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[Changelog] 01.06.2018

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

Today we will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 01 June 2018, 5PM servertime. 
All content shown below will be available AFTER our maintenance unless stated otherwise.
Server will be down for 30-60 minutes.Please make sure to PATCH.


Administrator Information:

Would like to apologize for the delay on the update which was supposed to happen yesterday. 
This update has a lot of back-end changes and adjustments which are not noted in the changelog.
You will have more content improvements with the following maintenance on June 15th!

Winners for our Like and Share and Monthly Voting Event will be announced after maintenance.


Client Changes/Updates: 

  • New client has been released.
  • BGMs have been added to all custom maps.
  • Added names to all custom maps.
  • Replaced BG Sword Icons with Blue/Red Team Icons.
  • Status Icons:
    • Devotion added
    • Box of Sunlight added
    • LK Concentration added
    • LK Aura Blade added
    • Mystical Amplification added
    • Armor Property added
    • Elemental Resist Potions added
      • Due to how it's scripted it will only tell you the timer of the potion, not the element itself.
    • Spider Web
    • Mind Breaker - revamped
    • Soul Link - revamped
    • Enchant Weapon (Cursed Water, Box of Storm etc.) revamped

Note: If you see any resource errors, please ./savechat/screenshot  the resource errors and PM your error log to Shourei.


Battleground Changes/Updates:

  • Battleground Room with @go bg command added
    • You will still spawn in Prontera after BG is over.
      We'd like to keep it that way to not make Prontera look too empty but you are free to suggest otherwise.
  • Healer, Battleground System, Battleground Case and Tool Dealer added to @go bg. 
  • @joinbg added to following Towns: Morroc, Manuk, Lutie and new @go bg map.
  • Added Yellow Hairband to BG headgear shop.

Battleground Cases will get a revamp/addition with next maintenance on June 15th.
Below is a small preview (still unfinished).

  • Battleground Case Changes:
    • New type of crates has been added: BG Equipment Crate
    • Basic BG Crate has been renamed to BG Basic Equipment Crate
    • Equipment Crate will now have 4 Tiers
      • BG Basic Equipment Crate
      • BG Rare Equipment Crate
      • BG Super Rare Equipment Crate
      • BG Ultra Rare Equipment Crate
    • BG Equipment Crates require a flat Zeny in order to open.
      • BG Basic Equipment Crate - 100,000 Zeny
      • BG Rare Equipment Crate - 5,000,000 Zeny
      • BG Super Rare Equipment Crate - 10,000,000 Zeny
      • BG Ultra Rare Equipment Crate - 50,000,000 Zeny

Feel free to give item suggestions in the feedback section.

WoE Changes/Updates:
  • New items added to WoE Rental System: 
    • Orlean's Gloves
    • Diabolus Boots
    • Diabolus Ring
    • Dark Bacilium
    • Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb
    • Salamander Card 
    • Gemini Card
  • War of Emperium has been increased from 60 to 90 minutes.
  • FAS has been implemented.


Revival Changes/Updates:
  • New items added:
    • Luxurious Wedding Veil 
    • Vanilmirth Hat
    • Amistr Cap
    • Lif Doll Hat
    • Filir Hat
    • Sloth Hat
    • Imp Hat 
Instance Changes/Updates:
  • Instance revamp started. We will make more adjustments to the Instances with next maintenance.
    All instances will have their rewards adjusted. 
  • @npc instances will warp you to the instance portal. 
    • You can now select your desired instance from the instance portal. 
    • Clan Point reward has been removed. 
    • Spawn point has been changed.


Headgear Recolor Changes/Updates:
  • New items added:
    • Winter Hat
    • Boys Cap
    • Tailed Ribbon (official)
    • Costume Lose Wave Twin
    • Costume Straight Pony
    • Costume Dragon Helm (rwc)


PvP Changes/Updates:
  • New items added:
    • Costume Purple Dragon Helm
    • Costume Phoenix Crown


Zeny Costume Changes/Updates:
  • New items added:
    • Costume Lose Wave Twin
    • Costume Straight Pony
Event Changes/Updates:
  • New Automated Event: Dice event added. 
    • Reward: 10 Gold Coins
    • Note: Don't forget to enable your announcement for Dice Event. @settings > announcement settings > Dice
  • Fixed various texts on event announcements.
  • Storage is no longer usable in maze event.
  • Devil Square:
    • Supplier added.
    • Spawn point changed.
    • Allowks mapflag added.
    • Entrance Fee has been increased to 100,000 Zeny. 
    • Removed drops from mobs.
    • Piamette Hairband now can also be obtained from Endless Cellar. 
  • New event map added.


    Thanks to our dear player Mina for giving us this great map! 

Item Changes/Updates:
  • Fixed various items descriptions.
  • Fixed various item restriction flags.

Skill Changes/Updates:

  • Hard delay on skills has been removed. 

Misc Changes/Updates:

  • Public DB map has been changed.
  • Dual Client does not work on Hugel Minigames anymore.
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Server is now down for maintenance. Patches will be released shortly. 
Estimated downtime: 30-60+ minutes.

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