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[Changelog] 2018.04.16

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

Hello everyone. Apologies for the delayed update, in case you didn't hear I had some big real life events to take care of. Thanks for all the messages on discord, came home to a flood of messages, not sure who let the cat out of the bag. Anyway I'm wrapping everything up so I can do the update tonight. Here is a list of changes that are already finished, there will be more. 

Skills Modifications:

  • Added skill delays on the server side so even if people bypass gepard they cannot abuse with NDL
    • These are my old delays from eathena, they are custom made so please let us know if any need to be adjusted.
    • We used these in our instant WoE and some people said they were a bit weird, but that could be because they are used to using nodelay.grf, but yeah we will adjust any if they need to be adjusted
    • Spoiler

      // ID, Delay(ms)
      //Acolyte Class
      //Lex Aeterna
      //Status Recovery

      //Archer Class
      //Arrow Shower
      //Double Strafing
      //Falcon Assault
      //Sharp Shooting

      //Mage Class
      //Cold Bolt
      //Earth Spike
      //Fire Bolt
      //Heaven's Drive
      //Jupitel Thunder
      //Land Protector
      //Lightning Bolt
      //Soul Strike

      //Merchant Class
      //Cart Termination

      //Ninja Class
      //Lightning Spear of Ice
      //North Wind
      //Raging Fire Dragon

      //Taekwon Class

      //Swordman Class
      //Shield Boomerang
      //Shield Chain
      //Shield Charge

      //Thief Class


NPC Modifications:

  • Added the donation costumes to the preview NPC

Event Modifications:

  • Added 5 more monsters to the last wave of DS
  • Made the boss monster of the last wave be a random LHZ3 MvP instead of always High Wiz
  • Removed March starter + loyalty packs
  • Added April Starter Pack
    • bubble gum
    • Bow_Mercenary_Scroll7
    • SwordMercenary_Scroll7
    • SpearMercenary_Scroll7
    • 10x Mercenary_Red_Potion
    • 10x token of sieg
    • 50% battle manual
    • 10x gold coin

Item Modifications:

  • Fixed ascension staff resurrection buffs
  • Ghostring blocked in WoE - requested by participating guilds
  • New Master Revival Weapon
    • "A massive axe blessed by mischievous wind sprites.",
                  "When thrown, this axe will always strike the target.",
                  "Simply carrying it boosts the user’s vigor, making them feel light as a feather.",
                  "Cart Termination Damage +10%",
                  "Ranged Resistance 5%, with +1% per refine, up to +7.",
                  "ASPD +10% with an additional 1% per refine, up to +7. (Axes have very low base ASPD.)",
                  "+350 HP per refine, up to +7.",
                  "Allows use of Throw Tomahawk.",
                  "Throw Tomahawk damage +50% per refine, up to +7.",
                  "When using 'Throw Tomahawk', autocast lvl 3 NPC_Lick at 100% chance. (Result - 10% of SP + 100 flat SP damage, with a chance to stun)",
                  "When using skill Cart Boost, grant Increase Agility effect on use (refine level +3, up to +7).",
                  "Class:^6666CC One-Handed Axe^000000",
                  "Attack:^CC0000 275^000000",
                  "Weight:^009900 0^000000",
                  "Weapon Level:^009900 4^000000",
                  "Level Requirement:^009900 90^000000",
                  "Jobs:^6666CC Blacksmith^000000"

Other Modifications:

  • Added some commands for support GMs so they can help out in catching dual client users in DS and BG

There was a topic recently that we implement things without giving you a chance to comment on them. Sometimes we rush things out since there is a high demand for content. But we definitely can give you a better heads up when it comes to things like this. So I will at least give you guys a small bit of time for this one, and more time for future updates. This one just happened to work out this way due to my situation. 

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I have fixed gospel not working.

Endure will require a source edit to add it as an exception to the hard delays. For the time being however I have reduced its cooldown to 1 seconds so it's use-able. 

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Some small fixes and adjustments applied today. Fixed the Soul Parasol permanent link. It should now work properly. 
Reduced the Franziska base attack by 30 and increased the throw tomahawk skill delay to .5s. 
Removed CT cooldown since the sprite cooldown is lower than the base server skill cooldown, so ndl has no impact on it. 

These fixes and changes are already applied on the main server. 

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