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Refine items in group/bulk

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Hi again!

If it's possible, it'd be quite good to be able to refine items in groups :3 For instance, if you have 20 Tidal Shoes, you could determine a number of refinement for all (let's say, 7), and as long as you have the necessary elunium/oridecon and zeny, it'd start refining all of the items. Not at once though, I think one by one and level by level is good and more stable, but you'd only need to press enter to continue the next one, instead of tediously haivng to choose them one by one.

Pros: Sometimes we have tons of items we'd like to break or refine, and end up spending hours there refining all of them.. it'd be very nice if we could do this to save time and be able to use it on other things, such as questing, bg, pvm, mvp, e tc.

Cons: I really don't see any unconvenience caused by this, except if the script were bugged for some reason... which is why I'd suggest to test it very carefully and thoroughly before implementation, if it's ever added!

Thanks for reading~

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Thanks for the feedback. I put it up on the agenda - since this is a QoL proposal it will take some time as we want to focus on content updates first.

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