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[Event] Ragnaclan Advent Calendar

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:

We have great news for the upcoming month.
December is just around the corner and therefore our countdown to christmas with a special advent calendar!

How does it work?

  • Starting December 1st you will be able to talk to Santa Claus which is located in Prontera (144,188).
  • He will give you a present for each day you talked to him.
  • In order to receive all 24 gifts you will have to talk to him every day starting from december 1st until december 26th. 
  • Gifts are account and unique id restricted with a 22h cooldown.

What are the gifts? 

  1. Battle Manual 50% 1x
  2. Guarana Candy 10x 
  3. Santa Hat 1x
  4. Santa's Bags 1x
  5. Old Blue Box 5x
  6. Yggdrasil Seed 2x 
  7. Christmas Pet 1: Christmas Goblin Egg
  8. Exclusive Headgear  1: Polar Bear Hat
  9. Abrasive 5x
  10. Job Manual 50% 1x
  11. Santa's Bags 2x
  12. Special Toast 2x
  13. Yggdrasil Berry 3x
  14. Gift Box 5x
  15. Christmas Pet 2: Christmas Orc Egg
  16. Exclusive Headgear  2: Costume White Cat Hood
  17. Tendon Satay 2x 
  18. Universal Taming Scroll 1x
  19. Xmas Firecracker Box 1x
  20. Santa's Bags 3x 
  21. Buche De Noel 3x
  22. Cookie Bag 5x
  23. Oh Holy Night
  24. Special Christmas Gift: Snow Rabbit Knit Hat
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OMG, 24 Days of Christmas, as the other Mina said :flushed: 
It looks so good~ 

Btw, are the event rewards set to each day of the month, or are they given out in order? As in, if I miss one day, I will still be able to get the one on the 24th?

Thank you! :ok:

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