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[News] New Client & Other

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :sad:

We would like to inform you about recent things going on in-game and behind the scenes.



  • We finished our tests with the new 2015 client and can confirm that the random crashes are fixed, the /cashshop (to hide cash shop button in BG) is working as well and the ctrl+alt+del issue is also resolved.
  • Functor is able to adjust the client's gepard within a day or two and that means the new client should be ready with our next maintenance on friday.

Sprite Errors:

  • With skill spams, the animations of certain classes get cut short, so the actor of some moving hats jump too quickly. The current 2013 client does not like it, so it crashes.
  • This will probably happen with all new moving hats. We tried some of the old ones, and some custom ones and these worked fine.
  • On the bright side this issue will be fixed with our new client.


  • We are currently making changes to our server rules as you are reading this topic. The final rules will be announced latest with our maintenance.
  • Discord is now finalized. We put some restrictions to the #main channel only, all other channels are not affected. This change was made to keep the #main channel somewhat clean and less toxic. 
  • Yay! 1

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