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[Event] Click me! Win 50.000CP!

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis:

We need your help! The mission is to get more new players with our Like and Share event.
Let's unite as much players as possible on Ragnaclan!



Second Winner

  • 15000 Cash Points (15$ worth cash points)

Third Winner

  • 5000 Cash Points (5$ worth cash points)



  1. Visit our Promotional Post here: [Click here]
  2. LIKE EBAhoYo.png  and aPGUVNK.pngthe post on your timeline or a gaming-oriented facebook group using the following tags:
    1. #ragnaclanlikeandshare #ragnaclan #ragnarokonline
    2. Write a small text or copy ours to your post and invite players to Ragnaclan:
      1. TSGsm3y.png
  3. Reply to this event topic with a Screenshot of your shared post.
    1. Your Name has to be visible on the Screenshot.
    2. Your share has to be public so we can see it. 

Again, very Important:
You need to include the #ragnaclanlikeandshare tag and share the post public!
Failing on doing so will cause you to not be qualified for the event.

How will winners be chosen:
Every entry using #ragnaclanlikeandshare hashtag and following the instructions above will be written down.
Winners are randomly chosen with an online raffle program December 5th at 5PM servertime!

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Done! <3 Hope this is a valid entry! 



Edited by crowbox
forgot to put the links of our site etc.
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Hiii! Here's my entry :thumb:


Edited by Mina
removed a duplicate image.
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Here is mine:
I hope you will accept it, because i wrote it in hungarian.
I shared it in a group between my last servers, players.
That server is dead btw, so i hope they will join.


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