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[Changelog] 2017.11.10

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 
We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 10 November 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game.
The following things will be fixed with our next maintenance:
(keep in mind that we will add more until mini maintenance, so please check the changelog frequently!)


Global Fixes/Updates:

  •  New Ragnaclan Team members:
    • [GM] Lobo - Event Game Master
    • [GM] Custard - Event Game Master
    • [GM] Sylar - PH/EN Support Game Master
    • [GM] sDull - BR/EN/ES Support Game Master
    • [GM] Mercurie - EN Support Game Master
    • [GM] Pizza Hut - PH/EN Support Game Master
    • ???? UNKNOWN PERSON ???? - Bot Hunter :wink2: 
  • Floating Rates implemented.
    • Rates now change every 3 hours.
  • Official PvP NPCs disabled.
  • Rates Inflation System removed.
  • Double EXP Event removed.
  • Halloween Events removed.
  • 250 CP Free CP announcement removed.
  • Rush from Battleground removed.
  • Updated Ragnaclan Full Client on downloads.

Cash Shop Fixes/Updates:

  • Halloween Costumes removed.

NPC Fixes/Updates:

  • @request GM list updated.
  • WoE Registration and Trial System implemented.
    • Participation point system + shop implemented as well.
  • Battleground TDM Kill Bonus rewards fixed.
  • Battleground Kill-Streak + Sounds now added to announcement settings. @settings
  • Battleground Shop:
    • X6hEcjN.gif  Purple Cowboy Hat added for 5500 War Badges.
    • cbYUAf0.gif  Rainbow Scarf added for 5500 War Badges.
    • SFawZNT.gif  Skull Cap [1] added for 4500 War Badges.
    • BwDGziU.gif  Cat Ear Beret added for 4500 War Badges.
  • Sarah's Memory getting stuck fixed.
  • Slot Machine will now get its own Announcement settings. - MAKE SURE YOU THE ANNOUNCEMENTS IS ON VIA @SETTINGS.
  • Costume Maker now accepts refined headgears. Keep in mind costumes don't have refine, so you will lose the refine.
  • Card Exchanger OCA reward reduced from 10000 points to 2500 points. 
  • Tripatriate Union's Feud NPC food requirements changed to 2 from 5.
    • Also added the option to trade in all requirements for as many foods as possible instead of getting 1 at a time.
  • Bongun Hat effect modified: Demon Reistance + 10%
  • Hyegun Hat effect modified: Demon & Undead Resistance +10%. MDEF+5
  • New Headgear Quests implemented:
    • Sb8MgFm.gif Vane Hairpin
    • bAVNgyt.gif Wings of Victory
    • DErAwQ6.gif Little Feather Hat
    • Ld6bnuU.gif Hyegun Hat
    • WUHypFh.gif Anubis Hat 

Item Fixes/Updates:

  • Battleground Cases fixed. 
  • Dress hat can now be dropped
  • Flapping Angel Wing can now be dropped and put into guild storage.
  • Helm of Abyss/Abysmal Knight Helm now have iRO effect.
  • Costume Vicious Stop Bandage is now a Middle-gear costume.
  • Sprint Set item description updated to make it more clear.
  • Pumpkin Pie healing reverted to normal.
  • Witch Pumpkin Hat Description Fixed.
  • Witch Pumpkin Hat combo bonus altered.
    •  Bonus effects when worn with Mr. Smile, Hahoe Mask, Alarm Mask, or Opera Mask
       Mr. Smile: Increases the healing power of Well Baked Cookies. Chance of Obtaining Well Baked Cookies 
    •  Hahoe Mask: ASPD +5%. Low chance of gaining ATK for a short duration
    •  Alarm Mask: Low chance of obtaining Pumpkin Pie
    •  Opera Mask: Flee +10. Low chance to Stun enemy

Skill Fixes/Updates:

  • @spb fully functional. 
  • All combos are now working again.
  • Monsters in Grand Cross will receive all hits.
  • Sonic Blow from auto attacks will no longer stop the attack.
  • Taekwon missions will now count per monster name and not monster id.
  • Assassin cross song duration increased to 3 minutes.

Monster Fixes/Updates:

  • Maya Purple now drops Level 10 Cookbook at 10%.

Misc Fixes/Updates:

  • Disguise announcement will no longer show winner if you are not participating.
  • Irene elder pet food has been changed to Pet food.
  • Marriage Ring exchanging bug is fixed.
  • Miracle Nullified message from TKM removed.
  • As a sign of appreciation we would like to say 'thank you' to our contributors. Without you we would not have been able to purchase AndRO as quick and get additional features like our proxies. We would like to give out a costume headgear (no stats!) to those that supported the server with a total donation over 250$. Please message Daifuku via Forum, Discord or Ingame.

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Maintenance will be postponed a little. Had issues connecting to the development server for a few hours and I'd like to finish up some things before doing maintenance :sad:

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