, clown, linker, gypsy, hw (max level, almost high-end full equip) Chars in progress: sniper, scholar, hp Experience: WoE Vids playlist 2k13 - 2k15 (if some of them are unavailable, use https://www.proxysite.com/es/youtube/ as proxy) Discord: Kyradesu
  7. ShaniquaGIRL

    Guild Leader: ShaniquaGIRL Hometown: Hugel Recruitment: ON No Strings Attached was a guild reignited with the idea of having a good time in mind. We are looking for members who are active and wanting to WoE/PvM whilst using discord (microphone not necessary). Heres some WoE videos you can have a quick look spanning across a couple of years.
  8. the guild who did that thing to other guilds is recruiting message me if interested
  9. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry "Никогда не щекочи спящего дракона!" Guild Leader: Potter Hometown: Comodo [@go 8] Language: Russian Discord: here [Required: verification email] Guild site: here Recruitment: ON
  10. Guild Name: Onslaught Guild Leader: Domz, XTon Save Point: Splendide Onslaught is an PH guild Focusing on War of Emperium But we also do PvM and PvP Looking For: Active and loyal members. Self-motivated team oriented players. Discord User. We are recruiting only the main characters and the classes we need for WOE After Completing the Roster we can have extra chars :D TBD (Lets create Memories :D)
  11. Kirika

    Dark (Rhapsody) We are a WoE and BG guild from LuminaRO, WoonRO and Elaria WoonRO. We have currently ~5 active players. Leaders: Gatts, @Kirika Chat & Voice: Discord Requirements to join: Basic knowledge about BG/WoE Willingly to switch character for WoE if needed Note: You are free to join a PvM guild next to us The last WoE's on Elaria Woon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4kdxl8bS6Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUu6QvttpQc&index=3&list=PLpqd_23mqVs5j6gQEb4eUjCqj8NwLJhte
  12. Greetings Clan Adventurers! We would like to invite Guild Leaders to join the War of Emperium discussion on Ragnaclan. If you would like to participate, please follow the instructions below. Note that discussion will take place starting today. How to join the discussion: You will need a discord account. Send me a message over discord or forum. Include the following in your message: Your discord name with #tag. (in my case: Daifuku#4526) Max. 2 extra people representing your guild and will join the discussion. Your guild name. Your time zone. How many of your guild are going to join WoE. What will be discussed: War of Emperium times and dates. War of Emperium castles. War of Emperium castle drops. Guild Cap. Guild Housing System. Additional: Skills that should work/not work, commands that should work/not work etc.