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[Event] My Chocolate, Your Chocolate!

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:
We are introducing a new Valentines event called: My Chocolate, Your Chocolate! 

As we all know, Valentines is just around the corner.. 
Have you ever been to embarass to gift your crush something? Or have you always been brave and just came right at them?
Regardless, Secret Valentine here to offer to you her services where you can send your crush a packaged message anonymously or publicly.

Find her in prontera,153,175 - right next to the vending counter npc!


Normal Package:
The normal package contains a handmade chocolate tart. You will be able to send a customized message to whomever you would like also.

Custom Package:
The custom package allows you to create your own package, sending whomever you want up to 5 items to your choosing.
However, you cannot send any equipment.

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