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[Changelog] 2018.02.08

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 9 February 2018 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. 
Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 60-180+ minutes. 




Happy Valentines early everyone! Today we want to introduce the first Valentine related events: (more coming on 2018.02.13)

  • Marry Me! THE Wedding Event of the Season! [click here]
  • Nydhogg's Magical Hair. [GOLD AMBER 24H JACKPOT]  [click here]
  • Spread more Love @commands :IkuWOW: 
    • These commands will be removed after Valentines. They have a cooldown to prevent heavy spam.
    • @kiss <playername> // kisses a player.
      @exkiss // blocks kisses from players.
    • @hug <playername> // hugs a player.
      @exhug // blocks hugs from players.
      Commands come with a cooldown.



We offer new freebies freebies this month! Please talk to the NPC if you want to collect your freebies.
Note that they are account bound and can only be obtained once per unique id/account. The NPC will remain for another week max. two.




Without the players supporting the server so much we would not be able to provide the amount of proxies we have, 
the frequent client, gepard and andro improvements. We would like to thank our players that helped us to sustain the server since opening.
As such we will give out a little giveaway to everyone that donated a total amount of 35$ to the server starting from February 1. until February 31. 

Please message Daifuku in the forum, discord or ingame to collect it.



2018.02.09 UPDATES: 

We have received a lot of messages from frustrated players in regards to the current rates. 
As such we decided to slightly step away from the "low-mid" rates and go more towards higher rates. 
Ragnaclan will now be advertised as 50x50x15x server floating up to max. 60x60x20x. 


Cash Shop Updates/Fixes:

  • Added new Valetines Costumes into Event Tab.
  • Added new Valentines Pets into Pet Tab.
    • Romeo Egg. (click to expand)
    • Juliet Egg. (click to expand)
  • Moved January Headgears into Cosmetic Tab.
  • Fixed Assumptio 10x Box.
  • Fixed Party Blessing and Agility Box.

Battleground Updates/Fixes:

  • Valentines Case Box added:

Gold Amber Updates/Fixes:

  • Special 24 Hour Jackpot added: 
    This Headgear is only going to be available the next 24 hours and will be replaced with a different one, read more here [click here]
  • New Headgears:
    • Costume: Heart Ribbon Hairband added.
    • Costume: White and Black Temptation added.
    • Costume: Honey Pancake added.
    • Costume: Memory of Lovers added.
    • Costume: Poring Soap Pipe added *after 24Hour Jackpot Event. 
  • New Pets:
    • Heartring added.
    • Lubring added.

PvP Updates/Fixes:

  • Costume: Naval Hat = 250 Skulls added.
  • Costume: Helm of Dragon = 350 Skulls added.
  • Costume: Rune Helm = 500 Skulls added.
  • Costume: Angel Marcher Hat = 600 Skulls added.
  • Costume: Charleston's Antenna = 400 Skulls added.
  • Costume: Vicious Mind Aura (Crimson) = 500 Skulls added.

Fishing Updates/Fixes:

  • Level 2 Fishing Rod requirement changed from +8 to +7. 
  • Lowered amount of fish needed for pets.
  • Raised gold fish (gold amber) amount needed for Water Spellcaster. 
  • Costume: Puppy Love added.
  • Costume: Rose Cascarde added.
  • Costume: Bird Nest added.
  • Costume: Sunday Hat added.
  • Costume: Mermaid Headphones added.
  • Costume: Happy Peace Proof added.

NPC Updates/Fixes:

  • New function to stylist where when changing dye colours you last selection moves to the top of the list added.
  • Wrong itemid for Gf Recruiter Hat on Zeny Costume fixed.

Item Updates/Fixes:

  • Named items having their names changed when near other players name's owner fixed.
  • Fixed Hela's Whip iteminfo
  • Fixed Oriental Lute iteminfo
  • Fixed Tactical Visor iteminfo
  • Fixed Ebony Skin Color iteminfo

Misc Updates/Fixes:

  • Disguise position de-synchronization fixed
  • Changed housing respawn cost from 1 Cash Point to 5 gold coins
  • Changed Dragon Skull requirement, asks for normal Hydro drop instead of event Hydro
  • Fixed Item usage restrictions in PVP/BG/WoE maps
  • Fixed event_room minimap

Skill Updates/Fixes:

  • Beast Strafe now has a target.
  • Excruciating Palm now has a base duration 5s.
  • Sightless Mind now has a base duration of 30s in pre-re.
  • When you tank Cecil Damon from 10-14 cells away, she will no longer use her target skills.

Command Updates/Fixes:

  • @npc updated:



Introducing Octopus Cave Instance:

Adjustments have been made to the monsters and drops in this instance to fit pre-renewal mechanics. Read more in the spoiler below!

Monsters and their drops:



All monster defenses lowered down to 40 to make them less of a pain. Drops have been adjusted to the following list.

Giant Octopus ( Mini Boss )

The person who kills this monster will also get 2 clan points.

  • High_Coin_Pocket
    • 10% chance to give 10 Gold Coins
    • Gives between 1-10,000 Zeny
  • Light_White_Pot_Box
    • Givs 50 light white potions
  • Mid_Coin_Pocket
    • 10% chance to give 5 Gold Coins
    • Gives between 1-10,000 Zeny
  • Low_Coin_Pocket
    • 10% chance to give a Gold Coin
    • Gives between 1-10,000 Zeny
  • Giant_Octopus_Card ( Armor Card )
    • bonus bMaxHPrate,12;
      skill WZ_WATERBALL,5;

Octupus Leg

  • Chinese_Ink
  • Tentacle
  • Sticky_Mucus
  • Low_Coin_Pocket
    • 10% chance to give a Gold Coin
    • Gives between 1-10,000 Zeny
  • Mid_Coin_Pocket
    • 10% chance to give 5 Gold Coins
    • Gives between 1-10,000 Zeny

Small Octopus

  • Chinese_Ink
  • Tentacle
  • Low_Coin_Pocket
    • 10% chance to give a Gold Coin
    • Gives between 1-10,000 Zeny
  • Mini_Octopus_Card
    • When dealing magic damage there's a chance to cause Blind status.



2018.02.13 UPDATE INFO: 
Since Daifuku has been busy in RL the past week not all of the content has been added with todays maintenance.
We will push another update on the 13th for valentines and other new feature updates like our new questboard system including:
- loyalty rewards
- race quests
- completition bonus rewards
- daily quest bonus
and more new quests to come! 

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Changelog is now complete! Please read it carefully. 
We're now preparing the server and will bring it up soon.

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Heads up, the server might or might not be shut down without further notice. We have been pushing an immense amount of source updates and there is always going to be something not working 100% correct when tested under "stress" and more than a handfull of people. In case something is not working correct please let us know. Server will be up shortly.

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We have had quite a few reports about restock being funky. So we have disabled it until we can fix the command. It may be causing some unexpected issues so we are turning the command off just to be on the safe side. 

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