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[Changelog] 2017.12.07

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Greetings Clan Adventurers! :kis: 

We will publish the changelogs for our next maintenance on 7 December 2017 at [UTC-5] 17:00 (5PM) Canada/Eastern Time. Use @time in-game. The server will be down for 15-60 minutes.

This maintenance will focus mainly on content improvements. There will also be some christmas events and additional bug fixes.
We want to polish up our current systems and expand them instead of adding new ones. 


EXP Event: 

  •  Rates Increased to 60x60x20x until Sunday 10, 5pm servertime! :wink2:



Maintenance 2017.11.17
Global Fixes/Updates:

  •  Staff Changes:
    • [GM] sDull removed from staff.
    • [GM] Steph removed from staff. 
    • [GM] Custard temporarely removed until more active.
  • Party Even Share Bonus increased to 30.

Housing System (@go clan, at the bar)
On our previous servers Nihad worked on an extensive housing system.
It had some nice features but some of them did not fit in with the Ragnaclan vision so he made some adjustments.

The Ragnaclan Team discussed an option to add guild houses. So this will be the first step in doing that.
Guild houses will take a much longer time to release since a new system will need to be written for those.

Now before we begin, one of the major concerns with things like this is that it can possibly make towns empty.
So, some precautions have been taken to reduce the risk of that happening. 



  • There is a limited number of houses
  • Only 3 players can save in the house, there are only 3 beds
  • There will only be a very small # of guild houses, only 4 are planned right now
  • There is a monthly Zeny fee the players must pay, if the fee is not paid the house is put up for rent again
  • Most of the features in the house are locked and players must unlock them through gathering quests
  • Most of the custom features of Ragnaclan are not included in the house so the players must still come to the main town for those
  • You cannot join bg from your house

So what does the house include and how much does it cost?

  • Renting a House costs 10 mil Zeny a month.


Beds ( Free )

  • Beds are the only way you can share your house with others. If you want to share your house, you must give the players your house password and then they must claim a bed. Once they claim a bed, by sleeping in it they will make the house their save location. The main house owner can kick anyone from the house by reclaiming the bed, by changing the house password that player can no longer re-enter the house

Clothes Cabinet ( Free )

  • Naturally you should be able to change your clothes by having your own house. You will get free unlimited access to the Formal, Christmas and Summer suits. You can put them on or take them off any time you wish.

Cupboard ( Free )

  • Just a fancy way to access your storage.

Piano ( Free )

  • Change the music in your house to match your taste. Bunch of options have been provided. 

Bugs & Maid ( Free )

  • Bugs will randomly spawn in your house and make it look ugly. You can hire Alive as a cleaning maid to take care of those pesky bugs for you, she offers a fair price too.

Garden & Dogs ( Free )

  • Plants will spawn in your garden and some wild puppies as well. You can use them as shooting targets or just let them roam around. It's up to you.

Lawn PvP Switch ( Free )

  • You can switch the PvP mode in your lawn on or off. Nice for testing or smacking your friends. 

DB Status ( Free )

  • The lawn of your house allows you to freely use DB and BB so it's like your own private db room when ever you want.

House Shop ( Unlockable )

  • This is a tool dealer. If you are not a big fan of using the buy and sell commands you can unlock this shop and make things just 1 click away. You have 2 options to unlock this NPC. Pay 1000 Cash Points or gather the items he needs. 
    • Required items are:
    • 100,000 z
    • Rusty Screw x200
    • Whit Herb x20
    • Gold Coin x10
    • Fragment of Rossata Stone x1
    • Wrench x1

Healer ( Unlockable )

  • This is a full featured healer. Everything the town healers can do, this one can as well. In order to unlock this NPC you will need the following items or pay 1000 Cash Points:
    • 100,000 z
    • Rotten Bandage x200
    • Lvl 5 Heal scroll x200
    • Holy Robe x1
    • Survivor's Rod ( 1618 ) x1
    • Gold Coin x10

Warper ( Unlockable )

  • Fully featured warper. Everything the main warper can do, this one can as well. In order to unlock this NPC you must pay 1000 Cash Points or gather the following:
    • 100,000 z
    • Wing of Dragonfly x200
    • Moth Wings x200
    • Creamy Card x1
    • Gold Coin x10
    • Zweihander x1

Fishing Hole ( Unlockable )

  • The fishing hole is a bit special. You get a level 1 fishing hole which you have to unlock. Once you have caught 1000 fish in it, you will be offered the chance to upgrade it to level 2. Same thing fro level 2 to 3 except you must catch 5000. In order to unlock the fishing hole you must pay 1000 Cash Points or the following:
    • 1 Mil Zeny
    • 50 Fishing Blue Fish
    • 50 Fishing Marin

Refiner ( Unlockable )

  • This is the same as the normal refiner. It calls for the exact same function so you do not get any bonus upgrade chances. However the convenience will cost you. You can pay 1000 Cash points or gather the following:
    • 1,000,000 z
    • Bison Horn x1
    • Emperium Anvil x1
    • Crystal of Darkness x8
    • Gold Coin x10
    • War Badge x100
    • Poring Card x1

Stylist ( Unlockable )

  • Same as the normal stylist. You can unlock it by paying 1000 Cash Points or gathering the following.
    •     1 mil zeny
          5 Black Dyestuffs
          5 Cobaltblue Dyestuffs
          5 Darkgreen Dyestuffs
          5 Lemon Dyestuffs
          5 Orange Dyestuffs
          5 Scarlet Dyestuffs
          5 Violet Dyestuffs
          5 White Dyestuffs

Cash Shop Fixes/Updates:

  • November %SALE% unboxing!
    • Enriched Oridecon Box (10) decreased from 12.000CP to 10.000CP
    • Enriched Elunium Box (10) decreased from 12.000CP to 10.000CP
    • Gym Pass Box (10) decreased from 5000CP to 4000CP
    • Giant Fly Wing Box (500) decreased from 1000CP to 800CP
    • Token of Siegfried Box (10) decreased from 300CP to 250CP
    • All In One Ring Box (1) decreased from 3000CP to 2500CP

WoE System Fixes/Updates:

NPC Fixes/Updates:

  • Revival System Notice: 
    •  Custom Weapons (stats) will be implemented with next maintenance! Make sure to put some Essence Flask aside!
  • Zeny Costume System:
    • Starting today we will be adding Costumes that you can purchase for Zeny in @go clan, 
    • Added following headgears: 
      • Invisible Cap
      • Invisible Sunglasses
      • Invisible Mask
      • Invisible Garment
      • Honeybee Hat
      • Valkyrie Feather Band
      • Bf Recruiter Hat
      • Gf Recruiter Hat
      • Guildsman Recruiter Hat
      • Party Recruiter Hat
  • Vote Shop System:
    • Added following Headgears:
      • Baby Dragon Hat
      • AFK Hat
      • Sakura Hat
      • Piggie Bank
      • Monochrome Cap
      • Charlie Beard
      • Chicken Beak
  • Gold Rush:
    • Gold Rush will now have set times instead of popping up random: (every 4 hours)
      • 02:15, 06:15, 10:15, 14:15, 18:15, 22:15
    • Gold Rush contains all Cash Shop Crates, including the Hersir Crate!! 
  • Gold Amber:
    • New Event 'Gold Amber' has been added. warning: addiction level +500 :heh:
    • You need 5 Gold Coins to play a round of Gold Amber. List of items and how the game works [click here/coming soon]
    • Item List: 
      rade 3 Balloon
      Blue Anime Eyes
      Shark Scarf
      Taboo Curse Scroll
      White Helm of Abyss
      White Kitten Ears
      Pure White Ribbon
      Star Reading Hat
      White Tie
      White Valkryie Helm


    • Spoiler



    • Spoiler


  • @request GM list updated.
    • Also removed GMs that are not in charge of support/don't have In-Game duty.
  • Lutie warp now fixed.
  • Guild Dungeon warper now fixed.

Item Fixes/Updates:

  • Hunting Cap trade restrictions adjusted.
  • Rune Spellstone trade restrictions adjusted.
  • Santa Hat Costume fixed.
  • Prevent use of poison bottle in pvp.
  • Fixed Arc Angeling Hat Description.
  • Changed Recruiting Hats to costume.
  • Changed AFK hat to costume.
  • Added description to Elite Siege Supply Box.
  • Mini Horse Hair Pin restrictions removed.

Misc Fixes/Updates:

  • Added Moscovia, Mid Camp and Jawaii to Town mapflag. @joinbg will now work from those maps.
  • Added leveling guide to noviceground npcs.
  • Preventing use of @die in pvp maps.
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