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[Changelog] 2017.11.25

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

From Nihad,

I had planned on doing an update tomorrow but the opportunity presented it self tonight.

NPC Edits:

  • Disabled Turkey NPC
  • Disabled Airship NPCs
  • Optimized Healer NPC
    • Removed equipment identification from the OnTouch, must click on NPC now
    • Removed Restock from OnTouch, must click on NPC now
    • Removed oridecon and elunium conversion from OnTouch, must click NPC now

Instance Edits:

  • Endless Cellar had a bug where you could claim the prize multiple times - fixed
  • Wolfchev Lab Fixed proper requirements in the shop and made it so it takes proper items

Other Edits:

  • Novice grounds had some label typos what caused some monsters not to re-spawn, corrected those
  • Removed an unused old feature that caused over 4 gigs of logs, should help with performance a bit

BG Edits:

  • Got rid of the message spam when someone goes AFK in BG

Website Edits:

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