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Emergency Maintenance

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Hello everyone! We have to do our first emergency maintenance since server opened. The server will be down for an estimated time of 1-2 hours. It could be longer but if that is the case we will inform you right away. We apologize for any trouble caused and will do our best to bring the server up as soon as possible.

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Server is now back up. The issues have been resolved and cleaned. 

You will notice that storage has been reduced down to 900. For those 20 or so players that had above 900 items in your storage, do not worry they are not lost. Just take out some items from your storage and relog. Your stored items are still there you just cannot see them until you make room for them to be seen. Storage above 900 was causing some serious issues that we had to deal with right away. Thanks to the players for the quick reports we didn't have any major issues. The entire database was scanned and cleaned without any need for rollbacks or storage cleaning. We apologize to everyone for the downtime and appreciate your patience and support.

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