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[Changelog] 2018.04.22

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Just a quick little update, some skill hard delay adjustments may be made in the next few days based on player comments. Those will b posted here as well. 

Skill modifications:

  • Removing hard delay from endure
  • BG gems will no longer be use-able to summon MvPs inside houses

Devil Square:

  • Removed MvP Drops from the Bio 3 MvPs
  • Replaced the 2 OCAs obtained from completing the second portion with a random +10 stat food

Other edits:

  • Adding the missing revival weapons to donation shop
  • Moved them over from rental to main to avoid confusion
  • Blocked the use of teleport in Wolfchev instance
  • All GMs have the ability to make players adopt a child, so if you want to adopt someone contact any GM in game and have them use the @adopt command on you
  • Made KoE start 5 minutes later so it does not overlap with Gold Rush


  • Adding Rush mode to rotation
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