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[Changelog] 2018.04.08

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 8 Aprill 2018. Exact time is unknown.

Devil Square Updates:


  • Added 3 new waves if the first 3 waves are finished in under 15 minutes
  • When you finish the first 3 waves you will be able to claim your prize like normal
  • The next 3 waves are significantly different from how DS is set up right now
  • If you manage to finish the 3 new waves, you will be able to claim another set of the rewards

Master Revival Weapons:

  • Modification to Grand Cross of Darkness
    • Reduced the chance to cast Dark Grand Cross from 100% to 53%
    • Increased the skill level from 2 to 6
    • https://irowiki.org/wiki/NPC_GRANDDARKNESS
    • By using these damage calculations the damage is roughly the same, but people will suffer 50% less from lag from the skill and hitlock. It is important to note that the damage has a bigger range now since its a % and higher skill level. So sometimes you will do a bit more damage than before and sometimes you will do less. We will see what impact this has on the item before deciding on more drastic changes.
  • Added Soul Parasol [2] ( Soul Linker Only )
  • req.png.76b21c324eb21030ba623ebe74325513.png13442.gif.3eb8779f331f3e6e1efcb39f5245e8c5.gif
  • A parasol that has seen better days. While not exactly the best for keeping rain off its master’s back, it is nevertheless haunted by a strong youkai. Rumor has it that merely possessing such an entity will strengthen existing bonds with spirits, allowing them to shield the bearer and lash out at his enemies. Oddly enough, it also seems to have a penchant for scaring people by moving occasionally. A staff that possesses holy force and holds bright sunshine in it.
    +5 INT/AGI
    +25% MATK, +1% MATK per refine (up to +7)
    Unbreakable Weapon
    Gives the use of Napalm Vulcan
    If at +7, allows the use of Magic Crasher
    Adds +1% neutral resistance per refine up to +7.
    HP +200 per refine level of item, up to +7.
    Confers Permanent SL status when worn.
    Class: One-Handed Staff
    Attack: 60

Clan Mercenary System:

  • merc.png.d36c7f096ca7baf9a142952a1a0c4be4.png
  • Moved all the official mercenary NPCs to our clan group
  • Mercenary stats will remain on default settings
  • Mercenary level and Zeny requirements will remain on default settings
  • Mercenary costs and requirements up to level 6 remain on default settings
  • Mercenary level 7 will cost an additional 1 Clan Point
    • Mercenary level 7 loyalty requirement reduced from 50 to 45
  • Mercenary level 8 will cost an additional 5 Clan Points
    • Mercenary level 8 loyalty requirement reduced from 100 to 90
  • Mercenary level 9 will cost an additional 10 Clan Points
    • Mercenary level 9 loyalty requirement reduced from 300 to 180
  • Mercenary level 10 will not cost any additional Clan Points
    • Mercenary level 10 loyalty requirement reduced from 500 to 180
    • Mercenary level 10 loyalty cost reduced from 360 to 80
  • If people start using mercenaries more because they are easier to get, we will look into adding more in the future. I have also considered adding longer contracts that cost significantly more for the higher level mercenaries. So instead of only having them for 30 mins, perhaps allowing to get them for a few hours. It is my understanding that most people don't use mercenaries because they either don't know about them or don't know their value. But with our revival system, they make all the sense in the world since they allow you to blast through the early levels. We can also give these to newbies so they can get a bit of help when starting out.

Donation Costume Rotation:



Voting Costume Additions:



PvP Costume Additions:



Other Updates:

  • Fixed fishing in houses so people can unlock level 2 and 3 fishing
  • Fixed Eden mission 86-90 cooldowns
  • Made the potions PvP room as the first option
  • Added the following cards to OCA
    • Spoiler

          Waste Stove Card
          Venomous Card
          Noxious Card
          Pitman Card
          Ungoliant Card
          Porcellio Card
          Obsidian Card
          Mineral Card
          Teddy Bear Card
          Metaling Card
          Mole Card
          Anopheles Card
          Hill Wind Card
          Ygnizem Card
          Armaia Card3,
          Whikebain Card
          Erend Card
          Rawrel Card
          Kavac Card
          Removal Card
          Gremlin Card
          Beholder Card
          Seyren Card
          Eremes Card
          Harword Card
          Katrinn Card
          Shecil Card
          Venatu Card
          Dimik Card
          Archdam Card
          Chung E Card
          Orc Baby Card Card
          Green Iguana Card
          Acidus Card
          Acidus  Card
          Ferus Card
          Ferus  Card
          Novus  Card
          Novus Card
          Dragon Egg Card
          Ancient Mimic Card
          Deathword Card
          Plasma Card
          Breeze Card
          Aliza Card
          Alicel Card
          Aliot Card
          Skogul Card
          Frus Card
          Tatacho Card
          Aqua Elemental Card
          Draco Card
          Luciola Vespa Card
          Centipede Card
          Cornus Card
          Dark Shadow Card
          Centipede Larva Card
          Hilsrion Card
          Ringco Card
          Pillar Card
          Scaraba Card
          Dolomedes Card
          Gold Scaraba Card




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