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[Changelog] 2018.03.04

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 04 March 2018



Info: CNY and Valentines Events ended


2018.03.04 UPDATES: 

NPC Updates/Fixes:

  • Added an Invasion NPC for GMs to use to trigger MvP events
  • Added a new command with limited monster options for event GMs to summon monsters
  • Added no EXP Penalty mapflag to Devil Square and fixed some typos
  • Devil Square will auto end if the next round is about to start
  • There will be a 5 player limit per guild in KoE, as the guilds grow the allowed player count will increase
  • Master Revival Shop new Weapon
    • Grand Cross of Darkness
    • 54ca767ca8e9237f8d58e37c9f9c4ccd.png.948bc5adc0c8a6eb34df1e9750aaa93f.png
    • newspear_requirements.png.2e0b9d9f1d63730e36152c006e9bd811.png
    • With every revival, you lose a piece of yourself, and the shadows around you get stronger.
      When swinging this weapon, the darkness explodes, mimicking your actions and amplifying your attacks… but at what price?
    • +5 STR, +5 AGI
    • +7 MATK per refine, up to +7.
    • +1 Int per refine -2, up to +7.
    • When using skill Holy Cross auto-cast Dark Cross at learned level of Holy Cross. If Holy Cross is mastered, ASPD +30%.
    • When using skill Grand Cross, auto-cast Grand Cross of Darkness at learned level of Grand Cross.
    • If Grand Cross is mastered, increase resistance to dark damage by 15%.
    • Class: 1-Handed Spear
    • Attack: 200
    • Weight: 350
    • Weapon Level: 4
    • Element: Neutral
    • Level Requirement: 80
    • Jobs: Crusader
  • Added more quests to lvl 91-99 Eden
    • Nightmare
    • Minorous
    • Flame Skull
  • Added 5 new quest headgears:
    • Duneyrr Hat
    • Eye of Juno
    • Lion Mask
    • Ref Flower Hairband
    • Twin Red Ribbon
  • NEW Auto-Event: Poring Catcher has been added to the Auto-event rotation. Make sure your announcement for Poring Catcher is on. check your @settings > Announcement Settings

Command Updates/Fixes:

  • Refresh has a 1 second delay now

Item Updates/Fixes:

  • Targeting Visor double attack fixed
  • Targeting Visor crit rate boost will now only affect rifles
  • Added Gunslinger elemental bullets and cartridges to Ammunition Shop
  • Updated tradeflags for Bandit Hat

Skill Updates/Fixes:

  • Gunslinger Snake Eyes will now boost the range of the following skills
    • Tracking
    • Bullseye
    • Triple Action

Misc Updates/Fixes:

  • Added Item Restrictions to Event Maps
    • Speed items/resurrection items are disabled in some event maps

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