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[News] Server Information

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Information: Certain features listed will be implemented in the next couple of days.


  • Base Experience: 75x
  • Job Experience: 75x
  • Monster Drop: 50x* .. [click here]
    • MVP/Mini-Boss Card: 1x
  • Quest Experience: 30x
  • Homunculus/Pet Intimacy: 5x
  • Maximum Level: 99/70
  • Maximum Status: 99
  • Maximum Party Size: 40
  • Maximum Share Range: 20
  • Maximum Share Bonus: 30% 
  • Death Penalty: 5%
  • Maximum ASPD: 190
  • Instant Cast: 150
  • Episode: 13.3 - El Dicastes
  • Mechanics: Pre-Renewal
  • Minimum Skill Delay: Default
  • Multi-Client: No restrictions
  • Tomb Stone: Enabled
  • Same-Sex Marriage: Enabled



  • Stable, reliable and long lasting mid-rate server since over a year!
  • Main Department: Stroll through our Main Department and find essential NPCs like our Clan System, Mining, Fishing, Headgear Quests, Recolors and more!
  • Battleground: Climb to the top on our ranking, enjoy battleground enchantments, special boxes and more!
  • War of Emperium: WoE Rentals, Castle Rotation, Buffer, Guild Houses, Guild Security and more!
  • Champion Monsters: Obtain more experience and custom drops from killing a Champion Monster! (coming soon)
  • Race of the Day: With Race of the Day bonus, the Monster’s Race that you killed during that day will grant you Bonus EXP!  
  • Bounty Boards: Completion Bonus, Bounty Boards with Race Quests, Emergency Response, Daily Bonus and even Loyalty Rewards!
  • Improved Game UI: Use your bank anywhere at any time, navigate to specific maps or record anything you want via our game UI!
  • Colored Character Names: Unravel our collection of colored character names! (coming soon)
  • Custom Auras: Spice up your standard level 99 aura with a selection of customized 99 auras. (coming soon)
  • Multiple Proxy: Ability to add various proxies which will lower players ping for a smoother gameplay.
  • Attendance Rewards: Log into ROPS every day and receive a little treat! 
  • Annual and Daily Events: Enjoy a variety of breathtaking annual and daily events!  


With Prontera being our Main Town, you will find a majority of commonly used NPCs here. 
Specific NPCs have more abilities only in our Main Town and/or offer more services than in different cities. 
  • Build Master (Resetter) 
  • Card Exchanger 
  • Card Remover
  • Dead Branch Room
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Headgear Recolor
  • Headgear Tailor
  • Healer
  • Help Desk
  • Item Mall
  • Job Master
  • Kafra Services
  • Multi Shop
    • Donation Bonus 
    • Voting Shop
  • Name Changer
  • Plagiarism 
  • Setting Manager
  • Special Features
  • Stylist
  • Tool Dealer
  • Warper



  • PvP: 
    • Rotating Arena maps
    • Variety of debuff/potion rooms
    • Pvp ladder
    • Exclusive Aura effects
  • Battleground: 
    • Conquest, TDM, Rush, CTF
    • Case Boxes
    • Round Badge Bonus
  • Guild & WoE: 
    • King of Emperium
    • Guild Buffs
    • Guild Binder
    • Guild Transfer
    • WoE Rental System
    • WoE Participation Points
    • Exclusive Headgears 
  • Guild Housing



  • MVP
    • Ladder
    • Custom Item Drops
  • Instances 
    • Wolfchev Laboratory
    • Saras Memory
    • Cooking Fever
    • Octopus Cave
    • Ghost Palace
    • Endless Cellar
    • Bakonawa Lake
  • Bounty Board
    • Completion Bonus
    • Bounty Boards with Race Quests
    • Emergency Response
    • Daily Bonus
    • Loyalty Rewards



  • @packetfilter, @lgp, @go, @hold, @restock, @restockmanage, @settings, @jumpwhobuy/jumpwhosell, @whobuy/whosell, @resist, @spb, @joinbg, @reprotafk, @votekick, @voteleader, @autorefresh, @showdelay, @mvpladder, @99ladder, @buy, @sell, @hidepet, @hominfo, @homstats, @mobinfo,  @iteminfo, @whodrops, @time, @jailtime, @hug, @kiss .. 


  • Version: 2015
  • Protection: Gepard Shield, DDoS Protection & Migitation, Secured GRF 
  • Special Add-on: Fast Refresh Client, Berserk talk restriction removed, Whitesmith upgrade progress display, Colored character names, Customized level 99 auras



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