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[Changelog] 2018.02.25

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 25 February 2018



Info: CNY and Valentines Events will end 2018.03.01 at 5PM servertime.
No restart will happen, scripts will just be unloaded.


2018.02.25 UPDATES: 

NPC Updates/Fixes:

  • Added Devil Square event on a set schedule: 00:15, 04:15, 08:15, 12:15, 16:15 and 20:15
    • Rewards for winning are:
      • Huskarl Crate
      • Old Card Album
      • Token Of Siegfried
      • 1 Clan Point
  • Administrator Michael (@go clan) won't keep asking you to get supplies unless you have the quest started.
  • Fixed announcement settings NPC so it does not turn off/on other settings besides the one you selected.
    • If you had made changes to announcement settings in the last 2 weeks, it would be a good idea just to re-toggle all of them to reset their positions. 
  • Daily Rewards NPC fixed. After 28 days of claiming talk to the NPC again to reset the counter. 
  • Eden Missions 91-99 Modifications
    • If you are a maxed level, you will no longer get exp rewards, rather you will get an extra gold coin per mission
    • Re-Organized the missions so there is less clicking
    • We have added the following missions to allow you to farm gold coins and get some exp
      • Kill 100 Zerom
      • Kill 100 Matyr
      • Kill 100 Red Novus
      • Kill 100 Sting
      • Kill 30 Kasa
      • Kill 30 Bow Guardians
      • Kill 10 Skogul ( The less often summoned ones)
  • Once you have reached max carrying capacity and you have extra Gym Passes, Ripper will offer to trade you 30 Gold Coins per Gym Pass
  • BG weapon enchanter script modified so that the Zeny is deducted at same time as the item is gotten. Will prevent Zeny loss in case you lose connection before finishing the enchantment

Command Updates/Fixes:

  • Fixed party info command not displaying full list of party members.
  • Restock command has been further improved.
    • The double restock bug will no longer happen
    • More preventive measures were put in place to prevent the server crash caused by restock. Keep in mind we cannot 100% reproduce this bug, we also had dozens of players throughout the week jump on the test server to help. So these fixes are simply being done as a process of elimination as to what could be the cause.

Item Updates/Fixes:

  • Fixed Donut in Mouth description to include the 1 Def.
  • Fixed platinum shield to use level 7 reflect instead of level 2 it has been using.
  • Fixed Hela's whip to actually cast stone curse, that part of the script was broken

Misc Updates/Fixes:

  • Splendide now marked as a town. You can use commands like @joinbg from now on.
  • Updated website item database so when you go into your character or storage you can see custom items



  • Players were concerned that Kasa were dealing more damage and ignoring Resist.
    • We spent a considerable amount of time testing this and found no supporting evidence for this. Players might be confused because Kasa has Firebolt and Spiral Pierce skills. Fire resist gears will not help you when Kasa uses Spiral Pierce, which is where we feel players may have gotten confused. 
  • Widestun in LHZ3? No, this is actually the whitesmith mini-boss doing Hammer Fall. His range for the skill is 14 cells in each direction.
  • Random skills? Once again no. Not too long ago we enabled pet skills. Some of these are not common knowledge and for event mobs the info is hard to find or not available at all. We will be editing the pet egg descriptions to include their skills. 
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