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[Event] Ragnaclan Raffle! *50,000CP WIN*

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:

Monthly Raffle Event

  • Starting June 15th (today) we will do a Raffle Event connected to our Facebook Page. Read more about it below!




  • #1 50,000CP
  • #2 20,000CP
  • #3 5,000CP


Event Details / Terms and Conditions

Participating in our "Raffle Event"  is as simple as making microwave popcorn.
All you have to do is follow the given instructions and wait until the event period ends!
Winners will be drawn using a random raffle program on 30 June 2018 at 5PM servertime.

Upon entering an entry you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions:
> Only one entry per person is allowed and all entry instructions must match.


Visit our Promotional Teaser here: [Click here] LIKE EBAhoYo.png  and aPGUVNK.png the post on your timeline or a gaming-oriented facebook group using the following tags:

  1. #ragnaclanlikeandshare #ragnaclan #ragnarokonline
  2. Copy this text to your post:
    1. Quote

      274c.png QUIT SERVER HOPPING 274c.png 
      Join Ragnaclan instead. 9 months stable 75x75x50x mid-rate server with 99/70 max level and ~300 population! 

      Website: http://ragnaclan.com/
      Download & Register: http://wiki.ragnaclan.com/?p=153
      Forum: http://forum.ragnaclan.com/
      Discord: https://discord.me/ragnaclan

      Rocking the MR scene since 9 months - STABLE.

      Basic Information
      • 75x75x50x
      • Pre-Renewal 99/70
      • Multiple PROXY
      • Healer/Warper/Jobchanger/Reset/Plagiarism
      • AHK/Autopot allowed 
      • Instant War of Emperium Server (!!)

      •Clan Department
      •Battleground Forge System
      •Battleground Enchantment System
      •Revival System
      •GvG & PvP Tournaments
      •Restock System
      •Instances & many more!

      Be a legend in the world of Ragnaclan — United we stand!

  3. Reply to this event topic with a Screenshot of your shared post.
    1. Your Name has to be visible on the Screenshot.
    2. Your share has to be public so we can see it.  

Again, very Important:
You need to include the #ragnaclanlikeandshare tag and share the post public!
Failing on doing so will cause you to not be qualified for the event.

How will winners be chosen:
Every entry using #ragnaclanlikeandshare hashtag and following the instructions above will be written down.
Winners are randomly chosen with an online raffle program

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Dear adventurers,
thanks for joining our monthly raffle event. 
Below is a list of our participants: 

  1. jmsky yu
  2. Hatred
  3. AbsoluteWota
  4. Ajanar
  5. Kotaru
  6. Elesh Norn
  7. vandroiy

All listed characters have been added to the raffle and the winners have been chosen by a Random Name Picker program! 

Congratulations to the following players!! 
Please PM me your in-game char name where you want to receive the CP on.

  1. Kotaru - 50.000CP (again???????? wish I'd have your luck in real life lottery holy**) 
  2. AbsoluteWota  - 20.000CP
  3. Hatred - 5.000CP 

Check the spoiler for the gif.  




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