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[Changelog] 2017.11.17

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 
We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 17 November 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. The server will be down longer than our usual 15 minutes, we expect a downtime of 1-2 hours today.
The following things will be fixed with our next maintenance:

We need to test the new client in Battlegrounds and WoE scenario.
However AndRO can't be adjusted on the fly and will be down until further notice.
The AndRO Developer will upload the new client as soon as possible for our Android users. 



Thanksgiving Events:

  • [Quest] Horn of Achelous - Restore infinite power.
    • If you help him, he will provide you with a share of his infinite power to make life grow.
  • [Headgear Quests] These will also stay after thanksgiving is over.
    • dolbp7X.gif Sheep Hat [0] 
    • hrg3ivK.gif Strawberry Hat [1] 
    • J5qe1wv.gif Pizza Hat [0]
    • DTIWJFj.gif Indian Feather Headband [1]
    • qKBttOj.gif Peacock Feather [1]
    • kcHNDxR.gif Fanta Orange Can Hat [1]


War of Emperium:

Dear Players,
we would like to inform you that tomorrows War of Emperium is not the official one. 
We will hold another TEST WoE to ensure that the custom NPCs and recent modifications we made are working correctly. The times will be the same as last time. WoE will start at 11AM servertime and last for 60 minutes.


  • Participating Guilds can keep their Participation Points.
  • Winning Guild which owns the Castle by the end of WoE will gain access for two days to the Guild Dungeon.

Maintenance 2017.11.17

Rules Fixes/Updates:

  • Spoiler


    • Byorgue Farming Rule Clarification
      • Byorgue is a Mini Boss monster and as a result, it is FFA
      • Byorgue farming on public maps is allowed but so is killing them from other players
      • KS protection on Byorgue does not work
      • KS reports and grief reports regarding Byorgue farming will be ignored (Use the Db Rooms to avoid issues)
    • Morph Skill on Monsters Clarification
      • Using the Morph skill on monster is allowed on public maps, though if this continues to be a problem it will be blocked on all maps except db rooms
      • Using the Morph skill to get in the way of people leveling or hunting will result in the GMs removing those monsters
      • GMs may destroy Morphed monsters on public maps if they feel they are interfering with other players, to avoid these situations we recommend you use the db rooms
      • GMs will make the calls on a case by case basis with no compensation to the players  (Use the Db Rooms to avoid issues)
    • Griefing:
      • [Griefing] is strictly prohibited.
        We do not consider griefing as a strategy. "Achieving victory should not be sought by deliberately crippling someone else out of the competition."
      • [Griefing] The act of any form of disruption that prevents another player from trying to kill an MVP in a distasteful way.
        The acts include, but not limited to:
        • Mob dropping Forcing the MVP to teleport Preventing access to MVP via Ice Wall, or any other methods.
        • The use of support skills on MVP such as Heal, Safety Wall, Pneuma, and Loki’s Veil.
        • The use of any skills that could have a negative impact on another player. E.g. Using Kyrie Eleison to debuff Assumptio, using Ganbantein on Ice Wall, etc.
        • Dying close to the MvP with the intent to allow it to heal Luring the MvP with no intention to compete


      • * First Offense: Mute & Jail for 6 hours. If you get something, we will remove the items you obtained.
        * Second Offense: Temporary ban to all related accounts. 
        * Third Offense: Permanent ban

Global Fixes/Updates:

  • Thanksgiving Events implemented. 
  • Most if not all public maps have been marked with the nobranch mapflag.
  • New 2015 Client implemented.

Cash Shop Fixes/Updates:

  •  Costume Headgear rotation.



NPC Fixes/Updates:

  • Removed Halloween leftover headgears from donation preview NPC.
  • PvP Modifications
    • BG Foods will be allowed in the rooms that allow Potions.
    • Re-loging inside a PvP room will not warp you back to your savepoint.
    • When leaving a PvP room that allows BG Foods, your food buffs will be dispelled.
    • A warning is given before going into PvP and before leaving PvP, so you can only blame your self if your universal foods get dispelled.
    • Fixed a typo that still showed a GvG Room.
  • TDM kill bonus reworked again to not glitch and give infinite badges.
    • The person who gets the last kill does not have their kill counted due to the nature of how BG is setup.
    • You will receive 1 Badge per kill at the end of TDM and a message stating how many bonus badges you got.
  • Added Kiel Dungeon 2 quest alternative NPC.
    • Found next to the normal dungeon access device.
    • Pay 100,000z for a warp to the dungeon with no questions asked.
  • Added a weight check to Tripatriate Union's Feud NPCs
  • Donation Preview NPC updated.

Item Fixes/Updates:

  • Adjusted and added some Feral items from Cat Hand Services ( http://irowiki.org/wiki/Cat_Hand_Services ). These are Renewal items so they had to undergo some serious nerfs.
  • Feral Tail
    • -6 Flee
    • -4 Dex
  • Feral Boots
    • -6 Flee
    • -4 Dex
  • Golden Bell will stay as is.

Monster & Pet Fixes/Updates:

  • Maya Purple now dropping Level 10 Cook Book at 10% fixed.
  • All 'mini-boss' monsters listed in the Old Card Album will have their card drop increased to 0.10% (With the exceptions of TRUE minibosses - see rule for the definition of true minibosses)
  • Dark Priest added to Dark Lord's map, adjusted to fit pre-renewal.
  • Pets will no longer loose intimacy when a player dies.

Misc Fixes/Updates:

  • Added noloot atcommand
  • Added storeall atcommand

WoE Fixes/Updates:

  • WoE Rental Shop carding price fixed to 10,000z.
  • WoE Rental item price fixed to 10,000z.
  • Fixed WoE Castle entering permissions to work with rosters properly.
  • Fixed kill message inside WoE castles.
  • Fixed carding bug where cards could be placed into the wrong gear.
  • Fixed WoE shop to only be available 1 hour prior to WoE.
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