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[Help] We need your help, urgently!

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:
Ragnaclan has been up and running smoothly since 8 months. We provided frequent updates/maintenances next to real life and exhausting hours at our private jobs. We hope that everyone is enjoying what we deliver and that you guys have a lot of fun on the server!

If you like our work, we would appreciate a review on ratemyserver.net :heh:
We try to advertise on all social medias but ratemyserver is still one of the very few places where we're not that known! 
Your review make us well known and bring us more newcomers to Ragnaclan.

How to review:

  1. Visit [Click here] 
  2. You will have to either Sign In or create an Account. The registration is really simple and done within less than a minute!
    1. M4lKDPr.png
    2. After creating your account you can review our server (might have to click on the link in step 1. again)
      Feel free to give your honest opinion about the server, 1 is the lowest rating 10 is the highest.

Are there rewards?

  • The answer to that question is a big no. Ratemyserver does not allow any kind of rewards for reviews and we would not want to bribe our players to leave good reviews for some rewards. You are free to review us as you see fit, even if it is a honest negative review.

RateMyServer.Net Copyright © 2005-2017 
All images and content on ratemyserver.net belong to their respective creators. Pictures screenshotted from ratemyserver.net website.

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