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[Event] Mothers Hairbuns.

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:
We are introducing a new Chinese New Year event called: Mothers Hairbuns.

Find the Captain in Ayothaya. He will invite you to sail to a beautiful island filled with magic and very old stories. 
He is located in ayothaya,148,55 - which is at the bottom of the map. 


Don't worry, there is no cost to travel to Lunar around this time of the year! 

Once you arrive in Lunar, locate to the center of the map as shown in the picture below.


Talk to the little Girl and she will tell you how her Mother does the most amazing super duper greatest Hair Buns in Lunar! 
Maybe if you are lucky enough she will ask her Mother to make some cool Hair Buns for you as well :heh:


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