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GS QoL Suggestions (April/May Edition)

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With the recent go-ahead and soon-to-be-coming trans gears for Extendeds, I've rewritten the GS QoL topic to accomodate implemented/coming soon changes.


Essential Changes Redux:

Bullet/Sphere Availability:

Sphere packs and certain bullets were added to the game! We're unfortunately still missing some elements, notably Ghost and Shadow.

Low Slots:

Guns have 1-2 slots, period. There is exactly 1 3-slot gun in the game (with 50 ATK). This is an obscenely low number of slots. A quest could be added to add a single slot to most guns. In fact, you could add two slots to all existing NORMAL guns (minus the aforementioned Branch [3] and BG weapons) and it wouldn’t break anything due to low base ATK. When your best option for weapons in 4 of 5 weapon types is the BG “Soldier” gear, you know you have a problem.


QoL Changes:

We got the Snake Eyes changes, and the crit changes, and the Double Attack changes! But we could still use some changes to the other skills.

GS duration boosts for skills would be helpful.

Adjustment is pretty strong as a skill, so I'd say that it's worth the coin upkeep cost. However, GS's version of Attention Concentrate, Increasing Accuracy, only lasts 1 minute. For such a small buff, I'd say recasting it isn't quite worth it. I propose that the skill be changed to 5 minutes, instead of 1.

Lastly, Madness Canceller should be a toggleable ability. Right now, you're rooted in place when used, guaranteeing your death for a small boost in ATK.

Gunslinger Mines are still not treated as traps, and last only 30 seconds!

I propose that we give them the trap treatment - traps like ankle snares last 200 seconds, with a base of 50 seconds. We could at least give them 150 seconds or something similar.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but there are other things that could do with help, such as making Disarm a skill that can be used with all guns, etc. The essential section, however, is desperately needed.


Targeting Visor Changes:

Lastly, I have some proposed changes for the Targeting Visor. We got the changes to crit and double attack for the rifle as requested.

Extendeds need their headgear slots for Stun/Sleep resistance, which is not really negotiable.

However, the damage currently coming out of Triple Action is about the same as a Bragi'd SharpShooting.

I propose that, with the coming gear change, the item be adjusted as shown below:

Current Build:

No Slot

TA damage +100%

Piercing Shot +100%

No survivability boosts.

Proposed Build:

[1] Slot

TA damage +75%

Piercing Shot: +125%

Bullet Shower +75%

+1% ranged resistance per refine of weapon. (Adjusted to be a pretty low number due to oncoming gear availability.)

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TA DMG should be slightly lower imo, but needs testing.
Piercing Shot already ignores def, so it having the ability to crit is a bit redundant and unnecessary.
Slot is much needed and warranted.
The HP per refine is largely irrelevant, will still die to Asura and every other melee class once in range. Would likely benefit more from 10% Demi/Ranged/Neutral resist to compensate for the dmg loss.


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+1 for slots, A 4 slotted Rifle, Revolver and a 3 slotted Thunder-P-like shotgun would be nice, for statusing purposes.

-1 on self-buff changes. With the Coin changes on the server, refreshing buffs isn't nearly even half a pain as it used to be, and any seasoned Gunslinger who still plays this game has probably already been abusing Adjustment to cancel Madness Canceller. While a buff uptime extension wouldn't hurt, it's not necessary at all.

+1 on mine extension. It's a level 10 skill and only gets +3 seconds of lifetime per level, completely ridiculous. Even with the trap treatment it'd still only last 90 seconds, and thats assuming one even has the skill points to max the skill... or even has a reason to use gunslinger mine in the first place.

Neutral on adding a slot. While it'd be nice considering how much the headgear costs, it's already pretty loaded with stats as it is. If Gunslinger will get to enjoy +50% Stun resistance from wearing Valkyrian Armour anytime soon, then +1 to allow 90 AGI builds to get 100% Stun resist.

Neutral on Piercing Shot damage buff. It'd still be garbage unfortunately.

-1 on Rapid Shower buff. 2 other valid Gunslinger ranged DPS skills with actual drawbacks exist, Rapid Shower is the most undeserving among them to get a buff.

+1 on ranged resistance, but only if the equipped weapon is a Revolver. Desperado puts the Gunslinger within suicidal range, especially when it deals more hits the closer its targets are to the caster. Frilldora speed potting and Rush portal camping is dead, and people actually use potions now - if a Gunslinger has to run into a mob with its gun hanging out, it should probably at least get to live to fire a shot or two before dying or realizing that it was standing on an LP the whole time.

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*pretty  much those Im excited for the change to piecing shot, though the dmg may need more increase to make it actually viable imo?

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Thanks for the feedback, we'll use some of these ideas to make improvements as soon as possible.

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