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[Changelog] 30.06.2018

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Please make sure to run the Patcher in Admin mode and ensure that no patches will be deleted by your anti-virus program. This maintenance requires patching! Otherwise, you will crash as soon as you enter Prontera. Thank you.

Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

Today we will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 4 July 2018, 5PM server time.
All content shown below will be available AFTER our maintenance unless stated otherwise.
Server will be down for 15-60+ minutes. Please make sure to patch before entering the game. 


Administrator Information:
There have been rumors about me abandoning the server. Those rumors are merely rumors.
I have been actively working on Ragnaclan and therefore not abandoned the server.
Furthermore, some players messaged me asking if Ragnaclan will be shut down because of the low player count.
I'd like to state that the server will not be shut down, server funds are paid for a year from now on.

As for the maintenance today, I'm sure you can see it mainly contains structuring. Next maintenance will mainly contain content updates for example:

  • Instance Overhaul: Adjusting of current instances + rewards, adding new official and custom instances.
  • Automated Events: Adjusting of current events including DS getting a new wave, adding of new events.
  • Revival Weapon adjustments.
  • Clan System adjustments. 
  • More community-related events with good rewards.

Other things we are working on which we'll try to get done by next maint as well:

  • Battleground Rankings
  • Battleground Daily and Weekly Missions
  • More Packetfilter options 
  • Mining adjustments
  • New Fishing Simulation System 

Maintenance 04.07.2018

Ragnaclan Overhaul

  1. Majority of our custom NPCs have been removed, adjusted, merged and improved. For more details read below.
  2. Prontera Map has been edited to make space for commonly used NPCs and events.  
  3. Main Department map has been revamped and moved. 
    Cr0FNg7.jpg PYDOILv.jpg


NPC Changes/Updates:

  • Mission Board:
    • Mission Board has been renamed to Bounty Boards, merged and moved to Prontera.
    • Clan Badge requirement to access quests has been removed. 


  • Instances:
    • Have been merged and moved to Prontera. 
    • Clan Point requirement has been removed.
    • Zeny requirement to enter Instances have been added. 


  • Guild System:
    • Guild Buffs, Guild Transfer, Guild Item Binder, Castle Manager and Rental System have been merged into Guild System. 


  • Battleground:
    • Battleground Balance has been implemented:
      • It will distribute new players that join evenly based on which team has the fewest of xy class. Also, if the team is unbalanced in terms of size it prioritizes putting the player in the team with fewest of xy class.
    • Battleground Forge, Battleground Enchanter, and Battleground Case Opening have been merged into the Battleground System.
    • Double display of items inside Headgear Shop has been fixed.  


  • Kafra Services:
    • Aristo Carts and Banker have been merged into Kafra Services.


  • Warper:
    • Dead Branch Room has been merged into Warper.
    • Instance have been removed and added to Instance NPC. 
    • Special Areas have been removed.  
    • Towns have been moved down in the menu.


  • Plagiarism:
    • Has been merged into Reset Master. 


  • Headgear Tailor:
    • Merged Headgear Quests into Headgear Tailor.


  • Multi Shop:
    • All-in-one Multi Shop has been added for our custom shops like voting, donations etc. 


  • Item Mall:
    • Misc Dealer, Weapon Dealer and Armor Dealer have been moved to @go mall. 




Client Changes/Updates:

  • Pet LUA files have been updated. 
  • Status Icon:
    • Enchant Arms is fixed and will display all elements.
    • Elemental Proof Potion will now display all elements. 
  • New Maps for events/instances have been added.


War of Emperium Changes/Updates:

  • Time changed back to 60 minutes.
  • Castle rotation: Vidblainn 
  • Disabled Revival Weapons in GvG Enviroment.


Event Changes/Updates:

  • Summer Lottery can now be entered per character instead of per account. 
  • Summer Lottery Lotto Boxes now drop at 100% chance. 
  • Normal Lottery, Auction and Crazy Boris temporarely removed.
    • Will return updated with next maintenance.


Misc Changes/Updates:

  • @npc command has been updated.
  • @go has been updated.
  • @packetfilter Kaite + Kaupe updated; ignores more packets now. 
  • Few item descriptions fixed.
  • Few item trade restrictions fixed.
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Server is now up, please make sure to patch otherwise you will instantly crash in prontera.

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