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[Event] Rice Mill Grandma - Rats n' Rice.

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:
We are introducing a new Chinese New Year event called: Rice Mill Grandma - Rats n' Rice. 

Find the Captain in Ayothaya. He will invite you to sail to a beautiful island filled with magic and very old stories. 
He is located in ayothaya,148,55 - which is at the bottom of the map. 


Don't worry, there is no cost to travel to Lunar around this time of the year! 
Once you arrive in Lunar, navigate to the left are of the island. 


You should see the Rice Mill Grandma standing in between a bunch of little rats.
Talk to her and offer her your help! She will tell you that the rats are stealing all her Rice Pouches which her Son urgently needs.


Your task for now is to find these little rats called Tarou, Cramp and Martin. (use ratemyserver.net to find where these are located)
Kill as many as possible to obtain "Rice Pouch" (5~10%) and bring them to the Rice Mill Grandma. 

She's got quite a pain in her hips.. and since we are super nice players on Ragnaclan, we offer her to bring them to her Son.
You can find him a bit further up on the island: 

Show him the Rice Pouch and he will pound the rice into a sweet delicious paste which we will then bring to the Rice Mill Grandma.
Back at the Rice Mill Grandma, give her the Sweet Rice you got from her Son and she will reward you with a random Cake!
Her Cakes have special magic powers and will help you throughout your journey on Ragnaclan.

There is also a chance to get a rare pet from her :wink:


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