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[Event] Miss Lunar & the Spirit of her Ancestors.

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:
We are introducing a new Chinese New Year event called: Miss Lunar & the Spirit of her Ancestors.

Find the Captain in Ayothaya. He will invite you to sail to a beautiful island filled with magic and very old stories. 
He is located in ayothaya,148,55 - which is at the bottom of the map. 


Don't worry, there is no cost to travel to Lunar around this time of the year! 

Long ago in the mountains, there lived a horrible demon creature named Nian. Every year, on the first day of the year, the creature would awaken and descend upon the village..
He would eat all the grain and livestock. And if there were any unfortunately children stuck outside, they would disappear. The villagers lived in fear of this beast and boarded up their houses on this night to protect their families.
One year though a traveller arrived in our island, looking for food and a place to stay. Just as he was thinking no one would help him, an old lady offered him food and shelter.
The traveller was so thankful for her generosity that he decided to share with her the secret of how to keep the island safe from Nian!
So the old lady spread red across the village, hung red signs on every door, made loud noises with drums, music and fireworks. She told everyone to wear face masks and have lanterns.
The villagers did as the old lady instructed and Nian never returned again. The old lady is now the guardian of Lunar, she protects the people in this island from Nian.


This old lady was called Miss Lunar
You can find her at the top of the island as shown in the picture. 


Talk to her and she will offer to connect you to her ancestors Spirit for a little favor.


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This event is probably not the one to focus on, as it brings a lot of frustration, the required items are the following one


Tiny Egg Shells and Eggs are not really fun to farm, but when you do not know what is at the end you go for it, the thrill of the unknown

But then curtains fall,


You get a Green Maiden Egg, so at that moment you are convincing yourself that this Egg is different than the one you get from Universal Taming, so you rush to the Pet Groomer, get one of those expensive Pet Incubator :) and do the test of the 7 mistakes.

From Taming :


From the event :


This event could have been more rewarding :) 

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I was quite surprised as well, took me a few days to grab all 100 eggs from the goblin only to get a pet that I already have :BrokeBack:

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