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[News] Android Downtime

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :sad:

We need to test the new client in Battlegrounds and WoE scenario.
However AndRO can't be adjusted on the fly and will be down until further notice. 
The AndRO Developer will upload the new client as soon as possible for our Android users.  

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1f6a8.png🚨1f4f1.png📱NEW ANDROID APK AVAILABLE1f4f1.png📱1f6a8.png🚨
Please download the new version to fix the CHARACTER CREATION issue! We are sorry for the wait. Download HERE: https://goo.gl/N9mwHA 1f525.png🔥1f525.png🔥1f525.png🔥1f525.png🔥1f525.png🔥

Tried our best to make this happen asap but sadly we depend on the android developer and he takes his time.1f624.png😤 


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