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An Experience [WoE]

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we're An Experience

Gay-lorious Leader: Ping (dontpingme#8888)

Co-Lead: Waddles/Banana (xSkyZero#0998)

Officers: soylent, Four, slave

WoE Officer: Reality

Save Town: Aldebaran

Recruitment Status: OPEN

Priority Recruiment: SPP Chem, Devo Pally, HP

Preferred Language: ENGLISH

Primary Communication: Discord


Who Are We?

Just a group of people that love playing Ragnarok Online and other online games together. Some of us have known each other for 3 years and others up to even 9-10 years. We're not your typical "WoE guild" in the sense that we tend to hop around playing games where we can continue to play together. I will typically refer use the word friends over guild when referring to my own because that is what we are. Honestly, we're just a bunch of potatoes that love spicy memes. I pretty much only wrote this because I realized we didn't have a formal intro on the forums l0l.

Being the global innovators we are, and having patented our "10-cell push method™", we aim to revolutionize the way WoE is played with our hella top-notch skillz.

What Do We Look For In Members?

  • English Fluent
  • Discord as primary means of communication
  • Reasonable amount of RO knowledge and WoE experience
  • Ability to reroll to another class if need be
  • Able to handle criticisms/memes
  • Don't necessarily have to be a weeb, koreaboo, or a flaming gay but bonus points tbh



If there's any questions, please feel free to reach out and contact us via here or Discord.



Edited by dontpingme
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3 hours ago, Pepe not the frog said:

would join if i wasnt such a weeb hater

weebs make the world go round

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53 minutes ago, Ricepapers said:

To be fair, only SOME of us are koreaboos/weaboos.


The rest of us shun them.


Shun the gays tbh

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Posted (edited)


Primarily looking for SPP, Devo, SL.

Will consider other classes cuz we flexible.

Edited by dontpingme

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Hey, i'm an old ro player (since 2006 from euRo official).

if u lend me an account (SPP) i could support u :D

send me a pm ;D


Prev server: euRo, talonRo, estlandRo, ragnachan, iRo classic.

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