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[News] Ragnaclan Android release!

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:

We have a big announcement today. We've successfully subscribed Ragnaclan to android platform.
From today on, you will be able to play Ragnaclan from your Android phones. Download for the APK is available on our [Download Page] or on the button below! 




Please note the terms and conditions for playing Ragnaclan on your Android:

  1. Ragnaclan subscribed for membership to allow players to gain access to our server via Andriod Platforms.
  2. We do not provide supports for any issues that you may experience on the Andriod Platforms. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Missing textures, sprites, models.
    2. Missing client related features.
    3. Errors, disconnects and installing issues.
  3. As the developer of AndRO did not update our patch server yet, you might not have access to all items/palettes that have been patched since the server opened. We will do our best to patch those in as soon as we received a message from the andro developer.

What AndRO does not support

  • Rendering
  • Skill effects
  • Light objects
  • RSM animation
  • Robe view
  • Critial display, sum of multiple attacks display
  • Warp effect
  • Falcon / Warg display
  • Casting circle animation
  • Other
  • Party booking
  • Custom classes


  • I get "Parse error: There was a problem parsing the package" error when trying to install Ragnaclan AndRO!
  1. Your Android version is too old. Only Android versions 4.0.3 and higher are supported.
  • Map is loading too slow / all sprites are black
  1. You probably selected an option to download resources on the fly. Please wait until all the sprites are downloaded, this is only a one-time action. Alternatively, you can select "Download full client" when the app starts
  • Client data disappears from time to time and I have to re-download full client
  1. Check if you are using any clean-up software and if yes, set it up so it doesn't clear the (sdcard)/Downloads/ragnarok folder.
  • I see error 'A database error has occured (15)' when using autotrade
  1. This happens due to incorrect message string in client translation. Exit with reason '15' is really a normal client exit, not an error. Ask your GM to modify client translation to show the right message on successful log off.


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